It’s Only to Be Expected

by Manuela Mitchell

Every year I try to prepare myself for the spontaneous trials that may occur around the Holy Day season. I never know how I will overcome these trials, but most of the time, they are already expected. My reactions vary in each occurrence. Even though I “plan” for a trial to occur, I still find myself impatient, frustrated, annoyed, insecure, and sometimes even helpless. Satan tries in every aspect to make things more and more difficult than they really are; while God allows the way of escape through self-recognition and prayer.

Just recently I realized that my dog training class, which I teach, fell on the Tuesday of a Holy Day. So, I talked to my class and asked if we could arrange a session on a different day of the week. Most were compliant, and some were neutral, but we all finally agreed on Monday evening because some couldn’t attend the class on any other day – which was great. When I got home, I realized that Monday evening was the start of the Holy Day. What was I thinking!!!!??
I felt horrible, and didn’t know what to do, since I thought I would lose my clients if I cancelled again. I prayed, asking for strength and to help convince my students’ minds that I wasn’t incompetent. I called my clients, re-apologized, and to my surprise, everyone understood; no one was angry and somehow, everyone was able to accommodate different schedules, including mine. I expected trials, but I didn’t expect to feel worried for 4 hours before I finally asked God for help and then informed my students about the second change. I should always expect room for improvement.

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