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Strength and Soundness of Identity

Eric Rank | February 18, 2024

Being honest about who we are is an essential requirement for our Christian growth. When we can see our strengths, weaknesses, and individual peculiarities with clarity it helps us understand what we must do to overcome our sins and use our talents to become profitable servants to God.

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Mission Statement

Rene Messier (Canada) | February 17, 2024

Most companies have a mission statement, and so do members, the church, Satan and God. This sermon examines and expands on them.

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Biden’s Two Alternatives: Prosecution or Resignation—Comments on News and Prophecy, February 10, 2024

Norbert Link | February 10, 2024

Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded in his report that Biden “willfully retained” highly classified and top secret documents at unsecured locations, but recommended against prosecuting Biden as a jury might not convict him because of his “perceived mental decline,” “confusion,” “diminished faculties” and “poor memory.” Democrats quickly condemned Hur for his “inaccurate, inappropriate and gratuitous comments.” But as this program will show, Hur’s comments were none of the above. Many examples are given which seem to support the concerns of a vast majority of Americans about Biden’s mental health. Which leaves us with two alternatives: If Biden is too senile to stand trial, then he must resign as President. If he is not mentally incompetent and his memory is good, as he claims, then he must be prosecuted. But replacing Biden with another candidate might already be too late and may constitute other serious challenges for the Democratic Party.

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Before It’s Too Late

Kalon Mitchell | February 10, 2024

As we continue to watch the world descend into chaos, we are admonished that we need to be the opposite – we need to draw closer and closer to God so that we are not sucked into the coming destruction. To do this, we need to make sure we are fully focused on our Christian lives. It will become too late at some point!

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Language and Limitation

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | February 3, 2024

One of many ways in which man has been limited is undoubtedly in his use of language.   In whatever language, the ability to describe God and everything about Him and all that He has done, is doing and will be doing, is limited by the fact that we are human and our understanding and vocabulary is, therefore, limited.   That is going to change in the future when God restores a pure new language to the nations.

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As for Me, I’ll Call on God

Michael Link | February 3, 2024

What do we do in situations where we need help and where we may think that nobody can help us? What can we learn from the examples in the Bible of those who went through exactly that? What did they do and what can we do?

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Since When Did God Know You?

Norbert Link | January 27, 2024

Did God know YOU before you were born? And if so, when did God “start” to know you, by name? From the foundation of the world? Before the foundation of the world? Before time began? The Bible has much to say about God’s “foreknowledge” and the fact that some have been “predestined” to be ”called” for salvation in this day and age.  What exactly does this mean for YOU?

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To Be Like God

Paul Niehoff (Australia) | January 27, 2024

God has made a promise in many scriptures that we will see God as He is after our resurrection. This, of course, is not possible in our present state, as we must be changed for this to occur.

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What is the Law of Christ?

Eric Rank | January 21, 2024

Jesus Christ instructs us that if we love Him, we are to keep His commandments. What are the commandments of Jesus Christ? How are we to understand the relationship between the commandments of God the Father and Jesus Christ? 

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Frank Bruno | January 20, 2024

The world’s greatest paintings and other pieces of fine art have one trait in common: they all develop fine lines or craquelure, over time. No matter how youthful our own physical appearance, we too develop superficial cracks and lines. Because of sin, we can also develop cracks in our relationship with God. Artwork can be repaired but the only real restoration we can achieve is through God. In this split sermon, we will consider Scriptures that can help lead us to the restoration that we can receive through repentance, God’s forgiveness, and ultimately, in God’s Kingdom.  

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Deceived? Not Me!

Dave Harris | January 13, 2024

Is there a chance that you have been deceived about what you believe—especially when it comes to the Word of God? Is there a way to know what deception is and to avoid it?

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Is Your Heart Poisoned?

Eric Rank | January 13, 2024

Poison is a destructive substance that does damage to those exposed to it. Spiritual poison takes the form of destructive emotions and ideas that lead us away from God, toward the way of sin. How can we tell if our hearts are spiritually poisoned, and what can we do about it?

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What Is Your Highest Goal?

Christoph Sperzel (Germany) | January 6, 2024

It sounds good that we are allowed to enter the kingdom of God. Should we strive for more than just entering the kingdom of God? What should be the true Christian goal? Is God revealing to us that we should strive for more than eternal life?

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How Is Your Conscience?

Kalon Mitchell | January 6, 2024

God has placed a conscience within man. Yet, how do we use this tool given to us? How can we make sure that our conscience is working correctly? We have to be making sure that we are on the right track in regards to the conscience within!

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Let Us Choose Wisely

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | December 30, 2023

We should surround ourselves, wherever possible, with uplifting and positive true Christians, whose guiding principles would be wholly positive and not disruptive to our faith in any way ensuring that the company we keep is helpful to our calling

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Parents Are to Teach Their Children About God and the Bible

Norbert Link | December 30, 2023

Is it the responsibility of parents or the church to teach children about God and the Bible? What is the function of the church, and what must parents—both fathers and mothers—do? And what do children and young people have to consider? The Bible warns us that if we fail to live up to our responsibilities, the consequences will be disastrous.

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Right Prayer and Meditation

Norbert Link | December 23, 2023

How do you pray, and what are you praying for? How do you meditate, and in what way? Can we pray and meditate amiss? And what is the connection between right prayer and right meditation?

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I think Therefore I Am—Not Good Enough

Frank Bruno | December 16, 2023

This concept was put forth by the philosopher Rene Descartes in 1637, and it basically refers to the act of thinking, or questioning one’s very existence as an indication of one’s existence. Our modern world has taken this to an extreme in many ways, honoring the self and individual thought above all else, including God. In this Sermonette, we will explore various Scriptures that will clarify how we should deal with our thoughts of self and focus as we should—on God.

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The Fruit of Labor

Eric Rank | December 16, 2023

Results require effort. If we want to grow in our Christian calling, we must acknowledge that there are no shortcuts. The life experiences are our opportunities to put ourselves to work so we can learn and develop spiritual fruit.

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