What questions have you answered throughout your Church history?


The naïve would assume that over the course of twenty years that all of the possible questions about the teachings of the Bible would be answered. But having a Berean outlook on learning, we know better. In the month of August, 2001, we published our first Q&A on the topic of the rapture. Immediately seeing the value of presenting the Truth in this format, we began publishing new Q&As regularly, setting a pace to answer a new question with every weekly version of the Update. In this 1,000th version of the Update, we have produced enough material to fill a 3,000-page book with well-researched answers to 935 questions.

The wealth of information presented in the Q&As cannot be overstated. These tightly focused presentations provide our readership with a wide variety of continually relevant material. Topics range vastly from foundational Christian doctrine, to timely questions affecting our society during a snapshot in time, to the interpretation of commonly misunderstood Scriptures, to topics that provide a detailed insight into the reasons behind the doctrines we uphold. The breadth and depth of content published in our Q&As has an immense range.

Each Q&A produced by the Church ministry takes a deep dive into the Bible. As those who have been involved in writing and editing them can attest, the process of study takes tremendous focus, preparation, and rigor. As much work as it takes to write, the inherent joy of study provides a great reward in producing these written works. The authors write each Q&A as a rigorous Bible study, making them a fantastic resource worth studying on our own.

It is impossible to concisely summarize the entirety of Q&As that we have produced over the years. However, we encourage you to consider a small selection of some of those that provide a survey of the most foundational topics of our Christianity. As we consider our Church roots during this landmark 1,000th Update, it is useful to likewise consider the core of our Christian beliefs. It is only upon a solid foundation that we can build a spiritual house that will endure in this world (compare Matthew 7:24-25).

Q: What does it mean, practically, not to add to or delete from God’s Commandments?

Q: Why do you teach that true Christians should not observe Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas?

Q: When should a person be baptized? 

Q: When we ask God for healing and are not healed, does this mean that we don’t have enough faith? 

Q: Every splinter group or offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God claims to be God’s true church. What do you say of yourselves? 

Q: Can you elaborate on the Church being a spiritual organism? 

Q: Are we forbidden to eat the meat of “unclean” animals? 

Q: How Are We to Keep the Sabbath? (Part 1) 

Q: What Is the Mystery of the Salvation of the Gentiles? 

Q: Did the sorcerers and magicians at the time of Moses perform real miracles? If so, what is the significance for us today? 

These Q&As mentioned above and all the rest of the Q&As serve as a fantastic reference for us all to use when seeking out an answer to a question we might have. Truly, the work produced over the years is vast. As long as God grants us the means to continue producing this valuable material, we will do so. As the mission we have been given instructs us, we will continue to share our research openly, so that you may continue on your spiritual journey and fulfill your Christian walk.

Lead Writer: Eric Rank

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