This Week in the News

We begin with paying tribute to Margaret Thatcher (87) who died Monday. She was undoubtedly the greatest British leader since Winston Churchill. She was able to restore Britain to temporary greatness. However, after her resignation as Prime Minister, Britain returned to its path of steady decline, and no leader has risen since then who would have been able to reverse the trend… nor will there be any such leader in the future, prior to Christ’s return.

Mrs. Thatcher seems to have had a discerning view regarding political developments in Europe and Germany’s future role—an insight which is lacking these days in most politicians. Her opposition to German reunification and European totalitarian integration made her unpopular in Europe and especially in Germany, but who is to tell whether she was not given an inkling of a perception as to what the Bible prophesies is going to happen in the not-too-distant future.

Turning to other news, we report on the strong economic relationship between Germany and Russia, which is overshadowed by political disunity; quote excerpts from an insightful article on Iraq, showing that America did not win that war by any stretch of the imagination; warn of another potential war in the Middle East pertaining to Iran and Israel; and conclude with more sickening news regarding pork in elk lasagna.

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