This Week in the News

We begin with reporting on the intense disagreement President Obama is facing from the right and the left, severely weakening his office even further. We address stunning developments pertaining to US primaries, America’s failed immigration policies and wars, and its terrible record of ever-increasing school shootings.

We continue with the activities of Islamist militants in Iraq and Pakistan and the controversial new Egyptian President; interesting developments pertaining to Turkey and Iran, as well as Syria; and the unprecedented meeting of the pope with political and religious Christian, Jewish and Islamic leaders in the Vatican State.

Focusing on Europe, we speak on European threats against Israel and the ongoing debate pertaining to the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission President, which, if it occurs, might contribute to Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

While the Balkan states are desirous of joining the EU, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is equally determined to restore the former Soviet Union to its past glory.

We conclude with pointing out the frightening possible scenario of asteroids smashing earth; China’s despicable annual Dog Meat Festival; the incredible descent of American “Christian” churches and universities into an immoral abyss; demonic influences on our children; and the appalling failure of American television to report relevant and important news.

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