This Week in the News

We begin reporting on the G20 Summit and the ongoing controversy between Vladimir Putin and the West; present excerpts from an insightful interview with Henry Kissinger; and give you surprising facts about Austria, Romania and the UK.

We address the increasing violence in Jerusalem and the ongoing conflict between Israel, the West and the Arabs, pertaining, among other issues, to construction in East Jerusalem; report on Saudi Arabia’s future; speak about President Obama’s performance in Australia pertaining to climate change; the current defeat of the Keystone XL Pipeline project; the Immigration Debate; and reveal interesting facts about the origin of the Mormon church and their founders, as well the shaky history of Al Sharpton.

We focus on the problems with undercover operations and present a devastating example of incompetent child “protection” agencies which some have labeled as “legal kidnapping.”

We conclude with reports on Muslim misinterpretations of American history; Muslim prayers in the National Cathedral which might have unintended consequences; and the decision of the Church of England to ordain female bishops. Also,we present the strong admonition about child rearing given by Billy Graham.

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