Unparalleled Opportunity

by Shana Rank

On occasion, I will sit and ponder the sequence of events that might happen during the time of Jesus Christ’s return.  I don’t typically exclude myself from these events.  In fact, I am very much alive and absolutely astonished by what I see.  Lately though, I have meditated on a single question—will I see death before Christ’s return? Or will I be someone with an unparalleled opportunity—skipping death altogether, and being alive at Jesus Christ’s return.

God gave the Israelites an opportunity to escape from slavery by the Egyptians. As much as they may have believed God was in every facet of their exodus, I bet they were running for their lives—moving forward, yet fearful for their well-being. The Israelites must have been thinking the same thing—will I see death?  It is truly awesome for me to consider that the Israelites could eventually have made it into the Promised Land–but only the younger generation did. How much greater will it be for me when God’s Kingdom is set up here on earth?!

I know that even if I die, I will still be resurrected to eternal life if I have remained faithful. But how awesome would it be for me, not only to never see death, but also to actually experience the return of Jesus Christ. This opportunity might very well be before me!

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