No–You Are NOT Born Again! — StandingWatch #152

Many well-meaning Christians are convinced that they are born again. But none of them is–if you believe the words of Jesus Christ. He told Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews, in the book of John, chapter 3, that in order to be born again–in order to be able to see and enter the Kingdom of God–you must BE Spirit. But no Christian alive today IS a Spirit being; therefore, he could NOT have been born again! Why then is there so much confusion about the born-again concept?

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What IS the Kingdom of God, Part 2 — StandingWatch #151

Is the gospel message just about Jesus Christ, or is it Christ’s message about the Kingdom of God? IS God a Family, or does He just HAVE a family? Is it the potential of man to become God or just a spirit being, higher than angels, but lower than God? What DOES your BIBLE say about these questions?

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What Is the True Gospel, Part 2 — StandingWatch #149

Christ came to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God. He commissioned His Church to preach it today, and He said that its worldwide proclamation would be the sign for His Second Coming and the end of this present civilization. But why does Christ tell you to seek the Kingdom of God–to become worthy to inherit it and to enter it? And once you are in the Kingdom of God, what will you do then?

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What Is the True Gospel? — StandingWatch #148

Did you know that the true gospel was suppressed and that the apostle Paul explained that some had already begun at his time to proclaim another gospel and another Jesus? But Paul placed a curse on those who did. Today, almost nobody knows what the true gospel is. Do you know? Don’t be too sure!


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Christmas and Worldwide Peace? — StandingWatch #147

Christmas tells us that Jesus Christ came two thousand years ago to bring peace to this world. If so, why don’t we have peace today amongst all nations? And why did Jesus say that He did not come to bring peace, but the sword? Did He want His disciples to fight others in war? What WAS the purpose of Christ’s First Coming, and what did He really teach and promise mankind?
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The Law of God, Part 1 — StandingWatch #144

Are we still required to keep the Law of God? Or did Christ abolish it? But if He did, why does John say that it is the love of God to keep His commandments; and that sin is the transgression of the Law? Why does Paul say that the wages of sin is death; and that the Law of God is holy and just and good? And why does James say that we are judged by the royal law of liberty, and that we break the entire Law, if we just transgress one of the commandments? Surely, much confusion abounds whether or not true Christians are to keep the Law of the Ten Commandments.

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The Origins of Britain and America, Part 4 — StandingWatch #143

How COULD the peoples of the United States of America and Great Britain be descendants of the ancient House of Israel? Why did prominent personalities, like the former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, believe that some of the Lost Ten Tribes ended up in Ireland? HOW did God fulfill His unconditional promise to make the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, a great nation and a company of nations, as He did NOT fulfill this promise in ancient times?

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