This Week in the News

We begin with a “biblical plague” of locusts in Egypt and the Middle East three weeks before Passover; report on radical Hamas’s threats regarding a possible visit of the Temple Mount by President Obama; report on the death of Venezuela’s totalitarian dictator, Hugo Chavez; deal with the US sequestration as a sign of incompetency and lack of leadership and show the terrible signal it sets for the world; speak of America’s ongoing monetary and military support of the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; report on a modern version of James Stewart’s famous movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” regarding the controversy pertaining to the execution of American citizens on American soil through drones; continue with Canada’s losing role in the game of free trade agreements with the USA and the EU; report on the turbulent and convoluted political and economic situation in Italy which is, surprisingly, a recipe for Italy’s success; speak of an interesting discovery pointing at Rome’s spiritual origins and its future; and conclude with further revelations of horse meat in Taco Bell’s restaurants.

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