Why Do You Live? — StandingWatch #126

Do you know why you were born, and what will happen to you when you die?

– Are you the product of time and chance–the end result of an evolutionary process which began with a cell or a mollusk?
– When you die, will you go to heaven, hell, purgatory or limbo?
– Will you enter a cycle of reincarnations?
– Do you care to know the TRUTH?

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Unsuccessful G-8 Summit — StandingWatch #125

Even though the press and politicians have described the G-8 Summit in Germany as a success, in fact, it was not. No binding agreements … all were reached–only the expression of a “desire” to perhaps do something together in the future. But German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has emerged as THE world leader. She is even called now “Miss World.” Why is this remarkable in view of end-time events?

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No Success for the U.S. — Why? — StandingWatch #124

Why is the relationship between the USA and Europe constantly deteriorating? Why have both power blocs hardened their respective positions? Why is the Iraq War so unsuccessful? Could our approach toward the worship of the true God have anything to do with it?

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