This Week in the News

We begin with Oklahoma’s devastating tornado, which released an estimated energy of up to 600 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb. We continue with reports on and related to Pope Francis and alleged events involving his election and an alleged exorcism performed by him; and we report on a new controversial religious coronation ceremony of Britain’s monarch. We speak of Jewish controversies about Old Testament concepts and procedures, including the correct date of Pentecost; and we continue with damaging admissions of scientists about Darwin’s evolution theory.

We speak of Russia’s real goals towards Syria, and in focusing on France and Europe, we speak of President Hollande’s ambitious plan to create a political union within two years and his claim that Europe does not need Britain; and while Germany will not leave the eurozone, we find that France is more than willing to continue military operations around the globe.

We conclude with a troubling and, on the face of it, wrong and wide-ranging decision of an American Appeals Court, denying asylum to German parents, even though they seemed to have been clearly persecuted in Germany.

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