This Week in the News

We begin with quoting controversial statements from President Obama and reporting on the haunting curses of his new Healthcare experiment; address the ongoing controversy regarding drone and cyber wars; continue with America’s foolish endeavor to provide radical Egypt with fighter jets and Egypt’s and Iran’s attempts to unite the Muslim world against Israel; and speak of the brainwashing tactics of Evolution-believing scientists and God-defying secularists.

We report on monumental ecumenical and political developments involving the Catholic Church, Protestant churches and Palestine; report on a dramatic switch of Catholic policy in Germany; continue with a growing trend in Europe to verbally and physically attack “Zionists” and to rid themselves of “unwelcome” Jews, while refusing to identify Hezbollah as a terrorist group; and conclude with articles on a major earthquake and tsunami in the South Pacific; the detestable bribes in major soccer games in Europe, Africa, Asia and South and Central America; and Carnival celebrations in Germany.

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