This Life

This Life
by Kalon Mitchell

We live in a world of get and of debt. Nationally, the United States of America is going backwards literally by the second. And so it is, as I sit here writing this article for the Youth Forum, that I wonder what I will do with my life. I have an amazing wife and of course our furry animal family. But there is more that we both would like. That is children and a house to raise them in.

As I stop to think about others my age, I see that more and more young people are going back to live with their parents after they get out of college because they cannot afford to be out on their own. Gas prices are going up. Food prices are going up. Life as we know it is exploding out of control. Will I ever be able to have children; will I be able to afford a home? These questions go through my head a lot. How will I afford to raise a family?

But unlike many of these young people whom I am around, I thankfully have something that they do not at this time–and that is the help of God. God has said numerous times throughout the Bible that He is here to help me and to shower me with good things. But what is it that I must do? Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. That is the key. No matter what, I must be striving to live up to the standards set forth by God. If I do this, then I will have nothing to worry about because God will take care of me, in accordance with His Will.

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