This Week in the News

We are beginning with frightening developments in America: While the USA seems to become a “rapidly expanding police state” with unreliable and misleading representations to the public, America’s Presbyterian Church took an unprecedented step against Israel, angering Jewish politicians and organizations around the world.

We continue with speaking of America’s military support of the new Egyptian dictatorship, and we are addressing Iraq’s Sunni terrorists. While the Obama Administration is contemplating sending troops to Iraq—in violation of prior promises to the contrary–and perhaps working together with Iran, many concerned voices warn against such steps, while Shiite leaders in Iraq and Iran are rejecting US involvement.

Turning to Europe, we address Britain’s inevitable exodus from the EU, quoting Der Spiegel Online, which speaks of “Cameron’s Waterloo.” At the same time, Italy is determined to push for the full establishment of the United States of Europe, and Austria openly defies the USA.

We point out the outbreak of the Ebola virus which is “out of control,” and the real danger of the spread of contagious diseases in the US through illegal aliens.

We are reporting on the Obama Administration’s fascination with LGBT rights, while showing that similar developments are occurring in Europe, especially in Germany.

The American Presbyterian Church officially recognized same-sex marriages as Christian and allows their ministers to preside at same-sex marriages, while the Methodist Church is divided on the issue.

We conclude with the pope’s courageous stance against the Italian mafia; sun worship and mass yoga practices at Stonehenge; frightening dictatorial powers of Britain’s schools; and the ignorance of scientists pertaining to, in their words, new findings of “prehistoric” human remains, which “complicate” the understanding of “human evolution.”

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