This Week in the News

We begin with more revelations about the “historic deal” between “super powers” and Iran, which cannot be described as anything else but “outrageous.” At the same time, Israel finds itself within the midst of criticism about its “relocation policy” of 400,000 Arab Bedouins, and the USA is facing criticism from Afghanistan and Iraq, while startling facts are revealed about America’s past incompetency regarding its “safeguarding” policy of its nuclear missiles. One can only hope that these past actions are indeed things of the past, and that America has learned from its mistakes.

The relationship between the UK and Europe has reached an unparalleled low point, and many voices are heard from both sides of the channel, pleading for the UK’s exit from the EU. The incredible liberty-defying actions of Britain’s social workers, which kind of unconscionable conduct is, sadly, by no means restricted to Britain, is not helping much, either.

We publish a more balanced opinion on the late Nelson Mandela; and events in Ukraine make one wonder whether Putin’s autocratic and dictatorial Russia will again resort to violent military means.

We conclude with reporting on events related to the Temple Mount; terrible weather conditions in Europe and the USA; a massive hailstorm in South Africa—with hailstones the size of golf balls and apples; a conservative Catholic’s opinion on Pope Francis; and the custom of many to wear crosses as fashion statements or for religious reasons.

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