What It Takes

by Michael Link

There are times throughout the day when I get myself frustrated over petty things, which are rather insignificant and ridiculous. This happens mainly on the days I am at work.  I get myself caught up in the emotion when something doesn’t go as planned, and it can be discouraging at times, knowing that I should not react this way.

I try to correct myself when I am in a particular situation by praying to God, because I don’t want the situation to get out of hand, getting myself caught up with negative feelings–or worse, for it to become a bad habit.

So the question I ask myself is, what does it take to be happy and better yet, to stay happy?  It is challenging at times to remain positive, since it almost seems easier to let go and become discouraged because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to feel that way. 

Staying happy throughout the day, without letting any problems I may face affect me negatively, takes a lot of effort, and I know this because Satan does not stop in his mission to discourage me and try to make me miserable on occasion.

At the same time, God, as merciful as He is, shows Himself to be very forgiving and powerful when I ask for His strength. With that fact in mind, I can go about my day with a sense of relief, knowing that when I am tempted to become discouraged, asking God for help is what it takes to be and stay happy.

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