To Be Happy

by Manuela Mitchell

We have heard the saying, “Life is what you make of it”; but what if life has the means of introducing misery and trials which can change our desires and motivations? When I am sick, or battling through a never-ending trial, is it possible to enjoy life even then? I have experienced on numerous occasions that it is… it must!  Something positive always results from the negative, in every single case; because as I battle through hard times, God is on my side and He will allow me to overcome, if I let Him.

I have survived Type 1 Diabetes for 22 years and have grown to live with controlling the disease, most of the time. There is no known cure, but daily treatment requires glucose monitoring through blood sample, injections of insulin, a healthy diet and exercise. Every day is not the same as blood sugars fluctuate with normal activity, illnesses, stresses, time changes, hormonal imbalances, and foods that I eat. Recently, being pregnant, Diabetes has taken a new routine. Treating it before was simple compared to the daily task of today and the next few months. Where there is great need for correcting high blood sugars while pregnant, for risk of harming the baby, having low blood sugars is worse since that of course could result in the loss of both. 

I have recently been dangerously low several times, to the point where I was non-coherent. My husband has been able to reverse the affect with glucose tablets, orange juice and anything else that he could get into me. It took about an hour before I “came to,” but the entire day was shot since I felt horrible for the rest of it.

I consider these trials as opportunities for learning, because they just don’t happen from nowhere. With God’s hand (and those who help me) I have been able to withstand pressures of life. I know that the outcome is greater, even in the physical realm, for in approximately four months I will be able to see the little person who has been creating all this trouble. :). I am to be happy in every state of life, even if I can’t yet see the reward.

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