Trust Me!

by John Amorelli

“Make America Great Again!” “I will work for YOU!” “New Possibilities, Real Leadership!” “Reigniting the Promise of America!” “From Hope to Higher Ground!” “A Time for Greatness!” and “Trust Me!”

These political slogans are some of past and present trademarks within the social media landscape, coming from all kinds of different sources. What especially caught my attention was the catchphrase: “Trust Me!” Now, it is a good thing that I don’t believe in voting in political elections because I am an ambassador for Jesus Christ and I am not to be involved in this world’s politics.  But if I was to vote for someone, it would have to be a candidate who would have the trustworthy character that no one else could ever challenge! Someone who would say one thing and not “flip-flop.” Someone who would not lie about ANYTHING. Someone who would REALLY put other people first. Someone with a government that has a vision of real peace and real truth. Basically, a perfect government.

I am looking forward to a wonderful future when this SOMEONE will not be incompetent and selfishly ambitious in the political arena, and who will not have covetous hands on the throttle of governmental power by the deceptive political methods of THIS world.

As I watch and read articles about the “Barnum-and-Bailey-circus” of the political candidates’ quagmire, I think about a quote stated by Sir Winston Churchill before the United States Congress years ago: “There is a purpose being worked out here below.” God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are working out a plan, a perfect master plan, for setting up THEIR government here on earth in the near future.

So, I vote for God’s new world government and I trust THEM as the only candidates. I really pray that that government may come soon.

©2024 Church of the Eternal God