This Week in the News

We begin with two articles which seem unrelated, but which are connected and in direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Other articles add to the picture.

The first article deals with the terrible lack of water in Texas and other parts of the USA, which might lead to the starvation of “billions” of people, reminding us of the biblical warnings of drought and famine in the USA and around the world.

The second article quotes Pope Francis as saying that, “faithful and non-faithful alike,” should keep Sunday (which we know is the ancient day of worship of pagan sun gods which is also associated with the “mark of the beast.”)

Focusing on the political situation in the USA and its crumbling relationship with its allies, a biting article in the Washington Times describes the embarrassing political role of the American government—stretching from incompetency to conspiracy—and new developments and revelations pertaining to the NSA scandal have Germany up in arms. While the White House seems to foolishly underestimate the gravity of the problems, German politicians and commentators speak of a “huge breach of trust of the transatlantic relationship” and charge President Obama with lying or at least with not being in control.

We report on the escalating situation in the Middle East and the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas; inform on the current situation in Eastern Ukraine; address a new Scottish law which reminds us of the dictatorial conduct of Hitler; Stalin and Communist East Germany; give another example why true Christians sin when they serve on a jury; and publish an article warning of our dangerous fascination with unpredictable robots.

We conclude with three animal-related articles pertaining to man’s brutality in torturing elephants, as well as destroying and butchering Kenya’s magnificent elephants for money, and “fictitious” creatures which might not be that “fictitious” after all.    

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