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Mar 28, 2015 Saturday Sermonette – Kalon Mitchell
Sermon – Brian Gale

12:30 PM Pacific Time

Apr 04, 2015 Saturday

First day of Unleavened Bread

Sermonette – Joe Bourque
Sermon – Rene Messier

10:00 AM Pacific Time

Apr 04, 2015 Saturday

Offertory – Robb Harris

Sermon – Dave Harris

02:00 PM Pacific Time

Apr 10, 2015 Friday

Last day of Unleavened Bread

Sermonette – Dave Harris
Sermon – Eric Rank

10:00 AM Pacific Time

Apr 10, 2015 Friday Offertory – Kalon Mitchell
Sermon – Brian Gale

02:00 PM Pacific Time

Apr 11, 2015 Saturday Sermonette – Kalon Mitchell
Sermon – Brian Gale

12:30 PM Pacific Time 

Apr 18, 2015 Saturday Sermonette – Michael Link
Sermon – Norbert Link

12:30 PM Pacific Time

Apr 25, 2015 Saturday Sermonette – Eric Rank
Sermon – Robb Harris

12:30 PM Pacific Time


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Before and after services, say hello to others who are online by joining our chat room. Just click on the Chat Room  button on this page. The Chat Room also provides a way to get help during services from a fellow listener.

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