Living by Example

by Simon Akl (20)

This past semester I needed to spend a lot more time at school because of the scheduling of most of my classes. It has given me an opportunity to get to know some other students a little better, and vice versa. As we have talked more and more, our conversations have focused less on school material and more on general reflective questions, such as how to cope with stress, relationships, our goals and even our existence and purpose.

It seems like some students are confused or are searching for answers to questions, unable to find them. I feel that I should take the opportunities when they arise to live my life as an example to others around me. Being a pre-med undergraduate definitely requires a lot of studying, which has consumed some of my school friends’ time. Some have noticed that I am capable of living a more balanced life and that I am not just forced to study 24/7, and they try and ask me how I do it. I explain to them that I do my part in studying and let God handle the rest, saving me all the worry.

It has been an interesting process because it has given me the opportunity to see how others are lost in their approach towards life. They seem to let days pass, without really realizing why they are doing what they do. It makes me very thankful to be aware of God’s great plan, knowing that there is a bigger picture and more to life than just our daily routines. I feel that my actions can speak far more than any words I can share with them. Even though I fall short from time to time, I strive to set an example to my classmates, not just on things concerning school, but in everything that I do.

I am grateful that I have been blessed by God’s guidance and direction, while some others around me in school are searching for them. I try to focus on letting my light shine to others, hoping that by setting a good example, it might lighten up their perspective.

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