This Week in the News

We begin with extensive reports on the Middle East and America’s hopeless role as a paralyzed superpower. While the relationship between the USA and Israel is deteriorating and anti-Semitism is spreading around the globe, some ask for continental Europe’s active engagement and the need for creating a “new order” in the Middle East.

We are introducing you to Prince Georg, great-great-grandson of Prussia’s Kaiser Wilhelm II; German Army brigadier general Markus Laubenthal who became the first non-American chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe; and recently declared late “saint” Peter Favre, the first follower of the founder of the Society of Jesus.

In other news, we discuss the “twelve years” of CIA’s lawlessness, as the Huffington Post put it; eleven named countries at risk of default; the ongoing “sanctions game” between Russia and the West which could prove to become very costly for all parties; and Europe’s unparalleled success in our questionable space programs.

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