Blind Faith

by Louise Amorelli
My husband and I live in a very rural area with mountainous terrain and unpaved narrow country backroads.  We moved here to leave the “rat race” of urban life and drink in the serene and breathtaking views of the two mountain ranges that surround our home.  Quite a difference from the fast-paced thrill-seeking drivers on the New Jersey turnpike that seem to enjoy leaving those drivers in the dust who take life in stride in the slow lane. 

But as laid back as these West Virginia roads can be, there is still danger and uncertainty.

As I drive my “city” car ‘round these country roads with spectacular views, I realize that I need to use wisdom.  Many roads are two lanes with no dividing yellow line, with just enough space between two passing cars to barely squeeze through.  When the road bends, you just don’t know how fast the other car will be coming.  You also hope that the oncoming driver will use his or her expert and cautious driving skills to judge where his or her side of the road begins and ends.

One of the scariest driving situations I encounter is when I have to drive over a one-lane-bridge with poor visibility that I can’t even see the oncoming car!! I still cringe when I have to make it to the other side of that one-lane-bridge.  Each time I do, I pray that God will guide me to the other side safely.  I am totally in His hands and each time,  I realize what blind faith really means.  Since moving here, there have been many trials that have tested my faith, not knowing what awaits me on the other side.  But I have and will put my faith in God, knowing that He will get me through to the other side, safely.  I know that I have to continue to humble my life to Him and to His lead, no matter what lies ahead.

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