Community and Compassion

by Aaron Hooper (22)

As Americans, we find ourselves in such a busy world that we never see the same face twice. As a result of our high-paced, technologically advanced society, most people have lost their sense of community and compassion. This is a world where one must be cautious of being helped by a complete stranger because it is impossible to know what their motives are.

Such was the case when I helped a middle-aged woman to the gas station to fix her flat tire. She asked, “Why are you helping me?” I had not known her prior to the encounter and she could not figure out why I was so willing to help her. I explained to her that I was simply doing what I thought was right. Unfortunately, she had sustained terrible injuries as a result of domestic abuse. It was even difficult for her to walk. She had since left that person, but her outlook on people in general had forever changed.

The people of this world are subject to the many horrors that man has conceived. As a result, no one is to be trusted and the sense of community and compassion for the fellow person is all but gone.

In God’s Church, we are very fortunate to enjoy the sense of community, compassion and belonging that our society is lacking. We are very blessed in this way as not every one is so fortunate. We are also very grateful in looking forward because of the awesome Kingdom that God will establish. A loving, compassionate community in which everyone can participate and belong. A place where the rest of the world will be able to learn what God’s way of life is all about.

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