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History Is Repeating Itself

by Norbert Link

Unspeakable images of injuries and death on a daily basis! A people being terrorized by an unscrupulous tyrant! Women with their children seeking shelter from constant bombardment or fleeing their homes, while their husbands and sons and even daughters are fighting the ruthless enemy.

I am speaking of course about Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine while the world is unwilling to provide the military assistance which would be needed to defeat Russia’s war machine and to end the suffering of innocent civilians in a sovereign country.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked the West time and again to stop their “appeasement” of Russia. It has been pointed out that the recent conference in Munich had clear echoes of the 1938 summit in Munich in which leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement against Adolf Hitler in an effort to prevent an imminent war.

Zelenskyy expressed his frustration with NATO for refusing the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and for refusing to provide fighter jets to defend against Russia’s air force bombing Ukrainian cities (even though it was announced on March 6 that the United States was “working actively” on a deal with Poland to supply Ukraine with jets to fight invading Russians). NATO has taken the position that granting such help would mean declaring war on Russia—a perception with which Putin wholeheartedly agrees. In fact, Putin even said that the West’s issuance of sanctions was already akin to a declaration of war.

Even though Ukraine expressed their appreciation for whatever assistance they are receiving from the West, they have been saying that the help is not enough. This may ultimately lead to a rejection of NATO, and a movement toward Russia, if conditions there were to change. In World War 2, Ukraine was at first aligned with Germany against Russia, but then switched sides due to their disappointment with Hitler’s actions. It is prophesied that ultimately, a collaboration of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will form which will be in opposition to the EU.

The current situation has set in motion or at least accelerated prophetic developments. For one, a confederation of the “kings of the East” is being established.  Especially China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran have refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the unprovoked war which Putin started.

In addition, Germany and the rest of Europe have “unified” as never before and have (re-)discovered their “need” to establish a mighty and powerful army. The Week wrote on March 5 that “Putin has inadvertently accomplished what often seemed impossible — bringing the continent together on foreign policy and thereby laying a solid foundation for a true United States of Europe…  the EU will keep evolving toward becoming a fully autonomous super-state…”

The Washington Post stated on March 3 that German chancellor Olaf Scholz “announced a historic ramp up in military spending to meet the Russian threat… a recent poll showed 78 percent of the Germans backed Scholz’s plan…  it’s also an acknowledgment of the unpredictability of U.S. politics.” German Finance minister Christian Lindner stated that the Bundeswehr is to become the strongest army in Europe.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing Europe to establish a prophesied powerful European army, under German leadership, to be able to “defend” against Russian aggression, while realizing the unreliability of the USA, which refuses to send soldiers to Ukraine, even though they had promised Ukraine in the past security protection.

Another interesting development in the light of biblical prophecies may not be that obvious at first sight, but I feel that it clearly exists. I am speaking about obvious similarities between Hitler and Putin.

The Washington Post wrote on February 24: “… some observers see [in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine] brutal similarities to Hitler’s seizure of Czechoslovakia just before World War II… Hitler wanted to take over all of Europe… Putin wants to restore Czarist Russia, the Russian empire…. [Hitler] was plotting the seizure of part of Czechoslovakia, claiming that ethnic Germans in the Sudeten regions bordering eastern Germany were being mistreated.” That is exactly what Putin is saying about Russians living in Ukraine. Both accusations were and are totally without merit.

The Sun wrote on February 25 that “Putin is the new Hitler… And like Hitler, he spews vicious apocalyptic threats to scare off any resistance…If the US lets Putin use his nuke threats to scare them off, Russia will continue its nation-seizing rampage like the Nazis did in 1938/9.” Thomson/Reuters wrote on February 25 that “Zelenskyy said on Friday…  the bombing of Kyiv was reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s attacks during World War Two…”

Some have proposed to assassinate Putin, drawing another parallel between Putin and Hitler. Greenwich Time wrote on March 4 that Sen. Lindsey Graham said “that the ‘only way’ to end the crisis in Ukraine is for Russians to assassinate President Vladimir Putin,” adding, “‘Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?’… referencing… the German military officer who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler…”

That attempt failed, as many other attempts to kill Hitler failed as well. At least some of the attempts should not have failed, but “circumstances” prevented their success. A bomb smuggled in Hitler’s plane did not go off; a bomb deposited at Hitler’s podium went off too late because Hitler had unexpectedly cut short his speech. Even Stauffenberg’s attempt would in all likelihood have succeeded if the party had assembled in a bunker, as originally planned, but Hitler changed the location shortly before Stauffenberg’s arrival, and the briefcase with the bomb which Stauffenberg had placed next to Hitler was moved to a more distant place before it went off. As a consequence, Hitler was only slightly injured. As he did often, he thanked “fate” (“Vorsehung”) for his protection.

If the history of Nazi Germany under Hitler was repeating itself right now in Nazi Russia under the new Hitler—Putin—then any assassination attempt on Putin would fail at this point.

As we explained in our literature, Hitler was possessed by a demon, perhaps even Satan himself. And so, Satan gave him protection until he had carried out his evil devices, fulfilling thereby, together with Mussolini,  the short-lived ninth revival of the ancient Roman Empire. The evidence suggests that Putin is also possessed, perhaps by the same demon who possessed Hitler. I feel that the similarities between Hitler and Putin are too remarkable than being mere coincidence.

Putin has been lying from the outset about his invasion of Ukraine, and he keeps on lying now. He promised and agreed to a cease-fire arrangement, only to break it immediately. He follows the desires of his father, Satan the Devil. The same was true for Hitler. Putin is also determined to destroy the free press and only allow the propaganda of the state press, selling his war as a success domestically. Putin’s strategy is very similar to that of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister. When Germany had been defeated in Stalingrad and German troops fled from the Russians, Goebbel’s propaganda machine announced Germany’s “victorious retreat” (“siegreicher Rueckzug”).

All of this points at demonic possession, because the demon having possessed Hitler and who is now possessing Putin follows the same modus operandi. But the most compelling conclusion that Putin is indeed demonically possessed is, in my view, his recent change in behavior. d-online wrote on March 5:

“[Some] argue that Putin has mental problems… Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote…  that for many there is obviously something wrong with Putin and that clear change could be seen in the Russian President. For Condoleezza Rice, too, the man is now ‘another Putin’… Rice was first a national security adviser under George W. Bush, then US Secretary of State – and was often present at meetings with Putin.”

Hitler has been described as mentally sick, which explanation has been used for his mood swings. But in reality, he was possessed. What is normally not being considered, but should be, is that Putin’s change is also caused by demonic possession. And as Hitler had to fulfill his task, as directed by Satan, so will Putin. Once that is done, Satan will concentrate on the beast in Europe, a coming charismatic political and military leader of German or Austrian descent, and Satan will possess him. He will give him his power and great authority, setting in motion the Great Tribulation. And the beast will conduct himself very similarly to Hitler’s and Putin’s activities, because he will be possessed by the same force which possessed Hitler and which is now possessing Putin.

We observe with horror Putin’s terrible atrocities, as the world was stunned and appalled by Hitler’s evil deeds.  History is repeating itself, but next time, it will be so much worse. When the beast appears in a short while, the whole world will follow him. Satan’s deception will have reached a climax of unparalleled proportions. Only very few will be able to see through Satan’s evil devices and his diabolical plan for mankind’s annihilation. You should be one of those very few.

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by Norbert Link

We begin with reports on the unification of Europe and Europe’s military buildup; speak on Biden’s decision to stop the import of Russian oil and natural gas, while much of Europe will not follow suit; address Germany’s continuing dependence on Russian oil; Germany’s embarrassing “help” for Ukraine; and Zelenskyy’s frustration with NATO over the ongoing debate regarding fighter jets and a no-fly zone and his willingness to compromise with Russia, while a debacle between the USA and Poland was revealed.  

We address Russia’s attack on a nuclear power plant; the recommendation to assassinate Putin; the broken “cease-fire”; Putin’s fight against the free press; and Putin’s mental disability which might have spiritual causes. In this context, please view our new StandingWatch program, titled, Putin—the Devil’s Tool.”

We publish a frightening article, raising the possibility of worldwide famine due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

We speak on the “important partnership” between Russia and China; persecution of Christians in Russia and Canada; the devastating floods in Australia, and we conclude with the dangerous prospect of a new Iran deal; the White House’s misrepresentations regarding a bill in Florida; and an ongoing fight between Barr, Pence and Trump.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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Putin Unified Europe

The Week wrote on March 5:

“Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it was common for analysts in the West to presume a war on Europe’s eastern edge would provoke rancorous division over how to respond within the European Union and NATO… In fact, the diametric opposite has occurred. Europe has been united and resolute…

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has inadvertently accomplished what often seemed impossible — bringing the continent together on foreign policy and thereby laying a solid foundation for a true United States of Europe. The implications for the EU and the U.S. alike will be profound…

“Just as Napoleon’s conquering army unintentionally inspired national self-consciousness and aspirations among formerly disparate European peoples, so Putin’s invasion has provoked unity in the continent as a whole, as members of the EU have felt deeply threatened by a common adversary…

“The European Union has never thought and acted more like a coherent political entity than it’s doing right now… As it does, the EU will keep evolving toward becoming a fully autonomous super-state — a liberal multinational empire that takes increasing responsibility for its own defense….”

While the unsuspecting and ignorant world approves of this development, the consequences will be disastrous.

Europe’s New Military Buildup

The Washington Post wrote on March 3:

“In Germany, a nation that shrank from confrontation with Moscow after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the evidence is a historic military buildup announced in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine…

“When Moscow annexed Crimea and Russian-backed forces seized parts of eastern Ukraine in 2014, the German titans of industry demurred, urging then-Chancellor Angela Merkel to tread lightly…  When Merkel sought to impose sanctions on Russia following its initial aggression in Ukraine in 2014, polls showed a majority of Germans against them.

“Fast forward to now…Olaf Scholz, once a word-parsing waffler on Moscow, announced a historic ramp up in military spending to meet the Russian threat… a recent poll showed 78 percent of the Germans backed Scholz’s plan…

In France…. a new poll showed 84 percent of respondents believe you can’t ‘negotiate’ with Putin and 7 out of 10 backed arms deliveries to Ukraine. Surprisingly, a majority — 53 percent — even backed a step ruled out by leaders in Washington and the capitals of Europe: the intervention of NATO’s armed forces in Ukraine… Macron is seizing the moment to push his vision for a European army… ‘We cannot let others defend ourselves; whether on land, at sea, under the sea, in the air, in space or in cyberspace,’ Macron said in a televised speech Wednesday night. ‘Our European defense must take a new step.’

 The historic push for stronger, collective defense in Europe is the culmination of an awakening to the Russian threat after years of sleepwalking through Russian aggression. But it’s also an acknowledgment of the unpredictability of U.S. politics.  Polls show public support for President Biden and former president Donald Trump… as roughly similar…

“A litany of European gas and oil companies — BP, Shell and Equinor — are pulling the plug on their Russian investments, hitting the Kremlin where it hurts: its energy sector… the Russian threat has crystallized for the British people. In a September poll,  34 percent of Britons considered Russia a ‘hostile threat.’ Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that figure almost doubled, to 64 percent.”

Will the Russian invasion of Ukraine cause Europe to establish a powerful European army to be able to “defend” against Russian aggression? German Finance minister Christian Lindner (FDP) stated that the Bundeswehr is to become the strongest army in Europe.

US Will Stop Import of Russian Oil and Gas

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 8:

“The US will stop importing oil and natural gas from Russia, US President Joe Biden has said…. ‘ We will not be part of subsidizing Putin’s war,’ Biden said, describing energy imports as ‘the main artery of Russia’s economy.’ The US president also warned oil companies and their partners against ‘excessive price increases’ as the war and fears of more bans drive up energy prices on the global market…

“Biden said… in Europe… many of them might not join the boycott… German Chancellor Olaf Scholz [said] on Monday [oil and gas imports from Russia] were ‘essential’ to daily life in Europe. On Tuesday, the European Commission published plans to cut EU dependency on Russian gas by two-thirds this year and end its reliance on Russian supplies of the fuel ‘well before 2030.’ Just ahead of Biden’s announcement, the UK said they would phase out Russian oil imports by the end of 2022…

“Biden acknowledged that the latest ban would cause fuel prices to rise even more…”

Newsmax added on March 8:

“Former President Donald Trump criticized Europe on Tuesday for not joining the United States in boycotting Russian oil and gas. ‘… As usual the United States will be left out there alone, being taken advantage of by Europe, as we defend them, while we read in the Fake News how everyone has come together under [President Joe] Biden to fight Russia.’”

Biden’s Spin Debunked

Fox News wrote on March 8:

“The Biden administration has repeatedly touted the fact that oil production in Biden’s first year in office was higher than in Trump’s first year in office. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during Monday’s briefing that ‘the U.S. produced more oil this past year than in President Trump’s first year.’ Biden sounded a similar note Tuesday during his remarks announcing a ban on Russian energy imports. ‘Even amid the pandemic, companies in the United States pumped more oil during my first year in office than they did during my predecessor’s first year,’ Biden said.

“But the White House’s framing omits a key fact: while domestic oil production in 2021 was higher than it was in 2017, it was lower than it was in 2018, 2019 and 2020… The White House spin comes amid increasing Democratic anxiety about the political impacts of record-setting gas prices ahead of the midterm elections…”

Russia’s New Threats

Fox News reported on March 8:

“Russia threatened to close its main gas line to Germany, late Monday, if Western nations ban Russian oil imports… Alexander Novak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, warned that the ‘rejection of Russian oil would lead to catastrophic consequences for the global market,’ suggesting the price per barrel could double to $300… Given the European Union gets 40% of its gas and 30% of its oil from Russia, Novak asserted it would be ‘impossible to quickly find a replacement for Russian oil on the European market.’”

Germany’s Dependence on Russian Oil

Bloomberg wrote on March 4:

“For years, the U.S. warned Germany of building up a dangerous energy dependence on Russia, the source of more than half of its fossil fuel imports. Now that the war in Ukraine has shocked Berlin into the same conclusion, the government is finding that changing course might be too late.

“… Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has said the country’s gas needs are covered until next winter. But Europe’s gas storage facilities are now less than a third full, well below the average for this time of the year. To compensate for lost Russian gas, Germany would need deliveries from the world’s entire 600-vessel fleet of liquefied natural gas tankers…

“For now, Moscow has given no indication that it may cut off supplies, while Germany opposes sanctions or political pressure that would prompt a full energy embargo. But already, Berlin is in crisis mode. Highlighting the sense of urgency, the government has authorized a 1.5 billion-euro ($1.7 billion) ad-hoc payment to secure LNG [Liquefied Natural Gas]. At current prices, that’s only about a week’s worth of gas… and LNG is typically at least 10% more expensive than supplies piped from Russia…

“In the event of a supply shutdown, Uniper would likely be one of the first companies to feel the fallout. The Dusseldorf-based utility has more than half of its long-term gas contracts with Russia and faces a bleak future if those supplies get cut off. That would have a knock-on effect on consumers and factories dependent on its electricity…

“German oil and gas producer Wintershall Dea AG… wrote down 1 billion euros invested in the controversial $11 billion project [Nord Stream 2 Pipeline], which had long irked the U.S. because of the Russian connection but was nevertheless nearing completion until the government halted certification. The first Nord Stream pipeline, which bypasses Ukraine to connect Germany directly with Russian gas fields, was opened by former Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2011, calling it a ‘remarkable achievement.’

“Scholz also announced plans to fast-track construction of the country’s first LNG terminals, but that would still take years. In the short term, the government released a crisis plan, including building up coal reserves for power plants and forcing gas firms to keep minimum storage levels — nearly a third of that capacity is controlled by Russia’s Gazprom PJSC in a further sign of Germany’s dependence.

“… Insurers Euler Hermes and Allianz SE estimate that it would require 170 billion euros in investment a year for the European Union to gain independence from Russian energy…

“Russia supplies more than half of Germany’s gas, half of its coal and roughly a third of its oil… Russia shutting down deliveries isn’t a far-fetched scenario, because gas only provides the government with a quarter of the revenue compared with oil…

“A gas shortage could prompt BASF to halt some factories, dealing a blow to supplies of materials used in cars, fertilizers and medicines across Europe… which advises hundreds of companies in Germany… ‘This is the biggest energy crisis people in Europe have faced since the Second World War,’ said [Wolfgang] Hahn, owner of Energy Consulting GmbH.”

So what is Germany going to do?

Embarrassment for Germany…

Breitbart wrote on March 4:

“Berlin had planned to send Ukraine 2,700 ‘Strela’ rockets dating back to the German Communist era, as part of the weapons package Germany had prepared to help Kyiv fend off the Russian invasion, but at least 700 have been revealed to be defective, with the boxes they’re stored in being described as ‘mouldy’.

“The rockets had initially been designed for use by the National People’s Army of the Soviet-controlled German Democratic Republic (GDR), which ceased to exist in 1990…  A classified military document that was leaked by Spiegel magazine… has said that: ‘Owing to the obsolescence of the rocket motor, the Strela missile is no longer safe to handle, so it can no longer be fired’. As a result of neglect, small cracks had formed on the rockets, which led to corrosion.

“The German army, known as the Bundeswehr, have not used the GDR’s weapons since 2014 citing ‘security reasons’, and since then the wooden boxes holding the missiles have rotted and become covered in mould – to the extent that soldiers are only allowed to enter the rooms storing the rockets if they wear protective clothing, German magazine Focus reports…

“Of the maximum of 2,000 rockets that are still combat-ready, it has been reported that the Bundeswehr no longer have the handpieces that are needed to fire the ordinance, with the German military hoping the Ukrainians have access to them or they may not be able to use the shoulder-fired missiles.

“Germany had initially declined to send lethal aid to Ukraine… Germany had provided 5,000 helmets to Kyiv, a move that was widely mocked by some as poor even as a token gesture…

“After much reluctance, Germany also blocked the approval process for Nord Stream 2, the 764 mile-long natural gas pipeline that would connect Russia and Germany…”

How could Berlin have been so stupid and incompetent?

Zelenskyy Disappointed and Frustrated with NATO

Newsmax wrote on March 4:

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called NATO ‘weak’ and ‘underconfident’ on Friday for refusing the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine… NATO argued establishing such a zone could escalate the conflict into a wider European war. ‘The only way to implement a no-fly zone is to send NATO fighter planes into Ukrainian airspace, and then impose that no-fly zone by shooting down Russian planes,’ NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said… ‘We understand the desperation, but we also believe that if we did that, we would end up with something that could end in a full-fledged war in Europe,’ he added.

“Zelenskyy lambasted the organization… claiming the country has been thrown into ‘nine days of darkness’ without assistance from NATO. ‘Knowing that new strikes and casualties are inevitable, NATO deliberately decided not to close the sky over Ukraine,’ Zelenskyy claimed. ‘Because of your weakness, because of your disunity, all the alliance has managed to do so far is to carry fifty tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine,’ he continued. ‘Is this the alliance you were building?’

“Zelenskyy further disputed claims that a no-fly zone would create a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia… The White House has, so far, shown the same hesitancy towards the no-fly zone idea as NATO… Press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday, ‘It would require, essentially, the U.S. military shooting down Russian planes and prompting a potential direct war with Russia, the exact step that we want to avoid.’”

The Guardian added on March 4:

“Volodymyr Zelenskyy has critisized Nato for refusing to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying the decision has given ‘the green light for further bombing of Ukrainian towns and villages’. ‘All the people who die from this day forward will also die because of you, because of your weakness, because of your lack of unity,’ the Ukrainian president said in an emotional nighttime address.”

Axios also quoted Zelenskyy as saying that if Ukraine fell, “Europe will not stand… If we will fall, you will fall so please don’t be silent, do not turn the blind on eye on this.”

Germany has also rejected the idea of a no-fly zone, and so has much of Europe. Would Stoltenberg and the Western allies really act differently if Russia were to attack a NATO member state?

Zelenskyy Won’t Join NATO—Open to Compromise with Russia

Die Welt wrote on March 8:

 “With regard to NATO, Zelenskyy was disappointed. He said that the alliance is not ready to accept Ukraine as a member. ‘The alliance is afraid of controversial issues and a dispute with Russia.’ He indicated that he would not join. He said that Ukraine is not a country that begs for something on its knees. Since the constitution was changed in 2019, joining NATO has been the declared goal of the former Soviet republic.”

The Hindu wrote on March 8:

“In another apparent nod aimed at placating Moscow, Mr. Zelenskyy said he is open to ‘compromise’ on the status of two breakaway pro-Russian territories [in eastern Ukraine — Donetsk and Luhansk] that President Vladimir Putin recognised as independent just before unleashing the invasion on February 24. ‘I have cooled down regarding this question a long time ago after we understood that … NATO is not prepared to accept Ukraine,’ Zelenskyy said in an interview aired on Monday night (U.S. time) on ABC News

“When ABC asked him about this Russian demand, Mr. Zelenskyy said he was open to dialogue… He said these two regions ‘have not been recognised by anyone but Russia… But we can discuss and find the compromise on how these territories will live on… What is important to me is how the people in those territories are going to live who want to be part of Ukraine, who in Ukraine will say that they want to have them in,’ Mr. Zelenskyy said…”

Putin: Sanctions Akin to Declaration of War

Fox News wrote on March 5:

“Putin said Saturday that Moscow will view any attempt by other countries to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine as active ‘participation in the armed conflict.’… ‘That very second, we will view them as participants of the military conflict, and it would not matter what members they are,’ the Russian president said…  Putin pledged that the ‘realization’ of demands to do so would ‘bring catastrophic results not only to Europe, but to the whole world’ and called western sanctions against Russia ‘akin to [or almost] a declaration of war.’…

“In addition, Putin reportedly said Ukraine could potentially lose its statehood if its leaders continue to resist Russia’s military invasion.”

Putin keeps threatening the West which bows down to him in horror and fear. But if he feels that NATO has already declared war on him, what then is NATO waiting for?

Fighter Jets for Ukraine?

Times of Israel reported on March 6:

“US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that the United States was ‘working actively’ on a deal with Poland to supply Ukraine with jets to fight invading Russians. The deal, according to reports, could involve Poland handing over its existing MIG-29s, a Soviet/Russian-made jet fighter Ukrainian pilots are familiar with, and the US would then provide its F-16 fighters to Poland as replacements. US officials, including Blinken, had downplayed the possibility of any NATO country supplying besieged Ukraine since the beginning of this week. But speaking in Moldova on Sunday, Blinken confirmed it was under active discussion…

“Russia has a massive air force that if fully mobilized could decimate Ukraine. The United States had resisted a deal, along with some key NATO members, concerned that Russia would interpret it as NATO — Poland is a member — actively joining the Ukraine war, and spark a much wider conflict.

“But supporters of furnishing Ukraine with more aircraft from a NATO country argue that the alliance, and the US especially, have already been giving Kyiv’s army tons of lethal weaponry and munitions every day since the war began…. Any deal would require White House approval and support in the US Congress, and likely NATO support as well. Congress would likely go along…”

Breitbart added on March 6:

“Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday on CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ that the United States has given the ‘green light’ to NATO countries who have wanted to provide fighter jets to Ukraine.”

But Blinken’s assessment was overly optimistic. Note the next articles.

Poland Wants to Shift Responsibility to USA

Axios wrote on March 8:

“The Polish government announced Tuesday it was prepared to deploy its entire fleet of used MiG-29 fighter jets to a U.S. airbase in Germany, giving the U.S. the option to then transfer the Soviet-era aircraft to Ukraine’s military… Under one option being considered by the Biden administration, the U.S. would backfill Poland’s MiG-29 fleet with American-made F-16 fighter jets… Poland also called on other eastern-flank NATO allies in possession of MiGs — Bulgaria and Slovakia — to take similar steps… With Tuesday’s announcement, Poland seems to be shifting responsibility for making this deal happen – and for weathering the repercussions from Russia – onto the U.S.”

The USA responded that it was blind-sided by Poland’s announcement and that it rejected the proposal.

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 9:

“Poland’s prime minister on Wednesday said his country was prepared to make planes available to Ukraine, but that it would only do so through the NATO alliance… ‘We did not agree to supply planes by ourselves because it must be the decision of the whole of NATO,’ he said during a press conference on Polish television. ‘The USA does not want these planes to come to Ukraine from American bases,’ the adviser, Jakub Kumoch, told public broadcaster TVP Info. ‘Poland is ready to act, but only within the framework of the alliance, within the framework of NATO.’”

And NATO is opposed to such a move…

Kamala Harris to the Rescue?

The Guardian wrote on March 9:

The US and Europe have worked hard to keep their differences over sanctions and oil embargos to a public minimum, and tried to accommodate each other’s national interests. So it was striking on Tuesday when first the Pentagon described a Polish offer to send planes to the US airbase in Ramstein as ‘untenable’, and then the deputy US secretary of state said the US had not been consulted about the plan… The upshot after this mini-debacle is Russia retains air superiority. Ukrainian pilots who were being trained in Poland to fly the planes are now grounded with no machines with which to defend their country. An opportunity has been squandered… Unfortunately, they are also the anti-aircraft defence that Ukraine lacks. Nato, as its constitution requires, looks after its own….

“Unfortunately for Harris, [her] planned trip [to Poland and Rumania] suddenly became a lot more tricky in the last three days… Now she’ll be landing later today in the middle of a massive diplomatic mess… And she is charged with dealing with aspects of the US-Mexico border… border policies are a horrible mess…”

On her last trip to Europe, Harris failed. Is she going to do better this time?

Russia attacks Nuclear Power Plant…

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 4:

“Global leaders have reacted with dismay after fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces caused a fire at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The incident sparked fears of a potential nuclear disaster….

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Europe to ‘wake up’ as he reminded continental leaders of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, considered the worst of its kind both in cost and casualties.  ‘I am addressing all Ukrainians, all Europeans and everyone who knows the word Chernobyl,’ Zelenskyy said in the wake of the fire. ‘Tens of thousands had to be evacuated and Russia wants to repeat that, and is already repeating it, but six times bigger.’

“The Chernobyl nuclear site was captured by Russian forces… Zelenskyy said Ukraine has 15 nuclear reactors and ‘if there is an explosion it is the end for everyone. Do not let Europe die in the nuclear catastrophe.’”

Allegedly, the radiation level at the power plant is normal, but one wonders: What would NATO do if Russia were to destroy a nuclear power plant, causing a nuclear disaster?

Daily Mail wrote on March 6:

“Russian forces are firing rockets at a physics institute in the city of Kharkiv that contains nuclear material and a reactor which could lead to a ‘large-scale ecological disaster’ if hit… The science institute houses the Neutron Source nuclear research facility and contains 37 nuclear fuel cells in its core.”

It was also pointed out thatRussian soldiers are reportedly using imprecise Grad launchers in the assault,” and that “the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology was responsible for the first nuclear bomb developed by the Soviet Union.”

Chernobyl… Danger for Europe?

The Sun wrote on March 9:

“EUROPE could be hit by a devastating radiation leak from the Chernobyl nuclear site after Russian troops cut off the electricity, Ukraine has warned. The plant, which was stormed by Russian forces last month, has no power supply after troops cut lines connecting it to the national grid on Wednesday… Emergency diesel generators are supplying back-up power to cool spent fuel rods in a waste store, but they will last only 48 hours, officials said.

“Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba warned: ‘After that, cooling systems of the storage facility for spent nuclear fuel will stop, making radiation leaks imminent.’… there are about 20,000 spent fuel assemblies which cannot be kept cool amid the power outage.

“Without electricity, experts fear the ventilation systems at the plant will also stop working – exposing staff to dangerous doses of radiation….

“It also emerged the Russians had disabled safety warnings and cut off data transmissions. Consequently authorities do not know what the current radiation levels at the site…”

Experts” stated that there is no reason to fear radiation. BUT can they be trusted?

Assassinate Putin?

Greenwich Time wrote on March 4:

“Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was sharply criticized by fellow lawmakers on both sides of the aisle Thursday after saying that the ‘only way’ to end the crisis in Ukraine is for Russians to assassinate President Vladimir Putin. ‘Is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?’ Graham tweeted, referencing the Roman politician who participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar and the German military officer who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler…

“Graham also called for Russians to assassinate Putin during a Thursday appearance on ‘Hannity’ on Fox News. Moreover, he introduced legislation this week calling for Putin to be investigated for war crimes. On Wednesday, Sean Hannity suggested on his radio show that the United States carry out an assassination of Putin, saying, ‘You cut the head of the snake off, and you kill the snake.’”

Breitbart added on March 4:

“Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) on Friday expressed support for Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) call to see Russian President Vladimir Putin assassinated following Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, though the NeverTrump lawmaker did pour cold water on the idea that the United States should be the country that kills Putin… ‘I hope in some of these sanctions, and the sanctions against the oligarchs, is that the population does turn on him…. who say “there’s a lot of pain with these sanctions, we have maybe upwards of 9,000 Russian soldiers already dead. We’ve had enough.”

“‘Even though I’ve said we need a no-fly zone over Ukraine, I can understand that it comes with real risk. I just fear, ultimately, we’re going to be in a position to have to do it anyway,’ Kinzinger said.”

The Sun wrote on March 5:

“ROGUE Russian generals should be secretly handed whatever it takes to rid the world of Vladimir Putin, security experts said last night. They warned a failure to assassinate their ‘demented’ president now would tighten his grip on power for at least another decade…  Calls have been growing in recent days for senior Russian spooks and generals to rise up against Putin. And yesterday reports claimed many were losing faith in their leader — as more evidence emerged of shocking war crimes during the barbaric invasion…

“Meanwhile it has emerged that hero president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has survived three assassination attempts — after Russian anti-war FSB officers tipped off Ukrainian security services…

“This week ex-Kremlin insider Sergei Pugachev claimed former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev was helping lead a plot against Putin…

“Last night historian Professor Anthony Glees, an expert on security and intelligence, said Western spooks should now ruthlessly target Putin’s circle… ‘Those around Putin are killers — they are like SS officers of old. But there will be serious commanders and generals who have doubts…’

“Former Labour Foreign Secretary Lord Owen said yesterday that the Russian military was ‘the only force that could topple him.’ But he added: ‘I wouldn’t give great hopes for that…  [His] face has changed, and with that face change appears to have come a very substantial change of behaviour. He is contemptuous of everyone. Arrogant. Ruthless.’”

It has been speculated that the huge Russian convoy which is on its way to Ukraine’s capital, has been stopped through sabotage by Russian soldiers. The Sun wrote on March 5: “Kyiv is believed to remain the prime objective for the Russians. And a massive convoy of armoured vehicles has been lurking nearby apparently preparing for a protracted siege. However, mystery surrounds the so-called ‘Convoy of Death’ as it hasn’t made any significant progress for days. Russian forces are believed to be being increasingly demoralized…”

As if America had not assassinated or at least tried to assassinate unwelcome leaders in other countries before! History of Nazi Germany under Hitler is repeating itself right now in Nazi Russia under the new Hitler—Putin.

Free Press in Russia Forbidden and Criminalized

Axios wrote on March 5:

“New efforts by the Kremlin to bully the press and silence dissent are forcing independent media and social networks out of the country… Russians are losing access to independent reporting about the war, while the West loses insight into an already isolated leader…

“Bloomberg and the BBC said they are suspending operations in Russia, while CNN, CBS and ABC ceased broadcasting in the country after lawmakers approved new legislation Friday that threatens to imprison journalists and individuals for up to 15 years if they publish what Moscow deems to be ‘fake’ information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine… German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and Meduza, an independent Russian publication based in Latvia, were… blocked… Russia also blocked Facebook entirely Friday, after partially restricting the social network last week…

“Putin’s propaganda push has intensified as the protests erupt at home. The Kremlin is relying on state media to sell the war as a success domestically…”

Putin’s strategy is SO similar to that of Goebbel’s, Hitler’s propaganda minister, that the parallels are striking… and a helpless world complains…

“Ceasefire” a Lie

The New York Post wrote on March 5:

“Russian forces defied a brokered ceasefire and continued shelling the strategic Ukrainian port city of Mariupol as hundreds of thousands of women, children and elderly were attempting to flee Saturday, the local government said.

“Despite an agreement that would allow the Red Cross to guarantee a ceasefire, the escape from the city was thrown into chaos. Mariupol authorities announced they stopped the mass evacuation of an expected 215,000 people, about three hours after the cease fire was supposed to start because of the continued bombardment. The pummeled city was left without power, heat or water services after multiple days of rocket fire and food supplies were running low.”

The Sun added on March 5:

“Mariupol has been one of the most brutalised cities of war as the Russians have blockaded it and cut off food, water, heating and transport in the depths of winter. It has been compared to the Nazi blockade of Leningrad in World War 2.”

This was so predictable. Subsequent “ceasefire” agreements failed likewise. Putin is a pathological liar. He follows the desires of his father, the Devil. One cannot trust anything Putin says. But there may be even more to Putin’s behavior.

Putin’s Mental Change

d-online wrote on March 5:

“[Some] argue that Putin has mental problems. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly told then-US President Obama in 2014 that she was ‘confused’ by Putin… as one far removed from any reality.

“That same year, neuroscientist Ian Robertson published an essay in Psychology Today entitled, ‘The Danger Lurking Inside Vladimir Putin’s Brain.’ In it, the psychologist… writes: ‘There is little doubt that his brain has changed so much, both neurologically and physically, that he firmly and earnestly believes that without him, Russia will experience its downfall.’ Long periods of absolute power would have made him highly self-absorbed, narcissistic, and blind to risk.

Such warnings are being raised again today: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Putin could be an ‘irrational actor’. And: ‘At the moment we have to accept that Vladimir Putin may be thinking without any logic and not seeing the imminent disaster.’…

“The US Senate Intelligence Committee also held a meeting on the subject. Exactly what was discussed is not known; the meetings are held in strict secrecy. ‘I wish I could say more about that,’ Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter. But he can say that for many there is obviously something wrong with Putin and that clear change could be seen in the Russian President.

“For Condoleezza Rice, too, the man is now ‘another Putin,’ she told Fox News. Rice was first a national security adviser under George W. Bush, then US Secretary of State – and was often present at meetings with Putin. He was always calculating and cold. On the other hand, he now appears ‘capricious’ to her. According to NBC, US intelligence services also have reliable evidence that Putin is increasingly frustrated and is increasingly venting this anger on confidants. This is unusual, after all, as the former KGB officer usually had his emotions under control.”

What is normally not being considered, but should be, is that Putin’s change may be caused by demonic possession, as was the case with Hitler.


The Associated Press wrote on March 6:

“The Russian tanks and missiles besieging Ukraine also are threatening the food supply and livelihoods of people in Europe, Africa and Asia who rely on the vast, fertile farmlands of the Black Sea region — known as the ‘breadbasket of the world.’

“Ukrainian farmers have been forced to neglect their fields as millions flee, fight or try to stay alive. Ports are shut down that send wheat and other food staples worldwide to be made into bread, noodles and animal feed. And there are worries Russia, another agricultural powerhouse, could have its grain exports upended by Western sanctions.

“… While there have not yet been global disruptions to wheat supplies, prices have surged 55% since a week before the invasion amid concerns about what could happen next. If the war is prolonged, countries that rely on affordable wheat exports from Ukraine could face shortages starting in July… That could create food insecurity and throw more people into poverty in places like Egypt and Lebanon, where diets are dominated by government-subsidized bread…

“Russia and Ukraine combine for nearly a third of the world’s wheat and barley exports. Ukraine also is a major supplier of corn and the global leader in sunflower oil, used in food processing. The war could reduce food supplies just when prices are at their highest levels since 2011. A prolonged conflict would have a big impact some 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) away in Egypt, the world’s largest wheat importer. Millions rely on subsidized bread made from Ukrainian grains to survive, with about a third of people living in poverty…

“War-ravaged Syria recently announced it would cut spending and ration staples. In nearby Lebanon, where a massive explosion at the Beirut port in 2020 destroyed the country’s main grain silos, authorities are scrambling to make up for a predicted wheat shortage, with Ukraine providing 60% of its supply…

“African countries imported agricultural products worth $4 billion from Russia in 2020, and about 90% was wheat…

“Ukraine supplies the EU with just under 60% of its corn and nearly half of a key component in the grains needed to feed livestock. Russia, which provides the EU with 40% of its natural gas needs, is similarly a major supplier of fertilizer, wheat and other staples.”

Christ said that religious deception, wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilences, as well as earthquakes, signify the “beginning of sorrows.”

China’s and Russia’s Most Important Partnership

Israel Today wrote on March 8:

 “China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday called Russia his country’s ‘most important strategic partner’ as Beijing continues to refuse to condemn the invasion of Ukraine despite growing pressure from the US and European Union to use its influence to rein in Moscow. The Chinese foreign minister said that ties with Moscow constitute ‘one of the most crucial bilateral relationships in the world.’ … Clearly, well before the invasion, China was aware of what Russia was planning, as the largest two communist countries in the world have been plotting for decades to form an alliance to counter a now-weakened and bewildered US and Europe in order to become the new global superpowerIran [is] closely aligned with Russia and China and [is] quickly developing nuclear weapons.

“For many years, China and Russia have increased their alignment against liberal Western foreign policy, and they have chosen their moment to make it clear that this new world order is a fait accompli. Their massive armies have been carrying out joint exercises shoring up a dominant military alliance… And for Israel, the US, once a faithful bulwark to these northern threats, now feels more like a distant ally, not close enough geographically to be of much concern to the Russian Bear and Chinese Dragon fuming in the North, nor politically or militarily prepared for any serious fight for anything anywhere….”

Express added on March 8:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are looking to increase their gas trade exponentially with the development of three gas pipelines that will flow from Russia to China.”

The Kings of the East, under Russian and Chinese leadership, are clearly emerging, while unreliable America is retreating more and more from the world scene.

Persecution of JWs in Russia

The Associated Press reported on March 6:

Over the past five years, hundreds of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been subjected to raids, arrests and prosecution in Russia. Many others have fled…  About 5,000 Witnesses in Ukraine have left, seeking protection in other countries… For Witnesses in Russia–… there are about 170,000 of them — there’s been anxiety since the country’s Supreme Court declared the Christian denomination an extremist group in 2017. Hundreds have been arrested and imprisoned. Their homes and places of worship, known as Kingdom Halls, have been raided, and the national headquarters seized. The Witnesses’ modern, Russian-language translation of the Bible has been banned along with its globally circulated magazines, Awake and Watchtower…

“Although Witnesses are Christians, they are guided by distinctive beliefs and practices, including the refusal of blood transfusions, abstinence from voting, conscientious objection to military service, and avoidance of participation in national ceremonies and holidays… Aside from Russia, Witnesses experience persecution in several former Soviet republics, including Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan…

“In Eritrea, where military conscription is mandatory, there are several Witnesses in prison. In South Korea, where most young men must perform military service, Witnesses were routinely imprisoned for refusing until a 2018 court decision affirmed their rights to conscientious objection…”

Persecution of Christian Pastors in Canada

Rebel News wrote on March 5:

“If Pastor Artur Pawlowski is indeed the most persecuted person in Canada under the COVID-19 restriction regime we have been living through these past two years, his brother Dawid Pawlowski is very likely the runner up in this sad, anti-democratic pageant of political theatre. Neither Dawid nor Artur ever imagined that feeding the homeless, opening their church and praying with protesters at freedom rallies and with truckers at the Coutts blockade would land them behind bars, and at any other time in Canadian history it likely wouldn’t have. But in the world of pandemic politics, people daring to speak out or standing by their Charter rights is evidently punishable by jailing, especially if you are a Christian.

“You likely know that Pastor Artur has been in jail for weeks now and that he was denied bail for the above mentioned alleged ‘crimes’. Artur has faced five arrests and three incarceration in the past two years, and Dawid has been right by his side throughout all of this. He was even thrown in jail with Artur during his first two stints in jail… On March 2, Dawid was pulled over at a check stop and then arrested based on a breach of probation resulting from sanctions assigned by Justice Adam Germain.

“You may recall Justice Germain’s bizarre ruling against both Artur and Dawid, which prohibited them from travelling and implemented Soviet-style compelled speech mandates on the brothers insisting that they read a court prepared statement on COVID-19 after making any public commentary on matters critical of the government’s pandemic response. Many of those sanctions were stayed pending an appeal, which Sarah Miller, the Pawlowskis’ legal counsel, is working tirelessly on to ensure the troubling ruling is overturned altogether. We do have some good news to report, though. While Artur unfortunately remains behind bars, thanks to the efforts of Sarah Miller and JSS Barristers, Dawid has already been released and is at home resting with his family…”

Dictator Trudeau and his agents are like leopards which do not change their spots…

“Australia a Harder Country to Live in”

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 9:

“Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would recommend a national emergency be declared after recent floods across large parts of the east coast took 22 lives…  The declaration was made possible by a new law passed in late 2020 following… devastating Australian bushfires…  Some of the flooded communities in the current emergency were battling wildfires two years ago…

“While touring the worst-hit areas of New South Wales, Morrison said on Wednesday, ‘Australia is becoming a harder country to live in because of these natural disasters.’ Floodwaters reached their peak in Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, Australia’s third-most populous city, on February 28 after it was inundated by 80% of its usual annual rainfall in the previous three days. More than 20,000 homes and businesses had been flooded in southeast Queensland alone and 13 people died. Parts of New South Wales’ capital, Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, were flooded after receiving almost 75% of its average annual rainfall since January 1, enduring the wettest start to a year ever recorded. Some communities witnessed the highest floods ever recorded in their locations. Morrison called the flooding ‘a major catastrophe … of national proportions.’

“… many flood victims are angry that rescue by authorities didn’t come earlier and relief efforts were not enough…  Although rainfall has now calmed, 40,000 people around New South Wales had been ordered to evacuate their homes, including dozens in Sydney… Morrison, who is lagging in polls ahead of an election before May, kept media away from his meetings with flood victims, which he said was to protect their privacy….”

Biden on Verge of Making Worst Deal ever with Iran

The New York Post wrote on March 4:

“As the civilian death toll mounts in Ukraine and the world prepares for unspeakable crimes against humanity yet to come, the Biden administration said Friday it’s close to announcing a Russian-brokered deal with Iran that will flood the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars and leave Tehran on the nuclear weapons threshold…

“The new deal takes Moscow’s side — flouting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, lifting sanctions and legitimizing Iran’s nuclear program without first demanding a full accounting of previous and current violations… The deal will directly subsidize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations — a win for another Russian client state, Syria, as well…”

Putin reportedly demanded from Iran to sign trade agreements with Russia in exchange for the Iran nuclear deal. While the focus is on Russia and Ukraine, Iran is working towards becoming a nuclear power, with the help of Putin and, indirectly, Biden. At the same time, North Korea is conducting missile tests again, and China is preparing for its invasion of Taiwan.  

“Jen Psaki Misleads, Again, About Florida Bill”

Breitbart wrote on March 9:

“Last month, Breitbart News fact-checked the Biden administration’s misleading claim that Florida legislators were considering a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill that was, the White House said, ‘designed to attack LGBTQI+ kids.’ The facts: [T]he legislation that is causing such a stir among Democrats and journalists does not mention ‘gay’ or any specific sexuality… The bill… reads, ‘Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.’

“There is nothing in the bill about ‘attack[ing] LGBTQI+’ children, nor does the bill, which passed the legislature Tuesday, say anything hateful about any sexual orientation. Yet White House press secretary Jen Psaki repeated the false claim that ‘Florida passed hateful legislation targeting vulnerable students.’

“Neither Psaki nor the White House has even produced any evidence that there are self-identified ‘LGBTQI+’ students among the kindergarteners and first through third grade pupils who are protected by, not attacked by, the Florida legislation.”

Rather, radical LGBTQI+ adherents want to indoctrinate very young children with sexual concepts which are being described as perfectly normal and acceptable.

Barr and Pence vs. Trump

Newsmax wrote on March 5:

“Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr ‘wouldn’t know voter fraud if it was staring him in the face,’ former President Donald Trump said Friday in a statement released by his Save America PAC. Barr, in an interview with NBC News that aired earlier Friday, said Trump became ‘very angry’ when Barr told him that there was no evidence the 2020 election was rigged. ‘I told him that all this stuff was b…about election fraud,’ Barr said. ‘It was wrong to be shoveling it out the way his team was. And he started asking me about different theories and … I was able to tell him that “this is wrong because of this.” Trump ‘was obviously getting very angry about this, so I said, “Look, I understand you’re upset with me and I’m perfectly happy to tender my resignation,” and then … he slapped the desk and he said, “Accepted. Accepted … Go home. Don’t go back to your office. Go home. You’re done.”’…

“Trump in his statement slammed Barr as ‘weak, ineffective, and totally scared of being impeached, which the Democrats were constantly threatening to do.’ ‘They “broke’ him,” Trump added. ‘He should have acted much faster on the Mueller Report, instead of allowing the fake Russia, Russia, Russia, Hoax to linger for so long, but it was the Election Fraud and Irregularities that he refused to act on because he wanted to save his own hide — and he did. ‘He never got impeached, contempt charges never went forward, and the Democrats were very happy with him — but I wasn’t. The Unselect Committee of Political Hacks continues to spin its wheels in trying to fabricate a narrative that doesn’t exist. The only thing they refuse to look into is the massive Election Fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election.’”

Barr reportedly also told the GOP to move on and leave Trump behind.

The Hill reported on March 4:

“Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday will rebuke those in the Republican Party who have praised Russian President Vladimir Putin  in recent weeks, including most prominently former President Trump. ‘There is no room in this party for apologists for Putin. There is only room for champions of freedom,’ Pence will tell a gathering of Republican National Committee (RNC) donors, according to excerpts shared with The Hill. The comments from Pence are a tacit criticism of Trump and others who have complimented Putin’s intelligence and strategy as he directed Russia to invade Ukraine without provocation.

“Trump last week said on a radio show that Putin’s decision to unilaterally declare portions of eastern Ukraine as independent republics was ‘pretty savvy’ and ‘genius.’… Trump shifted his tone earlier this week, calling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ‘a holocaust.’ The Trump administration during its four years imposed harsh sanctions on Russia, but Trump himself frequently faced criticism for his praise of Putin personally and his rejection of the intelligence community’s determination that Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential election.”

It does not appear that Barr and Pence will win their fight against Trump, as far as the GOP and conservative voters are concerned.

Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

These Current Events are compiled and commented on by Norbert Link. We gratefully acknowledge the many contributions of news articles from our readership. The publication of articles in this section is not to be viewed as an endorsement or approval as to contents or accuracy of the selected articles, but they are published for the purpose of pointing at worldwide developments in the light of biblical end-time prophecy and godly instruction. Our own comments are provided in italics.

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How important are relationships with God and with each other? – Part 6

We have reviewed so far relationships between the Father and Jesus Christ; man with fellow man; those within the family unit; and our own personal relationship with God.

In any great relationship, friendship is a fundamental and essential part along with other requirements such as honesty, trust, loyalty and a proper lifestyle.

Great Relationships in the Bible

In this Q&A, we are beginning to review examples of some of the great relationships in the pages of the Bible.

Abraham and Lot

When God told Abram (later Abraham) to “get out of your country, from your kindred and from your father’s house To a land that I will show you” (Genesis 12:1), Lot went with him (verse 4). In the following chapter, we read that “Lot also, who went with Abram, had flocks and herds and tents.  Now the land was not able to support them, that they might dwell together, for their possessions were so great that they could not dwell together.  And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s livestock” (Genesis 13:5-7). The result was that Abraham gave Lot a choice of whether to go to the right or to the left (verse 9), even though it would have been Abraham’s prerogative to choose. As it turns out, Lot chose poorly, and it was even more troublesome that he moved into the wicked city of Sodom to dwell and live with the evil Sodomites.

In the next chapter, we read about Lot’s captivity and rescue.  Starting in Genesis 14:12 we read that “They also took Lot, Abram’s brother’s son who dwelt in Sodom, and his goods, and departed.”   But help was at hand.  “Then one who had escaped came and told Abram the Hebrew, for he dwelt by the terebinth trees of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol and brother of Aner; and they were allies with Abram. Now when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his three hundred and eighteen trained servants who were born in his own house, and went in pursuit as far as Dan.  He divided his forces against them by night, and he and his servants attacked them and pursued them as far as Hobah, which is north of Damascus. So he brought back all the goods, and also brought back his brother’s son, Lot, and his goods, as well as the women and the people” (Genesis 14:13-16). Abraham put his life on the line for Lot to restore his nephew’s freedom. That is what can happen in good families and shows the deep respect and affection that Abraham had for Lot and for their relationship.

Later, God announced to Abraham that He was about to destroy Sodom, due to their wickedness. Abraham pleaded with God in what some have called one of the most moving passages in the Bible, asking time and again to spare Sodom if at least ten righteous people were to be found in the city. God agreed, but not even 10 righteous people could be found. However, God rescued righteous Lot, his wife and their two daughters, but Lot’s wife wanted to turn back and became a pillar of salt. Undoubtedly, when Abraham uttered his heartrending pleas, he had Lot in mind as well, not wanting that he was to perish (even though he must have realized Lot’s big mistake in settling down in that city). But true friendship is willing to overlook mistakes and act mercifully.

Moses and Aaron

Two brothers were parted when Moses, at the age of three months, was put into an ark of bulrushes which was placed into the river (Exodus 2:2-3), while Aaron, the firstborn, stayed with his parents. We know that Moses grew up in the Pharaoh’s household for 40 years (Acts 7:23) and then fled to Midian and was there another 40 years (Acts 7:30) but most of his last 40 years was spent with Aaron at his side through the encounters with Pharaoh and the ten plagues (Exodus chapters 4-12) and the subsequent desert wanderings. Moses died when he was 120 years old (Deuteronomy 34:7).

Moses, at the age of 80 had had the experience at the burning bush, and when he was told that he would have to return to Egypt and confront Pharaoh to let the Israelites go from their slavery, he pleaded with God saying that “I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.” Exodus 4:10).   God replied: “Is not Aaron the Levite your brother? I know that he can speak well. And look, he is also coming out to meet you. When he sees you, he will be glad in his heart.  Now you shall speak to him and put the words in his mouth. And I will be with your mouth and with his mouth, and I will teach you what you shall do.  So he shall be your spokesman to the people. And he himself shall be as a mouth for you, and you shall be to him as God” (Exodus 4:14-16).

Subsequently, the record shows that Moses, not Aaron, mainly spoke to Pharaoh, being mighty in words and deeds (Acts 7:22). In due time, Aaron listened to the people in building a golden calf, kindling Moses’ wrath and holding Aaron responsible (Exodus 32:21), and because of envy, Aaron and Miriam would later speak against Moses, questioning his authority (Numbers 12:1).

Nevertheless, Moses undoubtedly forgave Aaron, and it was a great friendship and relationship that lasted for 40 years and, through the workings of God, they achieved the freedom of Israel from subjugation to the Egyptians.   What a close relationship that was, and had to be.

David & Jonathan

We read in 1 Samuel 18:1-3 the close friendship that David and Jonathan had: “Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.  Saul took him that day, and would not let him go home to his father’s house anymore.  Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.”

We read in 1 Samuel 19 that Saul persecuted David, and Saul’s son, Jonathan, showed his loyalty to his close friend.

On the website of beliefnet, we read: “This is the essence of friendship, to love another as you love yourself. Not only this, but Jonathan sacrificed for David, stripping himself of the items which represented his power and position, and giving them to him. Jonathan was also unwaveringly loyal to David, warning him of King Saul’s treachery and intent to kill him. The two friends shared a close emotional bond as well, and were unafraid of sharing their feelings, weeping when it became clear that David had to leave. These three elements—displayed love, loyalty, and emotional openness, are three essential traits that psychologists deem necessary for friendships to thrive.

“To clarify an area of contention regarding the relationship between David and Jonathan, the Hebrew word for love used in 1 Samuel, in the context of their friendship, has clear diplomatic and platonic friendship implications. David and Jonathan are a fantastic example of the male friendship that we often lack in our modern culture—men don’t often form such close bonds. God created both men and women to be able to establish these intimate, life-long friendships. To strive for less is to miss out on something wonderful.”

The friendship between David and Jonathan was very deep and lasted until Jonathan’s death. We can read about David’s deep sorrow for Jonathan when he learned about his tragic death in battle.

Elijah and Elisha

Elijah is first mentioned in 1 Kings 17 where he proclaimed a drought for 3½ years as punishment for worshipping Baal.  Later, God answered Elijah’s prayers and the priests of Baal were slaughtered by the Israelites.  He escaped from the wrathful Queen Jezebel.   He then became somewhat depressed and God gave him tasks as we read in 1 Kings 19:15-18: “Then the Lord said to him: ‘Go, return on your way to the Wilderness of Damascus; and when you arrive, anoint Hazael as king over Syria.  Also you shall anoint Jehu the son of Nimshi as king over Israel. And Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abel Meholah you shall anoint as prophet in your place.  It shall be that whoever escapes the sword of Hazael, Jehu will kill; and whoever escapes the sword of Jehu, Elisha will kill.  Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.’”

He saw that he was not the only one alive who believed in the true God and was shown that there were 7,000 of whom Elijah had had no knowledge.  He was also commissioned to anoint Elisha to take his place and this is where this close relationship and friendship started.  Elijah soon found Elisha and threw his mantle on him (1 Kings 19:19-21) and Elisha followed and served him.

Elisha left everything to follow Elijah, including his family, friends and his way of life.  Today, followers of Jesus Christ leave behind their old way of life and follow the Saviour of mankind.

They both performed many miracles and worked together for several years before Elijah was taken up into heaven (the first heaven) by a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11), to be transported to another place here on earth from where he continued to operate. His mantle fell on Elisha (verse 13) to continue the Work of God.   During their time together, it is obvious that they had a very close relationship as they worked in unity as God decreed. In fact, from the three tasks which God had given to Elijah, he only performed the first one (anointing Elisha as a prophet.) The other two tasks were carried out by Elisha (anointing Hazael as king over Syria and Jehu as king over Israel), but there was no envy on Elijah’s part that his successor would continue the Work and perform even mightier miracles than Elijah had done.

Naomi and Ruth

This is a most unusual story in that Elimelech, Naomi and their two sons left Bethlehem, Judah, to go to Moab because of a famine in the land (Ruth 1:1-2).   Elimelech died (verse 3) and the two sons married and dwelt there about 10 years (verse 4).   However, both sons died (verse 5).

Naomi lost her husband and two sons in a foreign land and decided to return home.  Both of her daughters-in-law started on the journey with her but she urged them both to turn back to their homeland (verses 8-13).  One daughter-in-law, Orpah, kissed Naomi and returned home but Ruth clung to her (verse 14).  We read an impassioned plea in verses 15-16: “But Ruth said: ‘Entreat me not to leave you, Or to turn back from following after you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, And your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, And there will I be buried. The Lord do so to me, and more also, If anything but death parts you and me.’”

That was quite a statement from someone who was initially not brought up in the fear of God and showed a real commitment by Ruth, and in faith.   It is obvious that Ruth had learned about the true God, mainly through her mother-in-law, and that she had become a believer. She referred to God as “your God and my God.” (Please note that the phrase, “shall be” in verse 16 of Ruth 1 has been added and is not in the Hebrew. For instance, virtually all German Bibles, including the Luther Bible; the Elberfelder Bible, the Menge Bible and the Schlachter Bible, read: “Your people is my people, and your God is my God.”) The rest of the story in the 4 chapters of the book of Ruth shows a very close and personal relationship between the two women and an enduring friendship.   Such a friendship revealed many qualities that a close relationship should have, that of loyalty and encouragement, help and sound advice, as well as self-sacrifice when someone was in great need of such devotion and support.

Ruth married Boaz and the baby that they had was Obed, who was the grandfather of King David.  This is quite a story with Ruth’s relationships with Naomi and her husband, Boaz, all being part of God’s plan for Israel!

(To be continued)

Lead writers: Brian Gale (United Kingdom) and Norbert Link

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Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

compiled by Dave Harris

“Putin—the Devil’s Tool,” is the title of a new StandingWatch program, presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

Many have pointed out the striking similarities between Hitler and Putin. Events did not occur accidentally in the life of Hitler, but were carefully designed by none other than Satan the Devil. The same is true today when focusing on Putin, but there is MORE! 

“Putin—Werkzeug des Teufels,” is the title of a new AufPostenStehen program, presented by Norbert Link. This program covers the same material as presented in English.

A Tech Meeting was held on Sunday, March 6, 2022, via Google Meet. Hosted by Eric Rank, most of our time was used to prepare our new Ad Campaign. Because social media sources now impose many restrictions, we are finding it more challenging in placing ads. However, we will still be able to run modified ads in selected markets which will lead viewers to our home webpage.

“Die kommende Große Trübsal und unsere Verantwortung heute,” is the title of  this week’s new German sermon, presented by Michael Link. Title in English: “The Coming Great Tribulation and Our Responsibility Today.” 

“Forever Young,” the sermonette presented last Sabbath by Frank Bruno, is now posted. Here is a summary:

It is no surprise that we all want to be healthy, vital, and relevant in our daily lives. Most of us would also appreciate fewer wrinkles and gray hair. Nonetheless, life requires much from us. This sermonette will explore scriptures that can show us how we can make the most of this life that God has blessed us with. It will also illustrate how we can simplify with a renewed focus on obeying God. The only forever we can attain is through God’s word.

“The End of Violence,” the sermon presented last Sabbath by Eric Rank, is now posted. Here is a summary:

From the time of man’s beginning on Earth until the return of Christ, violence is a scourge. What are the causes of violence, and what will it take for it to come to an end?

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