This Week in the News

We report on the ongoing worldwide spying scandal, which also involves the UK and Germany. We concentrate on controversial American activities, including the use of drones in U.S. airspace, and report on alleged NSA spying activities directed against (then) Senator Obama and other high-ranking officials, including Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

We continue with a major embarrassment for President Obama, as pertaining to the failed attempt of the US to extradite Edward Snowden from Hong Kong. We also focus on an incredible “mistake” by a White House reporter, referring to Kenya as President Obama’s birthplace; address the conflict between the Catholic Church and some US Catholic Democrats; and speak of the Supreme Court decisions regarding same-sex “marriages”.

We explain why the Afghan war is lost, and why it was an ill-conceived adventure destined to failure from the very beginning. We show why the “Arab Spring” has become a freezing-cold Winter, by focusing on Egypt’s troubled situation, which is preparing for potential civil war under the brutal dictatorship of President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organization. We also report on Iran’s frightening powers and ask the question whether Europe will do something about it.

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