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Pope Pius XII Knew… but Kept Silent

The Times of Israel wrote on April 30:

“Researchers studying the newly opened Vatican archives of pope Pius XII have already found evidence that the World War II-era pope knew about the mass killing of Jews from his own sources but kept it from the US government… a German team lead by award-winning religious historian Hubert Wolf from the University of Münster… has already found some damning discoveries…

“Wolf [and] his team found documents that were excluded from the 11-volume work compiled by Jesuits on the Holocaust four decades ago, apparently to protect Pius and his image… In September 1942, [a] US diplomat gave the Vatican a secret report prepared by the Jewish Agency that documented the mass murder of some 100,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto. It also said some 50,000 Jews were killed in Lviv in German-occupied Ukraine.

“The US asked if the Vatican could confirm the report from its own sources among Catholics, but were told the Vatican could not. However… Wolf… and his team discovered a note confirming that Pius had read the American report and also two instances where the Vatican had independently corroborated the reports of the killings… ‘There is no doubt that the pope was aware of the murder of Jews,’ Wolf said.

“What really interests us is when he learned about it for the first time, and when he believed that information.’…

“On December 24, 1942, Pius XII delivered one of history’s most debated Christmas radio messages. Buried in its long text was a reference to ‘hundreds of thousands of people who, without any fault of their own and sometimes for the sole reason of their nationality or race, were doomed to death or gradual extermination.’ Was his message — delivered in Italian and aired just once, and which never explicitly mentioned either the Jews or Nazis — heard and understood by German Catholics? ‘The only ones who heard it were the Nazis,’ said Wolf, noting that the radio waves were scrambled and that the pope could have spoken German — if he had really wanted to reach the German faithful…”

The Catholic Church’s collaboration with the Nazis in Germany and Italy, as well as in other countries such as Austria and Spain, is without any doubt. Note the next article.

Confession of Guilt by German Bishops

Times of Israel wrote on May 2:

“In a new report after decades of ambivalence, Germany’s council of Catholic bishops has finally admitted to the church’s complicity in the actions of the Nazi regime during World War II, The Times reported Friday.  The 23-page document by the council reportedly states, ‘Inasmuch as the bishops did not oppose the war with a clear “no,” and most of them bolstered the [German nation’s] will to endure, they made themselves complicit in the war’…

“One Catholic Church official cited by The Times called the report a ‘confession of guilt’ by the church. The document said most German bishops, motivated by nationalism and anti-communist sentiment and a desire to preserve the church by avoiding confrontation with the Nazis, told their followers to support the regime during the war. On Hitler’s 50th birthday in 1939, churches flew Nazi flags and prayed for protection of the ‘Fuhrer and the Reich.’”

The question is, has the Catholic Church learned from its past “mistakes”? The Bible shows that it has not.

Pope Francis Assists Transgender Prostitutes

Fox News wrote on May 1:

“Pope Francis assisted a group of transgender prostitutes who were struggling financially… ‘At the height of the coronavirus emergency, a group of transsexuals, almost all Latin Americans, arrived in the church with amazement and wonder,’ Don Andrea Conocchia,  the parish priest of Torvaianica, not far from Rome, said…  ‘They asked for help because with the virus they no longer had customers on the street.’

“They reached out to the pope through Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner, who is responsible for charitable work done in the name of [the] pope. ‘Francis’ response was immediate,’ the paper reports. ‘Many thanks to Pope Francis! May God bless you, thank you for everything! A thousand blessings! May the Virgin protect you!’ the group of prostitutes sent in an audio message.”

This is hard to believe! But in this God-defying world, everything goes.  

US and Canadian Bishops Seek Answers from the “Virgin Mary”

Vatican News wrote on April 29:

“On Friday, May 1, the bishops of Canada and the United States reconsecrated their respective nations to the care and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary… [the] ‘Mother of the Church’. ‘This will give the Church the occasion to pray for Our Lady’s continued protection of the vulnerable, healing of the unwell, and wisdom for those who work to cure this terrible virus,’ said Archbishop Gomez…

“Shortly after this announcement, the bishops of Italy announced that they would also be reconsecrating their country to the protection of the Virgin Mary…”

The real Mary, the mother of Jesus, is dead and in the grave, awaiting her resurrection from the dead at the time of Christ’s return. She never ascended to heaven and she is not ruling in heaven right now as the “queen of heaven.” Any prayers to her are useless. The same goes for prayers to any dead “saints”… note the next article.

Praying to Catherine of Siena and the Virgin Mary?

Vatican News reported on April 29:

“Following his catechesis at the General Audience, Pope Francis noted that today the Church celebrates the feast of St Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church and co-patron of Italy and of Europe. As he had done earlier at the daily Mass, he prayed to St Catherine for protection during the pandemic, and for the unity of Europe… ‘I ask St Catherine to protect Italy during this pandemic, and to protect Europe, because she is the Patroness of Europe; to protect the whole of Europe so that it may remain united’…

“Pope Francis then turned his attention to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Pope once again encouraged everyone to pray the Rosary, especially during the month of May…”

That these Catholic “saints” are perceived as being patrons and “protectors” of Europe is very remarkable.

Pope Benedict Attacks Opponents Who Want to Silence Him

AFP wrote on May 4:

“Traditionalist former pope Benedict XVI accuses opponents of wanting to ‘silence’ him while associating gay marriage with ‘the Antichrist’ and attacking ‘humanist ideologies’ in a new authorised biography published Monday in Germany.

“The 93-year-old, whose original name is Joseph Ratzinger, claims in ‘Benedict XVI – A Life’ that he has fallen victim to a ‘malignant distortion of reality’ in reactions to his interventions in theological debates…

“In office from 2005-13, Benedict has frequently been criticised for his attitudes to Islam or to social questions, and is accused of attempting to undermine the modernisation drive of his successor Pope Francis. Ratzinger attempts to counter such claims in the biography, saying his ‘personal friendship with Pope Francis has not only endured, but grown’…

“‘A century ago, anyone would have thought it absurd to talk about homosexual marriage. Today those who oppose it are excommunicated from society,’ Benedict says. ‘It’s the same thing with abortion and creating human life in the laboratory,’ he says, adding that it’s ‘only natural’ for people to ‘fear the spiritual power of the Antichrist’… ‘The real threat to the Church… is in the global dictatorship of purportedly humanist ideologies,’ he warns.”

Striking words.

Benedict: Freemasonry Greatest Enemy of the Church

Life Site News reported on May 4:

“Dr. Robert Moynihan, the editor-in-chief of the Catholic journal Inside the Vatican, revealed on April 23 that he once had a conversation with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict XVI) about the ‘greatest danger to the Church,’ and he recounts that Ratzinger said: ‘It is Freemasonry.’… Bishop Schneider states that Freemasons were crucial in the promotion of abortion, same-sex ‘marriage,’ and euthanasia in France

“Then-Cardinal Ratzinger was already in the 1980s so concerned about the nature and work of Freemasonry that he worked out a statement for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose Prefect he then was, which repeated the Church’s long-standing ban on Freemasonry. That is to say, he re-stated that Catholics may not be members of Freemasonry. On November 26, 1983, Ratzinger signed a document that stated, ‘Therefore the Church’s negative judgment in regard to Masonic association remains unchanged since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion.’”

The Deadly “Murder Hornet” Has Arrived in the USA

On May 2, DNYUZ wrote the following:

“In his decades of beekeeping, Ted McFall had never seen anything like it. As he pulled his truck up to check on a group of hives near Custer, Wash., in November, he could spot from the window a mess of bee carcasses on the ground. As he looked closer, he saw a pile of dead members of the colony in front of a hive and more carnage inside — thousands and thousands of bees with their heads torn from their bodies and no sign of a culprit… Only later did he come to suspect that the killer was what some researchers simply call the ‘murder hornet.’

“With queens that can grow to two inches long, Asian giant hornets can use mandibles shaped like spiked shark fins to wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, decapitating the bees and flying away with the thoraxes to feed their young. For larger targets, the hornet’s potent venom and stinger — long enough to puncture a beekeeping suit — make for an excruciating combination that victims have likened to hot metal driving into their skin… In Japan, the hornets kill up to 50 people a year. Now, for the first time, they have arrived in the United States.”

Another one of the many curses which God is inflicting on His disobedient people in the USA and also in the UK, as the next article shows.

Honeybees Being Wiped Out in Britain

The Sun wrote on May 2:

“HONEYBEES are being wiped out by a mystery disease that is sweeping Britain, researchers say… Infected bees die within a week. This leads to piles of dead insects just outside hives… Experts say it is being fuelled by importing queen bees from Europe. They head colonies and beekeepers use large numbers from France, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries across the world to replenish stocks.

“Now information from 130,000 bee imports from 25 countries show for the first time the disease was nearly twice as likely in apiaries owned by keepers who used them…”

Russian and American Robots to the Battlefield

Forbes wrote on April 30:

“For Russia, the question of robots taking over the role of soldiers on the battlefield is a matter of when, not if. ‘Living fighters will gradually begin to be replaced by their robotic “brothers” who can act faster, more accurately and more selectively than people,’ Vitaly Davydov told RIA Novosti on April 21…

“The development parallels many robotic programs under way in the United States. It is remarkable, too, that both nations have hit upon swarms of ground robots as a way to supplement existing human formations in combat. Russia plans to test swarms of ground robots later in 2020.”

Whatever it takes to kill more and more people! A terrible indictment against man’s hunger for murder.

World War III Distinct Possibility

Deutsche Welle wrote on May 4:

“… the conviction that the war was part of the European past, but not Europe’s future is fading too… Europeans aged between 18-24 are most likely to believe that a war between European nations is possible in the next 10-20 years… ‘Perhaps the reason we never learn from history,’ wrote the American poet Charles Simic, ‘is that we are incapable of picturing the reality of war and its aftermath…’

“It is well known that truth is the first casualty of war…”

Trade Agreement Between EU and Mexico

Vatican News reported on April 29:

“Mexico and the European Union have clinched a fresh and undated Free Trade Agreement…

“The EU confirms that from now on, almost all trade and goods between itself and Mexico will be entirely duty free.  Current annual business tops 75 billion dollars. The EU is Mexico’s third largest trading partner. Trade between them has more than tripled, since the original agreement was initialed, way back in 2001.”

The EU is a mighty economic power, as described in the Bible.

Ongoing Censorship of the Free Press Regarding Criticism of Coronavirus Measures

Deutsche Welle reported on May 1:

“The European Union on Saturday criticized restrictions on the media put in place by some countries during the coronavirus crisis… Rights group Reporters Without Borders also warned that many journalists around the world may be facing censorship or limited freedoms as the outbreak leads to restrictions on public life…

“German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, along with his counterparts in the UK, France and the Netherlands, released a statement on Saturday stressing the importance of journalistic independence in the coronavirus crisis…”

Facebook blocks and takes down posts critical of governmental stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures. The former President of Germany’s highest constitutional court warned that the German governmental restrictions might be unconstitutional.

In addition, “Germany’s highest legal authority, the constitutional court overturned a blanket ban on religious services during the coronavirus crisis, saying that exceptions could be granted if sufficient precautions were taken to avoid infection,” according to AFP, dated April 30. Also, the highest court of the German state of Saarland rendered a decision, questioning whether the stay-at-home orders are even effective, and ordering the state government to relax the restrictions, according to Bild, dated April 30. But YouTube and Facebook don’t seem to care… note the next article.

Suppressing Alternate Views

BBC News wrote on May 2:

“‘YouTube has clear policies prohibiting any content that disputes the existence and transmission of Covid-19 as described by the WHO and the NHS,’ a spokeswoman told the BBC…

“The tech firm [is] banning any material that: suggests coronavirus does not exist; contains medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice about the virus; explicitly disputes the efficacy of guidance about social distancing and self-isolation that has been issued by the WHO and/or local health authorities…”

Censorship of this kind and the suppression of alternate views which are not “politically correct” are the hallmark of dictatorships and autocratic societies.

Self-Isolation at Home No Cure for the Virus?

CNBC wrote on May 6:

“Most new Covid-19 hospitalizations in New York state are from people who were staying home and not venturing much outside, a ‘shocking’ finding, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday… 

“It shows that 66% of new admissions were from people who had largely been sheltering at home. The next highest source of admissions was from nursing homes, 18%… ‘We thought maybe they were taking public transportation, and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no, because these people were literally at home.’”

So, how does this fit with the success and necessity of self-isolation?

Travel Bans Not to Be Lifted for a Long Time

Deutsche Welle wrote on April 29:

“The German Cabinet on Wednesday extended its strict global travel warning to limit the spread of the coronavirus and prevent German tourists once again becoming stranded overseas. Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that the measure should remain in place ‘until further notice,’ but at least until June 14.

“It did not specify whether travel will be allowed during the summer holidays, saying only that the situation should be carefully reviewed and coordinated with neighboring European Union member states prior to that date… The decision could mean leaving many holiday plans in limbo, with summer vacations beginning as early as the end of June in some of Germany’s 16 federal states.

The Federal Foreign Office said that ‘severe and drastic restrictions in international air and travel traffic and worldwide entry restrictions, quarantine measures and restrictions on public life in many countries can still be expected.’”

USA Today added on May 4:

“U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin encouraged Americans to focus on domestic travel this year as the international travel outlook for the rest of 2020 remains uncertain…”

In this Satan-ruled world, only God can make it possible that His people will be able to keep the Feast of Tabernacles 2020 in certain areas designated by Him.

Green Light for Vaccine-Producing “Operation Warp Speed”

CNN wrote on May 1:

“President Donald Trump has essentially given ‘Operation Warp Speed’ a blank check as the team of government officials, scientists and private companies aims to produce hundreds of millions of doses of a life-saving coronavirus vaccine by early next year. The goal — which may prove impossible to meet — is to make 100 million doses of the vaccine available by November, 200 million doses by December and 300 million doses by January…

“The obvious hurdle is quickly developing a vaccine that is effective and safe. But ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is also working on all the challenges that surround vaccine deployment. They are already working on solutions to quickly ramp up production, organize distribution and determine who gets the first doses of the vaccine. ‘You don’t wait until you get an answer before you start manufacturing — you at risk proactively start making it, assuming it’s going to work, and if it does, then you can scale up and hopefully get to that timeline,’ Dr. Anthony Fauci… told NBC…

“The team is also brainstorming advertising strategies that the administration hopes will be compelling enough to inspire even vaccine skeptics to get a vaccine once it’s available…”

This is VERY FRIGHTENING indeed, also in light of the next article.

There Might Never Be a Vaccine against Coronavirus

CNN wrote on May 3:

“‘There are some viruses that we still do not have vaccines against,’ says Dr. David Nabarro, a professor of global health at Imperial College London, who also serves as a special envoy to the World Health Organization on Covid-19. ‘We can’t make an absolute assumption that a vaccine will appear at all, or if it does appear, whether it will pass all the tests of efficacy and safety…’ But even if a vaccine is developed, bringing it to fruition [within 18 months] would be a feat never achieved before…

‘In 1984, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services Margaret Heckler announced at a press conference in Washington, DC, that scientists had successfully identified the virus that later became known as HIV — and predicted that a preventative vaccine would be ready for testing in two years. Nearly four decades and 32 million deaths later, the world is still waiting for an HIV vaccine…

“An effective vaccine for dengue fever, which infects as many as 400,000 people a year… has eluded doctors for decades. In 2017, a large-scale effort to find one was suspended after [it] was found to worsen the symptoms of the disease. Similarly, it’s been very difficult to develop vaccines for the common rhinoviruses and adenoviruses — which, like coronaviruses, can cause cold symptoms. There’s just one vaccine to prevent two strains of adenovirus, and it’s not commercially available

Restrictions are most likely to come back over the winter… And lockdowns, many of which are in the process of gradually being lifted, could return at any moment…”

The world in continued lockdown—people continuously under house arrest… a terrible perspective. And so, European governments and others around the world are trying to receive billions of dollars in donations for the development of a vaccine. One wonders to whom that money is really going.

German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, stated on May 4, according to t-online, that the search for a vaccine could go on for years. At the same time, Spahn introduced legislation which would require quarantine for those who are sick with a contagious disease or who are suspicious of being sick unless they can present an “immunization passport” or an “immunity passport” (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, dated April 29). Critics in politics and the social media have noted the obvious violation of privacy and data protection laws.

Subsequently, due to public pressure, Spahn retracted and stated that there will not be an immunity passport and no mandatory vaccinations AT THIS POINT, according to Tagesschau, dated May 4. This “changed” position is clearly only “political” in nature, and one will have to wait and see as to when Spahn feels ready to “strike” again.

As we have stated before, we should watch Jens Spahn. He has introduced quite a few controversial laws, such as mandatory vaccinations of school children and prohibiting conversion therapies for homosexuals (Spahn is openly practicing homosexuality himself).

Partnership of Gates and Cuomo Under Attack reported on May 5:

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing criticism after announcing a plan with Bill Gates’ foundation to ‘reimagine’ schools… Cuomo also announced a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to evaluate possible changes to the education system

“… at least five organizations have already spoken out against the partnership, citing concerns about the Microsoft founder’s support of standardized testing and Common Core curriculum. ‘Both the Gates Foundation and Andrew Cuomo have a history of pushing privatization and agendas that have the potential to destroy public schools,’ Alliance for Quality Education executive director Jasmine Gripper told the publication. ‘This collaboration raises a red flag…’

“… three groups — New York State Allies for Public Education, Class Size Matters, and the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy — have already written to Cuomo and state education officials to voice their objections. ‘We were appalled to hear that you will be working with the Gates Foundation on “reimagining” our schools following the Covid crisis,’ the coalition wrote. ‘Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation have promoted one failed educational initiative after another, causing huge disaffection in districts throughout the state. ‘The education of our children has been repeatedly put at risk by their non-evidence based “solutions,” which were implemented without parent input and despite significant public opposition.’…”

The Dangers of the Pandemic Drone

ABC News wrote on May 1:

“If you don’t feel comfortable signing up to the Government’s COVIDSafe tracking app, then you probably won’t be happy to hear about the pandemic drone. [It] can pick up heart rate, body temperature and monitor social distancing. But the technology is also increasing concerns about privacy and data collection

“The drone would also be able to detect a cough from ‘15-20 metres away’, while heart rate can be detected within 6-8 metres with only a ‘very small’ margin of error…

“Artificial intelligence expert Professor Toby Walsh urged a cautious approach towards adopting technologies like the pandemic drone…”

George Orwell’s big brother scenario in his bestseller “1984” is no longer science fiction at all.

Astronomical Unemployment Figures in the USA

The Independent wrote on May 2:

“Another 3.2 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance benefits at the end of April, adding to unprecedented jobless claims that have now topped more than 30 million within only a month following the outbreak.  [As of May 7, 33.5 million have filed for unemployment]. Economists say the numbers merely glimpse the scope of the unemployment crisis.

“… for every 10 people who successfully filed for unemployment over the last month, three to four others tried to apply but couldn’t get through the system, and another two people were unable to because the process was too difficult.”

This would mean, the unemployment rate stands at approximately 45 to 46 million. At the beginning of 2020, approximately 160 million were listed as being employed in the USA, and about 331 million live in the USA. No country can ever recover from such devastating figures, as its downfall continues. But it gets worse. Note the next articles.

Beef Prices at Record High

Newsmax wrote on May 1:

“U.S. shoppers are paying 13% more for T-bone steaks than last year, at $7.47 a pound. Ground chuck is up 28%

“Donald Trump’s executive order will reopen meat plants struck down by outbreaks, but social-distancing measures will keep slaughterhouses limping along at reduced production rates. The shortfall in output could run as high as 15% even after plants are back in business…

“It only took a month to break the U.S. meat supply chain. Shutdowns at major slaughter plants started in early April… Grocery-store shelves have run empty, and farmers were forced to destroy tens of thousands of animals…

“Wholesale beef has jumped to a record high… It’s usually younger animals that are destroyed, since farmers haven’t spent money to feed and raise them yet…

“Beef jumped 11% in the two days to Thursday… For beef, that means ‘ridiculously tight supplies in September through December’…”

The terrible results of governmental restrictions on the economy and personal well-being have placed many people on edge, as the following articles show, by way of example, regarding the fragile situation in California.

Californians on Edge

The Associated Press wrote on May 2:

“Californians weary of stay-at-home orders that have left millions unemployed staged displays of defiance Friday, with hundreds of flag-waving protesters gathering at the Capitol… Gov. Gavin Newsom acknowledged the building anxiety

“In downtown Huntington Beach, known for its world-renowned surf break, protesters swarmed the streets, backing up traffic for at least a mile along Pacific Coast Highway… People waved American flags from their car windows and carried signs reading ‘Open Cali now.’ A plane buzzed overhead with a sign reading ‘Fire gruesome Newsom! Open California.’

“While the beach was officially closed by Newsom’s order, people continued to walk on the sand and on a popular bike trail in a park overlooking the shoreline… a variety of businesses from restaurants to hairstylists in rural and more populated areas have opened their doors in individual acts of defiance.

“With its once-roaring economy in shackles and millions jobless, the state will face a funding shortfall that will run into billions of dollars… ‘At a time when California is granting early release to high-risk sex offenders and other dangerous inmates due to COVID-19 concerns, the implicit threat to punish beachgoers and surfers who violate the order is absurd,’ Republican state Sen. Patricia Bates said.”

Defying Newsom’s Orders

The Los Angeles Times wrote on May 3:

“Yuba and Sutter counties in Northern California are set to allow many businesses to reopen on Monday in defiance of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide six-week-old stay-at-home order.

“The two counties near the state’s capital would join a sparsely populated county in California’s northeastern corner, Modoc County, with fewer than 9,000 residents, that on Friday allowed all businesses, schools and churches to reopen as long as people inside can stay six feet apart.

“The move by Yuba and Sutter counties — with a combined population of 171,000 people… comes as other California counties on the Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley are demanding to reopen more businesses…

“Newsom’s stay-at-home order, issued March 19, was the first to be issued by any governor in the nation…”

Newsom Sued for Civil Rights Violations

ABC News wrote on May 1:

“Civil Rights Attorney Harmeet Dhillon says in the last couple of weeks she’s filed six lawsuits against the governor. Dhillon is an RNC Committeewoman for California. She previously served as the Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party, and Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party. ‘The governor is overreaching on a number of grounds,’ said Dhillon.

“In part the lawsuits center around protests. ‘The governor has chosen to limit protests to zero in this state which is outrageous and absurd,’ said Dhillon… Regarding the closure of houses of worship, Dhillon said, ‘Going to church to worship communally is a first amendment-protected activity and while it does not sustain the level of protection as protests, petitions, the press, other forms of speech, it is protected under the constitution and we believe it is unconstitutional for the governor to impose restrictions on worship that are broader than necessary to achieve the government’s interests.’…”

By the time these lawsuits are decided with finality, and even assuming they would find in favor of the plaintiff, constitutional violations are continuing.

Church Assemblies Remain Forbidden in California

The Associated Press wrote on May 5:

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom had the right to ban church assemblies in the interest of public health during the coronavirus outbreak, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Newsom’s stay-at-home order did not violate the constitutional rights to free assembly and religion when the Cross Culture Christian Center in Lodi was ordered to cease holding services, Judge John Mendez ruled in Sacramento.

“Pastor Jonathan Duncan had continued to assemble his congregation after the governor banned public gatherings in March despite warnings it was in violation of state and local orders. The church of fewer than 50 members said it was obeying federal guidelines to prevent spread of the virus. Lodi police entered the church during a service attended by about 30 worshipers in late March and said they were defying the governor’s order…

“Police posted a notice on the building that its nonessential use created a public nuisance… Police threatened to cite anyone who entered the property.

“Duncan said in a statement that he was disappointed with the ruling but would continue to fight for the right to worship. ‘It is time for pastors and religious leaders across the state to rise up and start pushing back against these draconian stay-at-home orders that completely fail to take into account the true essentiality of religion in our society,’ Duncan said…”

These kinds of actions and the court decision are indeed difficult to comprehend. Judge John Mendez is no stranger to controversy. Appointed by George W. Bush on September 6, 2007 to the federal bench, he ruled against President Trump’s request to block SB 54, allowing California to remain a sanctuary state (giving protection to dangerous illegal immigrants).

Mendez has also been accused of unethical conduct, pro-government bias and other misconduct allegations, according to

Forcing People from California Homes?

“Fox News reported on May 7:

“Video circulated on social media showed Dr. Robert Levin, the director of Ventura County Public Health, speaking before the board of supervisors Tuesday about a plan to hire up to 50 new ‘contact tracing investigators’ to ‘find people who have COVID-19 and immediately isolate them, find every one of their contacts, make sure they stay quarantined and check in with them every day.’

“Levin admitted his poor messaging during another press conference Wednesday, stressing those who test positive or who are identified by officials as having come in contact with an infected person would not be forcibly removed from their homes. ‘I either misspoke or it was misinterpreted – I’ll take the blame of having misspoke,’ Levin said. ‘Yesterday, at this conference, at the Board of Supervisors, I gave people the impression that if you were isolated, you would be taken out of your home and put into a hotel room or a motel room or sequestered in some other way.’

“‘If I did do that, I am very sorry,’ he said. ‘That is an option. That is possible…’

“Further explaining himself Wednesday, Levin said: ‘… We were going to increase by 10, 20, maybe 50 people to help us locate people and make sure they’re in quarantine or make sure they’re in isolation. If you have the illness and you stay in your own quarters or in your hospital room, that’s called isolation,’ he continued. ‘If you don’t have the illness, but you were exposed to someone who did, but we want to watch you for the period of incubation, where you might come down with the illness and might be contagious and give it to someone else, that’s called quarantine. We’re looking to not only isolate everyone, but we’re looking to quarantine the contacts of the isolates we have who have COVID disease…”

This does not sound like an apology or retraction to us.

Judge Agrees with Newsom on Beach Shutdown

NPR wrote on May 3:

“Two Orange County cities’ attempt to legally challenge California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s beach shutdown order failed for now, but the battle between local and state officials over the shoreline will continue. Huntington Beach, Dana Point and various local private businesses in Orange County requested a temporary restraining order in Orange County Superior Court on Friday that would have blocked Newsom’s executive beach closure order and kept beaches open in those cities…

“But Orange County Superior Court Judge Nathan Scott rejected the injunction, and beaches spanning the Orange County coastline were closed over the weekend and will continue to be. A hearing is scheduled for May 11… Tensions have risen to a boil…”

Orange County Superior Court Judge Nathan Scott was appointed by former [controversial Democrat] governor Jerry Brown. Scott, upholding for now left-wing Democrat governor Newsom’s order, earned a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1995. He then received a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1999. Scott has been a member of the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County, the California Latino Judges Association, and the Association of Business Trial Lawyers. He is registered as a Democrat.

However, bowing to public demand, state officials announced Monday that Laguna Beach and San Clemente will be permitted to reopen their stretches of coastline this week — with certain limitations. Also, amid growing pressure to ease a stay-at-home order that has cratered the California economy, Newsom announced that the state will begin “reopening” this week, with some retail stores getting back to business as early as Friday, albeit with modifications. The legal battle regarding beach closure in California is not over. Note the next article.

Newsom Sued over “Unconstitutional” Beach Closure

KTLA 5 wrote on May 4:

“Former Newport Beach mayor and current councilman Kevin Muldoon filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom and other state leaders Monday, over the constitutionality of state-mandated closures of Orange County beaches… The lawsuit comes as two O.C. cities were granted permission to partially reopen their beaches… ‘The Governor’s actions appear to be based more on politics applied to one county in California, rather than sound scientific guidance, evidence, or regard for competing Constitutional concerns,’ Muldoon said in a written statement. ‘Freedom of movement and access to California beaches are fundamental rights, and unless total or broad interference with those can be proven by the government to be necessary and also related to fulfilling a compelling government interest, this interference is unconstitutional.

“The lawsuit asks U.S. Attorney General William Barr to intervene in the battle against Newsom’s order to close down O.C. beaches, after Barr issued a memorandum on April 27, asking for state directives that could be violating the constitutional rights of citizens to be sent his way. Many O.C. officials also expressed criticism towards the governor’s order. O.C. Supervisor Michelle Steel called the governor’s actions ‘arbitrary’ and said it was an act of retribution against the county. Huntington Beach Mayor Lyn Semeta called it an ‘unconstitutional overreach.’ The Newport Beach City Council voted on May 2 to support legal action against the state, filed by the cities of Huntington Beach and Dana Point…”

Newsom is being sued all over the place. We will see what the outcome is going to be. But legal battles—with inhumane court decisions—are also being fought in other parts of the USA. Note the next article.

Owner in Texas Jailed for Keeping Her Hair Salon Opened

Breitbart wrote on April 25:

“Dallas officials issued a citation to the owner of a hair salon who re-opened her store [on a limited-service basis] in defiance of a stay-at-home order issued by the county judge…

“Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins (D) later sent a cease and desist letter to Shelley Luther, owner of the Salon Á la Mode hair salon, ordering her to close her business… The store had security guards in place to control access to the store and maintain social distancing…

“Luther is not alone in her rebellion against county stay-at-home orders. In Houston, the owner of the Federal American Grill… decided to re-open his restaurant on the city’s west side despite orders directing him to be closed… After he announced the re-opening of his restaurant for dining-in, customers flocked to his side… he is only seating up to 30 percent of his capacity in order to maintain social distancing.

“In contrast to Dallas, Houston law enforcement officials chose to not enforce the prohibition against in-house dining at the restaurant…”

Subsequently, Breitbart wrote on May 5:

“‘I have to disagree with you sir when you [say] that I’m selfish [for re-opening the salon],’ Salon Á la Mode owner Shelly Luther told Judge Eric Moyé [a Democrat] during a [civil and criminal] contempt of court proceeding broadcast on the internet… The judge told Shelley Luther she could avoid jail time if she apologized, admitted she was wrong, and agreed to close her hair salon until it was allowed to open…

“Luther told the judge, ‘I have hairstylists that are going hungry because they’d rather feed their kids. So, sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed then please go ahead with your decision but I am not going to shut the salon.’ Lucia reported that the judge ordered her jailed for seven days and fined $500 for every day the salon remains open. So far, the fine stands at $3,500.

“Luther’s attorney said he would appeal the judge’s ruling. The contempt hearing occurred at about the time Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that hair salons and gyms could re-open on Friday.”

Texas Governor Frees Jailed Citizens

DISRN wrote on May 7:

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Thursday retroactively eliminating jail time for citizens who violate the state’s stay-at-home rules, freeing salon owner Shelley Luther who was jailed for seven days and fined $7,000 for reopening her business against court orders.

“Abbott specifically named Luther in his announcement: ‘Throwing Texans in jail who have had their businesses shut down through no fault of their own is nonsensical, and I will not allow it to happen. That is why I am modifying my executive orders to ensure confinement is not a punishment for violating an order. This order is retroactive to April 2nd, supersedes local orders and if correctly applied should free Shelley Luther … As some county judges advocate for releasing hardened criminals from jail to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is absurd to have these business owners take their place.’

“Shortly after Abbott’s announcement, the Supreme Court of Texas ordered Luther’s release. The governor added that his order ‘may also ensure’ the release of Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia and Brenda Stephanie Mata, who were arrested in Laredo, Texas, for providing cosmetic services inside their homes.”

Thank you, governor, for a sensible and merciful decision. 

U.S. Supreme Court Sides With Governor

CBS News wrote on May 7:

“The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to lift an executive order from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf that mandated the closure of all businesses in the state deemed nonessential as part of efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus… There were no noted dissents

“The Pennsylvania businesses argued Wolf’s lockdown order was unconstitutional and filed an emergency request with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court arguing it went beyond Wolf’s authority. The state court, however, sided with Wolf and rejected the challenge. The businesses then asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the lower court’s decision.

“‘The executive order and similar orders by governors across the country is doing substantial, unprecedented damage to the economy,’ the group wrote in its request to the high court.”

Israel Rebukes the EU

The Times of Israel wrote on May 7:

“The Foreign Ministry on Thursday summoned the European Union’s ambassador to Israel for an unusually harsh rebuke over the bloc’s alleged support of terrorism, warning him that backing terrorist groups will only lead to more bloodshed.

“Israel summoned envoy Emanuele Giaufret after a letter emerged Wednesday in which a senior EU official stationed in East Jerusalem assured the Palestinians that membership in or affinity to a terrorist organization does not automatically prevent a person from being eligible to participate in EU-funded programs.

“‘Israel utterly condemns and categorically objects to the Union’s policy on the funding of terrorist organisations. The policy essentially grants permission for incitement, support, and involvement with terrorism,’ the ministry said in a statement…”

The relationship between the EU and Israel will deteriorate drastically. 

Netanyahu Under Attack

Breaking Israel News reported on May 7:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set off quite a storm on Monday night following a press conference… That’s because during his speech, he alluded to the idea of installing distance sensors onto children that like a car, beep when they get too close to people…

“Popular Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, who has thousands of followers in Israel… accused the Prime Minister of playing dumb regarding an already planned second wave saying: ‘Bibi, you pretend like you don’t know that it’s all planned – a second wave (of coronavirus) to force the vaccine.’ 

“Rabbi Yitzchak also notes that Netanyahu’s speech proves that the technology the Prime Minister spoke about already exists and that the Israeli government intends on using it. The rabbi also surmises that Netanyahu’s statement will translate into ‘microchips and sensors, to control the population and enslave them.’ Rabbi Yitzchak concludes that the plan is to force everyone to vaccinate and if they refuse, they will become criminals. The goal is to prepare the future generations for Bill Gate’s project

“‘Why is that when the flu, who killed a lot more people, did you never ensure that people didn’t prevent it from spreading?’ the Rabbi said…”

New Israeli Government Approved

Al Jazeera wrote on May 7:

“Israeli MPs have approved the formation of a unity government between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rival Benny Gantz, paving the way to an end to more than a year of deadlock… The proposed government was challenged in the Supreme Court, with opponents arguing Netanyahu was ineligible to rule due to a series of corruption indictments…

“But the court ruled on Wednesday evening that ‘there was no legal reason to prevent the formation of a government’ led by Netanyahu.”

Rabbi Tells Jews: Flee America Immediately!

Breaking Israel News wrote on April 9:

“[Brooklyn’s] Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Frankel… issued an unequivocal order last week for Jews in the diaspora to leave their homes and immigrate to Israel before a civil war breaks out in the United States

“‘After World War II, the survivors came and asked why the Gedolim and the Rebbes (rabbis) did not order European Jews to leave while there was still time and emigrate to Israel or the United States before the war broke out,’ Rabbi Frankel [said.]. ‘Truth be told, they (the rabbis)… begged the Jews to flee the scorched earth, but part of the decree was that the Jews didn’t listen.’ ‘

“‘Today,’ he continued ‘Listen to me well, dear Jews, whoever can afford to rise and ascend to the Holy Land should [do so] as soon as possible, and this includes large parts of South America and most of Europe. The US will also become a dangerous place mired in war, and it is still too early to tell which US state will survive, but many parts will be destroyed and poisoned, and a civil war will break out within the US. And states will secede from the federal government. The US will no longer be a place of refuge, but there will be a Jewish remnant here. The Land of Israel will be the safest place to survive the war, even though there will be terrible difficulties there as well.’”

A mixture of truth and error. The USA will be defeated and destroyed in a coming World War, but so will be the state of Israel. There will be no place on earth which will be safe. It is true that violent anti-Semitism will raise its ugly head in Europe, but it is also spreading in the USA. Note the next article.

Singling out New York’s Jewish Community?

Breitbart wrote on April 29:

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told the media Wednesday morning that he was sorry if anyone was hurt by the way he called out the Jewish community over a large funeral in Brooklyn Tuesday, but he had ‘no regrets.’ De Blasio personally supervised police as they broke up a funeral procession for Rabbi Chaim Mertz of the Tola’as Yaakov synagogue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on Tuesday…

“De Blasio was outraged by the gathering, and singled out the ‘Jewish community’ in a series of tweets… Critics were outraged that the mayor singled out the ‘Jewish community’… Many also pointed out that De Blasio and the police did nothing when crowds gathered on Tuesday to watch the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds perform a flyover salute to first responders.

‘Some Jews are also particularly worried about the mayor’s remarks because extremist groups, at home and abroad, have used the coronavirus pandemic to scapegoat Jews… The false accusation of Jews spreading disease is at least as old as the Black Death in the fourteenth century.

“In addition, the mayor is widely perceived among religious Jews to have done very little to combat a scourge of recent antisemitic attacks in the city, many by members of other minority groups…”

It is well-known that there was much anti-Semitism in the USA prior to and during World War II.

Tucker Carlson Speaks Out Against Dictatorship in the USA

Fox News wrote on May 2:

“Tucker Carlson continued to criticize coronavirus-induced lockdowns across America Friday night, reacting to actions across the country by authorities he believes are overreaching their legal boundaries… [He noticed] an incident in Wisconsin where law enforcement was called on a family who allowed their daughter to play outside, with police saying they believed they had ‘the right’ to confront the mother. ‘The question is, where exactly did they get that right?’ Carlson asked.

“‘That’s a good question. A question that we are strongly discouraged from asking. The short answer is governors told them they could. Never in American history have politicians been more powerful than they are now. Effectively, they are gods. ‘In the state of Maine, for example, Governor Janet Mills now has the power to suspend any law she doesn’t like. She can seize any state resource she feels like seizing,’ Carlson continued. ‘She can force any citizen or all citizens from their home. She can do all of this for as long as she wants, as long as she believes Maine is in a state of emergency. In fact, there’s virtually nothing that Janet Mills can’t now do. Many governors now have these powers.’

“The host also voiced his concerns for the freedoms lost during this time, in particular the impact on religion and the media’s failure to report on it… Carlson also seemed to take a veiled shot at White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci… for his role in the pandemic response. ‘How […] did politicians get the authority to do this?’ Carlson said. ‘Because some elderly power-drunk epidemiologist told them to do it. That’s not how our system works. It can’t work that way.’”

Sadly, for now, it does work that way. If you think Tucker Carlson’s words were strong, note the outspoken words by controversial Tesla chief Elon Musk, as cited in the next article. We omitted certain expletives.

Tesla Chief Elon Musk Minces No Words

Business Insider wrote on April 29:

“In a short rant complete with expletives, Elon Musk doubled down on his stance against the shelter-in-place orders introduced by various US states in recent weeks in an effort to stop the novel coronavirus’ spread. The Tesla chief executive did not mince words on a Wednesday conference call… ‘Frankly, I would call it forcible imprisoning of people in their homes against all of, their constitutional rights, in my opinion,’ he said. ‘It’s breaking people’s freedoms in ways that are horrible and wrong and not why they came to America or built this country…’… On Tuesday, he [urged] leaders to ‘FREE AMERICA NOW’…

“‘It will cause great harm, not just to Tesla but to many companies,’ Musk said on the call… ‘Everything people have worked for their whole life is being destroyed in real time.’ Musk even went so far as to call it undemocratic for state governments to order shutdowns of businesses deemed nonessential. ‘If somebody wants to stay in their house, that’s great and they should be able to,’ he said. ‘But to say they cannot leave their house and that they will be arrested if they do, that’s fascist. That is not democratic — this is not freedom…’”

Has China Lied about the Coronavirus from the Outset?

The Sun wrote on April 29:

“THE laboratory at the heart of the world’s coronavirus pandemic lied about taking safety precautions when collecting bat samples… US and British intelligence officials suspect bungling scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology accidentally spread the killer disease during risky coronavirus tests on bats. It was claimed that Covid-19 was ‘developed in the Wuhan lab as China hoped to prove it’s greater than the US at battling deadly diseases’

“… no safety precautions were employed. One worker admitted being sprayed with bat blood or urine as images showed staff brazenly collecting samples with no face masks or protective suits… Incredibly some scientists didn’t even wear gloves as they entered caves to collect fecal bat swab samples

“The Chinese government has put a total lockdown on information related to the virus origins… genetic evidence indicates the virus was not artificially engineered and likely originated in bats. The genetic data cannot yet indicate exactly where and how the virus first crossed to humans… reports have also emerged alleging China attempted to cover up its role in the extent of the pandemic by silencing whistleblowers and muzzling scientists, while concerned doctors have ominously disappeared.”

The Guardian wrote on May 3:

“Most epidemiologists say that while it is possible the outbreak started in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where coronaviruses have been intensively studied, it is a far less likely scenario than the theory that it was transmitted naturally from bats through an intermediary animal, mutating along the way to become dangerous to humans.”

Why couldn’t it be a combination of the two scenarios, which appears to be much more compelling?

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