This Week in the News

We begin with an interesting article from the Huffington Post, asking the question: “What will you worship in 2014?”

We continue with articles about social and religious issues of a diverse nature, such as America’s ongoing spying activities and the world’s perception that the USA is the greatest threat to peace; America’s terrible dealing with the unemployed; and an example of America’s past misguided zeal in its fight against communists. We also report on the Jews’ dark history regarding Holland’s slave trade; and Israel’s current liberal abortion policy.

We speak of stunning developments during this year’s Rose Parade in Pasadena; address conflicting reports about Pope Francis; and report on Catholic Brazil’s worship of a sea goddess.

We address the fact that 1/3 of Americans do not believe in Evolution; and we focus on anticipated developments pertaining to Germany; Latvia’s entrance into the Eurozone; and Mr. Cameron’s difficulties regarding Europe.

We conclude with events in Egypt and Turkey.

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