This Week in the News

While the ever-expanding search for the missing Malaysian airplane and its passengers is still ongoing, some very frightening scenarios are being discussed, one of which the State of Israel takes very seriously. In addition, Israel feels betrayed and forsaken by the USA and especially John Kerry; and the current Ukraine/Crimea crisis and America’s weak response might even motivate Israel to attack Iran without any prior approval from the USA, as at least one paper suggests.

Focusing on the Ukraine crisis, we discuss the distinct possibility that this is just one early “exploratory” move in Mr. Putin’s chess game, whose goal and dream it is to occupy the entire country of Ukraine and other prior Soviet satellite states, to bring them “back home” into the clutches of “Mother Russia.” Given the weak measures of the paralyzed West—especially the US and Europe–Mr. Putin may conclude that now may be an opportune time to make further moves to continue with his dream of occupation, exactly as Adolf Hitler did, when he found that other countries, including the USA and Great Britain, were unwilling to intervene and stop him.

However, all of this might prompt certain western European countries to unite militarily, in order to be able to oppose Russia, China and other Far Eastern nations, perceived to be threatening Europe. The Bible shows that ten European core nations or groups of nations will unite under German leadership. Even though Germany has been exerting a leadership role pertaining to the Ukrainian crisis, it has not been very successful, lacking a leader who would be willing to make some very hard and unpopular decisions. But the Bible shows that such a leader will arise in his due time.

We are also reporting on the chaotic situation in Libya, exemplifying again the misguided policy of Western nations, having only their self-interest in mind, while ignoring the plight of the Libyan people. We conclude with an article about the two Popes and a brief news clip regarding new “findings” pertaining to the Big Bang theory.

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