This Week in the News

We begin reporting about interesting developments regarding European political unification and the ongoing scandal pertaining to sex abuses within the Catholic Church and apparent cover-up attempts by the Vatican, as well as the documented desire of the Pope to please liberals and conservatives alike, while increasing his own support base in the Vatican and beyond.

We continue with examples as to how the US government wastes the tax money of American citizens; that arrangements have been made with Mexican drug cartels; that the Obama Administration could have prevented the attack on Benghazi; how widespread the Target data breach has become; and we report on Germany’s anger about America’s unwillingness to rule in the NSA. We also shed some light on the shocking statistic of “fatalities” of innocent civilians through American drone attacks.

We point out Iran’s blatant defiance of their Geneva agreement with the USA and other world powers; report on Ariel Sharon’s death and the homosexual life style in Tel Aviv—the “bastion of secularism”; speak about an explosive archeological find in territories claimed by the Palestinian Authority; quote Palestinian leader Abba’s refusal to recognize Israel; and conclude with a report on mysterious massive extinction of fish in Nevada.

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