Time’s up!

by Shelly Bruno

I wish I had gotten a warning message a few weeks back. Something to indicate what was to come, prior to the fateful moment when I pushed the power button on my computer for the last time. Yes, time was up, and that was the end of my hard drive. The end of all my work, digital photos, and all the files that I had collected and created over the last year. If only I had known when my computer would crash, then I would have backed up my files and had been prepared. I even had the right tool—a backup drive I hadn’t taken out of the plastic packaging. But it was too late—I didn’t use that tool, and I had waited too long—time had run out.

This painful event got me thinking about what else I’ve been neglecting to prepare for in my life. Specifically, my spiritual life. Am I putting off tomorrow what I should be preparing for today? If I knew how much time was left, then I could make sure I’m prepared for Christ’s return. But that isn’t the way it works—I am to prepare every day.

So as I rebuild my computer system and establish a proper backup, I’m thinking about how I can improve my spiritual preparation. Do I have the tools I need to ensure that I’m prepared? I know I’ve got one great tool—my Bible. This time I’ll make sure it’s not wrapped up in plastic.

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