This Week in the News

We are focusing on Iraq, the murderous and blood-thirsty IS terrorists; their abominable murder of an American journalist; and the shifting position of Europe and the Vatican in this regard; the situation in Gaza and Europe’s willingness to get involved; and the volatile powder keg in Ukraine.

We are addressing the quite hypocritical German stance on spying activities, with emphasis on their alleged “accidental” spying on Clinton and Kerry; and their not-so-accidental spying on NATO partner Turkey.

In other news, focusing on the US, we report on the shameful events in Ferguson, Missouri; the “poor” “rich” America; appalling decisions in Oregon pertaining to Medicaid payments for transgender surgeries; and the “outrageous,” “malicious” and politically motivated indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

We conclude with shocking reports about the uncontrollable outbreak and spread of the terrible Ebola virus.

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