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The Show Must Go On

Rene Messier (Canada) | May 19, 2024

Regardless of any setback, either individually or regarding  the church, we have to set our minds towards completing the task of finishing the work and continuing to grow in grace and knowledge.

This sermon looks at the tools provided by God to achieve that.

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Elections Ahead!

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | May 18, 2024

It can be tempting when there is an important issue to say that we would like to cast a vote in favour of a very important principle or issue.   But it is a temptation that we must totally resist. This message gives many reasons why we, as true Christians, simply cannot vote or support political parties.

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Stay Consistent!

Michael Link | May 11, 2024

We know the 10 Commandments and we know what God commands us to do. But are we consistent in DOING them? It takes effort to stay consistent for Christ also says that we are blessed if we DO them.

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Why Will Many Church Members Not Be Protected at the Place of Safety?

Norbert Link | May 11, 2024

We read in the book of Revelation that during the Great Tribulation, some Church members will receive God’s protection from Satan’s persecution in a place of safety, while other Church members will not receive such protection. How can this be when these Church members “keep the commandments of God” and “have the testimony of Jesus Christ”?

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Clean and Unclean Foods

Paul Niehoff (Australia) | May 4, 2024

God expects us to be holy as He is holy. Being holy involves us living by His laws and statutes, and included in them are His laws on clean and unclean animals. Obeying these laws, including His dietary laws, helps us to be His special treasure.

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Showing the Greatest Love

Kalon Mitchell | May 4, 2024

Christ gives us many examples throughout the New Testament that shows us how important our relationship with God is. Second to this relationship is our relationship with our fellow people and Christians. What does the Bible tell us in regards to how we are to grow in understanding and how to have the best relationships possible?

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Return on Investment

Frank Bruno | April 29, 2024

Most of us face financial challenges and decisions perhaps several times in our lifetime. If we have retirement funds we understand the concept of earning a good return on the money we invest. In this Offertory message we will consider that the greatest return we can ever realize is that of eternal life through Jesus Christ. We will consider several relevant scriptures that will help make this very clear.

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We Will Overcome Sin!

Dave Harris | April 29, 2024

The very fact that God expects and commands that we overcome sin should tell us that it is possible! We can’t do it alone, but we aren’t alone if we serve God!

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Not of the World!

Dave Harris | April 27, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 27, 2024: Why do we keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread? An underlying lesson is that we must be separate from the world in which we live—a world of disobedience and sin. But there is more involved for us to understand in this regard.

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And Then Everything Changed

Eric Rank | April 27, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 27, 2024: The process of Christian conversion changes the way that we understand life. Conversion places life in the context of God’s purpose, causing us to see our own lives through His perspective. When taken to heart, this process changes everything, guiding us to confidently improve our way of life.

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Kalon Mitchell | April 23, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 23, 2024: The USA is drowning in debt, and yet we live in one of the most prosperous times of human history. What causes this? How does this relate to our offerings we give?

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Who Killed Jesus Christ?

Norbert Link | April 23, 2024

An age-old question! The accusations are many, and the following answers have been offered: It was the Jews, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the scribes, the chief priests, Judas Iscariot, the mob, the Romans, Pilate, Satan, God the Father, and Jesus Christ Himself. But has the main culprit been overlooked? Whom did Christ and the early disciples and apostles, such as Paul and Peter, blame for the crucifixion?

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The Performance Review

Frank Bruno | April 20, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 20, 2024: Most of us have, at some point in our careers, gone through a review of our past year’s work performance. For true Christians, we should be looking at our spiritual performance on a daily basis, but especially prior to taking the Passover. In this sermonette, we will consider several Scriptures that can assist us with this process and help us draw ever closer to God.

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The Blood of Christ

Eric Rank | April 20, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 20, 2024: Jesus Christ sacrificed His life so that all mankind can have the opportunity for salvation. Without His sacrifice, we would be doomed to condemnation, with death as the penalty for our sins. Fortunately, the blood of Jesus Christ washes away our sins to redeem us.

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Keeping Sin Out

Rene Messier (Canada) | April 13, 2024

The sermon discusses how to Internalize the nine characterizations of the fruit of the spirit to keep sin out to facilitate being counted worthy of keeping the Passover.

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Women and the Ministry

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | April 6, 2024

The message of Scripture is unambiguous: Christian women are not to teach Biblical or spiritual matters in church or in a public forum.   It may be difficult for some to accept and apply God’s Word on this issue. Sadly, due to the violation of these clear instructions, unhappy or failed marriages have been the result in some cases.

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 Two Mule Loads of Earth

Paul Niehoff (Australia) | April 6, 2024

It is easy to be so familiar with a particular Scripture, that details apart from the main point can easily be overlooked. These details can also be informative of how God operates.

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