This Week in the News

We begin quoting from reports which will contribute to the ongoing deterioration of America’s relationship with Germany; focus on the coalition talks in Germany and the role which the Bavarian party CSU and their leader, Horst Seehofer, might play in the future; address the debacle surrounding attempts to “fix” Obamacare; and point out that both Democrats and the Republicans are divided amongst themselves.

We also address the possibility that the Jewish practice of “new moon celebrations,” which are not commanded in Scripture, might have derived from pagan idolatrous worship of moon gods and goddesses; and we conclude with three examples of “utter nonsense,” which sadly, some, if not many, may believe in—the concept that death is just an imagination of the human brain; the concept that civilization will end on February 22, 2014, based on an obscure Viking mythology; and the concept that aliens planted human life on earth tens of thousands of years ago. While the Bible condemns all of these false ideas, ignorant people might embrace them.

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