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And Then Everything Changed

Eric Rank | April 27, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 27, 2024: The process of Christian conversion changes the way that we understand life. Conversion places life in the context of God’s purpose, causing us to see our own lives through His perspective. When taken to heart, this process changes everything, guiding us to confidently improve our way of life.

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Kalon Mitchell | April 23, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 23, 2024: The USA is drowning in debt, and yet we live in one of the most prosperous times of human history. What causes this? How does this relate to our offerings we give?

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Who Killed Jesus Christ?

Norbert Link | April 23, 2024

An age-old question! The accusations are many, and the following answers have been offered: It was the Jews, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the scribes, the chief priests, Judas Iscariot, the mob, the Romans, Pilate, Satan, God the Father, and Jesus Christ Himself. But has the main culprit been overlooked? Whom did Christ and the early disciples and apostles, such as Paul and Peter, blame for the crucifixion?

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The Performance Review

Frank Bruno | April 20, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 20, 2024: Most of us have, at some point in our careers, gone through a review of our past year’s work performance. For true Christians, we should be looking at our spiritual performance on a daily basis, but especially prior to taking the Passover. In this sermonette, we will consider several Scriptures that can assist us with this process and help us draw ever closer to God.

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The Blood of Christ

Eric Rank | April 20, 2024

NOTE: THE DATE IN THE SERMON SHOULD BE APRIL 20, 2024: Jesus Christ sacrificed His life so that all mankind can have the opportunity for salvation. Without His sacrifice, we would be doomed to condemnation, with death as the penalty for our sins. Fortunately, the blood of Jesus Christ washes away our sins to redeem us.

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Keeping Sin Out

Rene Messier (Canada) | April 13, 2024

The sermon discusses how to Internalize the nine characterizations of the fruit of the spirit to keep sin out to facilitate being counted worthy of keeping the Passover.

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Women and the Ministry

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | April 6, 2024

The message of Scripture is unambiguous: Christian women are not to teach Biblical or spiritual matters in church or in a public forum.   It may be difficult for some to accept and apply God’s Word on this issue. Sadly, due to the violation of these clear instructions, unhappy or failed marriages have been the result in some cases.

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 Two Mule Loads of Earth

Paul Niehoff (Australia) | April 6, 2024

It is easy to be so familiar with a particular Scripture, that details apart from the main point can easily be overlooked. These details can also be informative of how God operates.

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As Yourself

Eric Rank | March 30, 2024

The Bible instructs us to love others as ourselves. Since this expresses a need to love others AND oneself, what does it mean to have love for oneself? What is the deeper meaning of self-love, how does it contrast with selfish indulgence, and how do we treat ourselves with kindness, patience, and honesty?

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Who Do You Follow?

Dave Harris | March 23, 2024

Are you a person who subscribes to the opinions, ideas, beliefs, and teachings of others by following social media sources? There is one social media platform which is truly unique, and it is the Bible. Are you a follower?

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Eric Rank | March 23, 2024

Human beings have physical limitations that determine the boundaries of possibility. God is limitless in His power. What happens when we put the power of God to work in our lives?

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God’s Work In Your Life

Kalon Mitchell | March 16, 2024

God calls us for a purpose. We may not always know why, but as we live our lives, it becomes important for us to stay focused on seeking God in our lives and allowing Him to lead. How much we are willing to draw close to Him will dictate how much we are led. 

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If You Ever Doubt!

Brian Gale (United Kingdom) | March 16, 2024

Have we ever doubted God, His calling, our future and any number of other matters concerning the way of life we have been called to? If we ever doubt, let us answer as Simon Peter did when he said: “Lord, to whom shall we go?” There is nowhere else to go because God’s Way is the only way forward.

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War or Peace–Curse or Blessing?

Norbert Link | March 9, 2024

Man says he wants peace, but he constantly engages and fights in war. He does not know the way of peace. What is the origin of war? Why are we currently hearing so much about the need to produce more and more weapons in order to prepare for war? Why don’t most people understand that war is a curse and that wars will only lead to more wars? Will there ever be peace on earth? If so, what is required? And can true Christians who have come out of this world of war be blessed with peace today?

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Check Mate!

Michael Link | March 9, 2024

How do we overcome in this world as Christian soldiers, fighting obstacles we are faced with as we continue to move forward until the end to reach our destiny? 

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The Man of Sin in the Temple of God

Norbert Link | March 2, 2024

Paul tells us in the second letter to the Thessalonians that Christ will not return until there is a falling away and the man of sin sits in the temple of God, claiming to be God. What is meant by “falling away,” and what is the future of those who fall away? Who is “restraining” the return of Christ, and for how long, and who is the man of sin? Many misunderstand his identity. The Bible also shows us that there will be a literal temple in Jerusalem before Christ’s Second Coming, but why is it being built at all? And why is it called the “temple of God”?

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Europe’s and Germany’s Rise to Military Greatness–Comments on News and Prophecy, March 2, 2024

Norbert Link | March 2, 2024

We discuss Europe’s military awakening and the call for an EU army which has been described as “a direct threat” to US security; address Germany’s false concept of “peace through deterrence”; the surprising and unrealized power of the German Chancellor; and the “curse” of German and European conscription. We also speak on strange and perhaps supernatural  occurrences in Ukraine.

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