This Week in the News

We report on the tendency of many to worship the creation rather than the Creator; to use wrong and dangerous methods and techniques to reach personal success; to embrace false and evil values and practices, calling them “good”; and to become complacent victims of the erosion of their privacy and far too tolerant in accepting torture and illegal governmental conduct as “necessary” procedures.

We continue with reporting on the Boston massacre and the many unanswered and disturbing questions; and in turning to Europe, we show that European unification is inevitable, while the lack of national sovereignty seems to be the price which is expected to be paid in the process. Focusing on Israel, we show that due to the new Israeli-US arms deal, the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran has now become grim reality; and we speak about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria.

We report on German warnings directed at the UK; speak on same-sex marriages in France and the rise of killer robots; and we identify the mixed messages received from Pope Francis.

We conclude with reporting about natural disasters on earth and in the universe.

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