This Week in the News

We begin this report with a striking article, showing past witchcraft hysteria in Germany, coupled with the warning that similar developments might repeat themselves. At the same time, we focus on terrible superstitions in other parts of the world.

While the Anglican Church of England is moving towards permitting women priests, the pope is busy trying to achieve unification of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. He is also engaging himself politically to create “peace” between the Jews and the Palestinians.

We continue reporting on the election results and the situation in Ukraine and the growing collaboration between Russia, China and Iran. Apparently feeling empowered by Russia, Iran’s supreme leader declared “death to America.”

We focus on Prince Charles’ comments regarding Vladimir Putin, comparing him with Hitler, and a “historical” report on Stalin with false advertising; and while America is in the process of closing more and more military facilities in Europe, the most recent European elections show an unsettling rise of far right parties.

We also set forth the current events in Thailand, and conclude with reports on earthquakes in Turkey, Greece and Israel, and the ongoing wild fires in several parts of the USA. 

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