This Week in the News

In this special edition of Update #666, we are focusing on events related to the rise of a future charismatic political and military leader of German or Austrian descent, called the “beast” in the Book of Revelation, as well as his prophesied collaboration with the Roman Catholic Church under its end-time leader, the “false prophet,” and his shaky and finally hostile relationship with Russia and China, leading to a brutal military confrontation.

Also in this light, we are reporting on the predicted establishment of a united European Army (under German leadership) and focus on Germany’s current leader, Angela Merkel, who is not the “beast,” even though she might be an architect in preparation of future developments. We also remind our readers of the prophesied concept of a core Europe or a Europe with two speeds.

We are also reporting on developments within the Catholic Church and Pope Francis, who seems to want to be “a man for all seasons” and “for all people” – and animals. We add an article about depression during the Christmas holiday season—the most “holy” time for professing Christians, especially Catholics.

We continue with articles pertaining to the isolation of the UK from the EU, as well as America’s and Israel’s isolation in the world. All of this is prophesied to occur around the same time when the beast power rises to predominance—and speculations and possible scenarios bringing about the “end of the world.” We know that due to natural and man-made disasters, cosmic disturbances and the “Great Tribulation” which will be ushered in by the beast power, all flesh would be destroyed, if Christ were not to intervene.

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