This Week in the News

We begin with reports on the hypocritical conduct of leading German politicians who condemn America’s NSA spying activities, while they themselves were apparently “proactive partners” with an “eagerness and desire” to aid the NSA. We report on Germany’s drone disaster, blaming America for it—at least in part. At the same time, we point out that the NSA activities and the government’s justification of the same might aid and abet dictatorial and freedom-restricting countries to follow America’s lead, while America’s policy of non-intervention in Syria is condemned by the BBC. We also report on Washington’s fight against journalists and the free press, and show the unrealized connection between Obamacare and the country’s spying activities.

In focusing on the Catholic Church, we report about another big scandal of the Vatican bank; the unbiblical, but, historically, very lucrative practice of indulgences and the false belief in the concept of purgatory; and the somewhat declining Catholic membership and the pope’s activities in Brazil.

High-ranking American politicians and influential moderators are still desperately trying to create a connection between the death of Trayvon Martin and racial profiling—in spite of the lack of any shred of evidence—while cases with reversed roles are conveniently ignored. We report on the erroneous thinking of most Americans regarding the evolution theory; politically incorrect crimes in Britain; and the birth of a new British prince.

We report on Japan’s warning to the UK not to leave the EU; ongoing uproar in both Turkey and Bulgaria; Poland’s ban on kosher slaughter and the underlying feelings of anti-Semitism; the deteriorating relationship between the USA and Israel; and the declaration of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church that same-sex marriages are one sign of the end of days or the apocalypse; and we conclude with an article about the occurrence of several major earthquakes in New Zealand and China.

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