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Biden Administration Is “Helping” Facebook—This Is Fascism!

On July 17, the Ron Paul Institute republished the following article by Caitlin Johnstone:

“… the Biden administration has admitted that it is giving Facebook a list of accounts to censor for spreading ‘disinformation’ about the Covid-19 response. ‘We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking,’ Press Secretary Jen Psaki told the press on Thursday. ‘Within the Surgeon General’s Office, we’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. We’re working with doctors and medical professionals to connect medical experts with people, who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost trusted content. So, we’re helping get trusted content out there.’

“Psaki told the White House press corps that the administration has a list of accounts who produce most of the anti-vaccine information on Facebook, which civil libertarians are decrying as an obviously authoritarian government overreach. ‘The Biden administration is telling Facebook which posts it regards as “problematic” so that Facebook can remove them,’ Glenn Greenwald said on Twitter in response to the news. ‘This is the union of corporate and state power — one of the classic hallmarks of fascism — that the people who spent five years babbling about fascism support… There is no circumstance — none — in which it’s acceptable for the White House or any other agency of the government to be providing lists to Facebook of “problematic” content it wants removed, yet that’s exactly what Psaki says they’re doing… This is authoritarianism.’

“… All of these online platforms use censorship… to hide undesirable political speech from the mainstream public in direct collaboration with government and government-tied institutions.

“Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world… enlists the government… funded management firm The Atlantic Council to help it determine what content to censor and what to boost… Google, which owns YouTube, has been financially intertwined with US intelligence agencies since its very inception when it received research grants from the CIA and NSA…

“In a corporatist system of government, where there is no separation between corporate power and state power, corporate censorship is state censorship. The actual government as it actually exists is censoring the speech not just of its own people, but people around the world…”

With this development and these admissions by the Biden Administration, the argument that Facebook and other Big Tech giants are just private companies and not subject to the Constitution has been blown out of the window.

Fox News wrote on July 16:

“The remarks [of press secretary Jen Psaki] riled critics already concerned about collaboration between the Biden administration and Big Tech…  Psaki’s remarks Friday drew bipartisan derision, with critics calling Big Tech outlets ‘state actors’ and ripping the Biden administration for playing judge and jury on truth. One writer said it was a precursor to censoring other so-called ‘misinformation’ on social issues…”

That is the fear. A government engaged in such kind of conduct would certainly be willing and capable of enforcing additional restrictions on our liberties and freedoms.

Kamala Harris Invokes the Bible—This Is so Ignorant

Israel 365 News wrote on July 14:

“In a recent video from the White House, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about vaccinations. Invoking the Bible, Harris claimed that: ‘the act of getting vaccinated, the act of administering the vaccinations, well these acts are the very essence of what the Bible and so many faiths tell us about the importance of our role and our power. When we say love thy neighbor and I truly believe in the power of that’…

“Does this raise questions about the separation of Church and State? What about faiths that oppose vaccines? These questions and more are being asked by some Americans.”

In addition, where does it say in the Bible that you must be vaccinated and that you don’t love your neighbor (as yourself) if you don’t?

Fox News’ Clear Passes and Masks—This Is SO Hypocritical!

CNN wrote on July 20:

“Fox News personalities have spent months both trafficking in anti-vaccine rhetoric and assailing the concept of showing proof of vaccination status. But Fox Corporation… has quietly implemented the concept of a vaccine passport as workers slowly return back to the company’s offices… The system allows for employees to self-report to Fox the dates their shots were administered and which vaccines were used.

“The company has encouraged employees to report their status, telling them that ‘providing this information to FOX will assist the company with space planning and contact tracing. Employees who report their status are allowed to bypass the otherwise required daily health screening

“The concept… is known internally as ‘FOX Clear Pass.’ While the ‘Fox Clear Pass’ is voluntary for employees, and other companies have similar tools, it is still remarkable, given how vocal Fox’s top talent has been in criticizing the concept of vaccine passports. Fox News has spent months portraying the notion that people might be asked to show vaccination status as dangerous to personal freedom and anti-American

“It’s not the first time that Fox has been so brazenly hypocritical about coronavirus precautions. While its television hosts railed against face masks, the company issued guidance recommending employees wear them. It also said it would require people attending tapings of host Greg Gutfeld’s show to wear masks.

“It’s unclear whether Fox will require vaccinations when employees fully return to the office… When CNN began to reopen its facilities in June, vaccinations were required in order to come in…”

One must wonder what is going on with Fox News. On Tuesday, Fox News defended Dr. Fauci against Rand Paul, even though it seems pretty obvious that Paul was right with his allegation that Fauci might have lied to Congress. In addition, Fox News and Newsmax ran segments this week advising people to get vaccinated, as allegedly, only the unvaccinated are getting sick now. However, this claim is blatantly false, not to speak of dangerous side effects from the vaccines which have been manifested.

Biden Not Helping Cuba—This Is Hypocrisy

AFP wrote on July 17:

“Thousands of Cubans protesting against their government managed to catch the attention of US President Joe Biden, but they have been left deflated by his response… Prior to his election, Biden had told online opposition news outlet Cibercuba that he would eliminate Trump’s restrictions on remittances and travel, which he said had harmed Cubans and separated families. But six months into his tenure, Cubans are still waiting for concrete action to back up the promises….

“Biden… did not announce new measures. He did, however, trade barbs with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel. ‘Cuba is, unfortunately, a failed state and repressing their citizens,’ Biden said on Thursday. The next day, Diaz-Canel fired back: ‘The United States has failed in its efforts to destroy Cuba, despite spending billions of dollars to do so…’ Russia, China and left-wing governments in Latin America have expressed support for the Cuban regime.

“Not only ordinary Cubans have expressed disappointment at Biden’s lack of action… Ben Rhodes, the former US national security advisor under president Obama, urged Biden to act. ‘Cubans have been bravely expressing their frustrations and exercising their universal rights in ways that are truly inspiring. We should be thinking above all about what we can do to help them,’ Rhodes tweeted on Tuesday.

“New York-based anti-embargo lobbying group Cuban Americans For Engagement (CAFE) hit out at the Biden administration for being ‘hypocritical when it claims to support the Cuban people while complacently applauding the demonstrations.’”

Restoring the Internet—This Is Difficult

Yahoo!News wrote on July 16:

“President Joe Biden’s suggestion that Washington bring full internet access to Cuba following government restrictions could break new ground on digital rights but face major technical and geopolitical hurdles

“Cuba has been limiting both fixed and mobile internet access with cuts to some apps like Facebook and Instagram, and has used other methods to filter online content with Chinese-made technology…

“Democracy activists in authoritarian regimes have used a variety of techniques to get around internet limitations including virtual private networks… but none have been used on a large scale. Satellite, drone and balloon internet services remain at an early stage and often are delivered through official carriers…

“Havana would likely consider any effort to bring an unfiltered internet a violation of its sovereignty…”

These problems also exist when other dictatorial countries shut down the Internet for their citizens, as they are prone to do.

Troubles in South Africa—This Is a Race War

Hal Turner Radio Show wrote on July 14:

“All food in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Province of South Africa has been either looted or intentionally destroyed. The Zulu tribe is now publicly saying they intend to ‘starve-out’ the white and Indian (sub-continent) people in that province… It looks like a race war is upon South Africa…

“These troubles in South Africa are being carried out by some of the very same type of people we saw here in America, doing much the same, last summer. At the time, they dressed-up their race-hatred with slogans like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ANTIFA; but the base hatred is still the same…

“So BARBARIC are these people [in Johannesburg], they step over the dead bodies so they can continue looting…”

Israel’s Tense Calm—This Is Only Temporary

Israel Today wrote on July 20:

“This past Sunday was… the fast day that commemorates the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem that once stood at the site where now two Muslim structures are located, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. These two Muslim shrines were built in the 7th century for the purpose of expressing Islam’s superiority over Christianity and Judaism…

“In 2021, the reality is no different and Muslims on the Temple Mount behave as if they have more rights to that sacred compound than other religious groups, and especially than Jews whom they routinely accuse of ‘defiling’ the holiest site in Judaism. The 1,600 Jews who visited the Temple Mount’s courtyards on Sunday were again referred to by several Muslim states and the Palestinian Authority as ‘settlers’ who allegedly ‘stormed’ the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In reality, however, Jewish visitors have no interest whatsoever in Al-Aqsa and do not even try to enter it…

“Prime Minister Naftali Bennett this week contributed to the confusion and tensions with Muslim groups and countries. He first announced that Jews had the right to ‘pray’ in their sacred place… Bennett later retracted his words, saying… that Jews had the right to ‘visit’ the Temple Mount… The flip-flop by Bennett most likely had to do with the flood of condemnations that came from the Muslim world, including that of Ra’am, the Islamist political party that is now part of the new Israeli government, as well as from alternate-Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid

“‘The Al-Aqsa Mosque and dunams around it are the exclusive property of the Muslims and no one else is entitled to it,’ Ra’am said in a press release. It marked the first time that the Islamist coalition partner went directly against its own government. Ra’am also used the words ‘storming’ and was annoyed that a group of Jews had sung the Israeli national anthem… during their visit to the Temple Mount. Ra’am further warned that the events on the Temple Mount could heat up the situation in Jerusalem and the entire region and even lead to a ‘catastrophic religious war.’

“The media in Israel later reported that Lapid was the one who had spoken to Bennett and forced him to amend the content of his original statement. It showed that Lapid, who is the leader of the coalition’s largest faction… is in reality much more than ‘alternate prime minister’ and foreign minister. He’s the one pulling the strings until he replaces Bennett as prime minister in less than two years…

“There were fears that Palestinian terrorist movements in Gaza would violate the shaky ceasefire with Israel… A tense calm now reigns on the Temple Mount following Sunday’s clashes…  The tensions over the Jewish visits and prayers at the Temple Mount probably couldn’t have been avoided, but Bennett’s flip-flop should have been. It was the first time the new Israeli PM was really tested since he assumed office in June and, according to some observers, he failed to pass the test.”

This was predictable. How long can this obscure “coalition” be successful?

Reversing Pope Benedict—This Is Disappointing!

Fox News wrote on July 16:

“Pope Francis cracked down Friday on the spread of the old Latin Mass, reversing one of Pope Benedict XVI’s signature decisions in a major challenge to traditionalist Catholics who immediately decried it as an attack on them and the ancient liturgy. Francis reimposed restrictions on celebrating the Latin Mass that Benedict relaxed in 2007, and went further to limit its use. The pontiff said he was taking action because Benedict’s reform had become a source of division in the church and been exploited by Catholics opposed to the Second Vatican Council, the 1960s meetings that modernized the church and its liturgy.

“Critics said they had never before witnessed a pope so thoroughly reversing his predecessor. That the reversal concerned something so fundamental as the liturgy, while Benedict is still alive and living in the Vatican as a retired pope, only amplified the extraordinary nature of Francis’ move, which will surely result in more right-wing hostility directed at him…

“Under the new law, bishops must also determine if the current groups of faithful attached to the old Mass accept Vatican II, which allowed for Mass to be celebrated in the vernacular rather than Latin. These groups cannot use regular churches; instead, bishops must find alternate locations for them without creating new parishes. In addition, Francis said bishops are no longer allowed to authorize the formation of any new pro-Latin Mass groups in their dioceses…

“The pope’s rollback immediately created an uproar among traditionalists already opposed to Francis’ more progressive bent and nostalgic for Benedict’s doctrinaire papacy.

“This is an extremely disappointing document which entirely undoes the legal provisions,’ of Benedict’s 2007 document, said Joseph Shaw, chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. While Latin celebrations can continue, ‘the presumption is consistently against them: bishops are being invited to close them down,’ Shaw said, adding that the requirement for Latin Masses to be held outside a parish was ‘unworkable.’ ‘This is an extraordinary rejection of the hard work for the church and the loyalty to the hierarchy which has characterized the movement for the Traditional Mass for many years, which I fear will foster a sense of alienation among those attached to the church’s ancient liturgy,’ he said.

“Benedict had issued his document in 2007 to reach out to a breakaway, schismatic group that celebrates the Latin Mass, the Society of St. Pius X, and which had split from Rome over the modernizing reforms of Vatican II….

“Some of these traditionalists and Catholics already were among Francis’ fiercest critics, with some accusing him of heresy for having opened the door to letting divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receive Communion… For years… Francis has made known his distaste of the old liturgy…”

Is a split within the Catholic Church between traditionalists and liberals inevitable?

New Emoji Designs and Change of Bird, Bug and Fish Names—This Is Insane

Daily Mail wrote on July 16:

“A pregnant man and a gender neutral person wearing a crown are among the emoji set to be approved this September and coming to smartphones next year….

“The pregnant man and pregnant person recognise that ‘pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people’, Emojipedia says. The gender neutral person wearing a crown… comes in a range of different skin tones, as do 15 new handshake combinations.”

Daily Mail added on July 15:

“Woke warriors are behind a drive to rename hundreds of bird species because their names are deemed to have links to slavery and colonialism… It comes after bug experts are getting rid of the name ‘gypsy moth’ because some Roma people consider it to be an ethnic slur….

“The Oriental rat flea, Asian needle ant and the West Indian cane weevil are also now being scrutinized…”

NBC Chicago wrote on July 17:

“Minnesota state Sen. Foung Hawj was never a fan of the ‘Asian carp’ label commonly applied to four imported fish species that are wreaking havoc in the U.S. heartland, infesting numerous rivers and bearing down on the Great Lakes. But the last straw came when an Asian business delegation arriving at the Minneapolis airport encountered a sign reading ‘Kill Asian Carp.’ It was a well-intentioned plea to prevent the spread of the invasive fish. But the message was off-putting to the visitors.

“Hawj and fellow Sen. John Hoffman in 2014 won approval of a measure requiring that Minnesota agencies refer to the fish as ‘invasive carp,’ despite backlash from the late radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, who ridiculed it as political correctness….

“Now some other government agencies are taking the same step in the wake of anti-Asian hate crimes that surged during the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service quietly changed its designation to ‘invasive carp’ in April. ‘We wanted to move away from any terms that cast Asian culture and people in a negative light,’ said Charlie Wooley, director of its Great Lakes regional office.

“… The four species described collectively as Asian carp — bighead, silver, grass and black carp — were brought from China a half-century ago to rid Southern sewage and aquaculture ponds of algae, weeds and parasites. They escaped into the wild and have migrated up the Mississippi and other major rivers. The Great Lakes and their $7 billion sport fishery are vulnerable.”

This insanity has been going on for years, but is becoming more and more aggressive and hostile these days all over the Western world.

Converting Children to Become Gay—This Is Sick!

The American Spectator wrote on July 9:

“The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a music video July 1 titled ‘A Message From the Gay Community’ that details their mission of ‘converting’ children. A soloist introduces the virtual music performance by dedicating the song to progress made in Pride Month… He continues, ‘We’ll convert your children, it happens bit by bit, quietly and subtlety and you will barely notice it…’

“The soloist then begins a duet, with another singer joining in: ‘Just like you’re worried, they’ll change their group of friends…’ The verses slowly build into a boisterous chorus of ‘we’re coming for your children’ and ‘the gay agenda is coming home.’ The video concludes by flashing LBGTQ flags over the screen…

“Both conservatives and people of faith responded with criticism and worry, arguing that the choir is saying the leftist agenda out loud… The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a statement on July 8 defending the song… The group said the ‘tongue-in-cheek humor is lost on many,’ adding, ‘After decades of children being indoctrinated and taught intolerance… from using the Bible as a weapon to reparative therapy, it’s our turn.’”

The ”tongue-in-cheek humor” is indeed lost. The reference to the Bible is even more alarming.

EU Court Tries to Push Russia—This Is Futile

Life Site News wrote on July 16:

“Russia rebuked a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) this week that pushed the country to recognize same-sex ‘marriage.’  The ECHR’s order, handed down on Tuesday, held that Russia’s refusal to register homosexuals as ‘married’ violated Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which includes a ‘right to family life,’ and Article 14, which prohibits discrimination. The Strasbourg-based court has interpreted the articles… to apply to same-sex unions, despite previous rulings to the contrary and no language about homosexuality in the text of the European Convention…

“Russia slammed the ECHR ruling, reaffirming on Tuesday that marriage in the country remains strictly between men and women. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized that same-sex ‘marriages’ are ‘not allowed’ under Russia’s constitution…

“The ECHR… does not have enforcement powers, and the Russian government enacted a law in 2015 allowing the country to overturn ECHR verdicts. Russia, which joined the Council of Europe in the 1990s, has not implemented nearly 90% of leading judgements from the court in the past ten years…

“Last Tuesday, the ECHR issued another ruling against Russia for letting a woman prohibit her gender-confused former husband from visiting their children. A Russian court had declared that being around the father, who had undergone surgery to impersonate the opposite sex, would have a ‘negative impact on the mental health’ of the children.

“The ECHR’s attempts to impose LGBT ideology on Russia resemble ongoing efforts by the European Union to force Hungary to rescind a new children protection law that bans pro-LGBT materials in schools… ‘Brussels bureaucrats have no business at all, no matter what they do, we will not let LGBTQ activists among our children,’ Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded.”

The EU must know that its push against Russia will not result in any change of conduct. It seems that the EU’s obsession with the LGBT agenda can be compared with the behavior of an angry bull in a China shop.

EU’s Military to the Rescue—This Is Dangerous

The Defense Post wrote on July 12:

“The European Union… formally established a military mission for Mozambique to help train its armed forces battling jihadists in the north of the country. A deadly insurgency by militants linked to the Islamic State group has ravaged the gas-rich Cabo Delgado province since late 2017, claiming some 3,000 lives and displacing 800,000 people. Former colonial master Portugal is already providing training for Mozambican troops. Lisbon’s military instructors on the ground are expected to make up some half of the new EU mission, which will be headed by a Portuguese commander.

“‘The aim of the mission is to train and support the Mozambican armed forces in protecting the civilian population and restoring safety and security in the Cabo Delgado province,’ an EU statement said, without giving details on the overall size of the deployment. ‘The mandate of the mission will initially last two years…’

“A senior European diplomat told AFP in June that other countries including France, Italy, and Spain are also expected to provide personnel for the mission. The approval of the EU training mission comes as regional powers are also looking to bolster their support for Mozambique’s fight to crush the insurgency. Last month, … 16 southern African countries… as Mozambique’s government said it was open to foreign boots on the ground to battle the jihadists…

“The EU has several other training missions in Africa, including in Mali, Central African Republic, and Somalia. The operation in Mali — aimed at boosting the fight against jihadists — has continued to operate despite concerns after the latest… strike of military coups hit the country in May.”

Europe will get more and more involved in military actions outside its territory.

EU Getting Ready for a Large-Scale Military Operation in Libya?—This Is Remarkable

Express wrote on July 19:

“A leaked document revealed that Brussels is finalising plans for ‘large-scale’ operations in the North African state in the coming months. It will pit the EU against Chad, Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, which have all become involved in Libya’s brutal civil war. The internal report, obtained by the EU Observer website, highlighted the need for an EU military mission in the region to curb human and arms trafficking…

“EU ambassadors are expected to discuss the plans soon but the Commission’s foreign affairs arm has yet to announce the formal tabling of the proposals… France is expected to be one of the main supporters of a military mission to Libya. Its foreign minister Jean Yves Le Drian echoed the sentiment of the EU report in a speech at the UN’s Security Council in New York on Thursday…”

The military ambitions of the EU are becoming SO obvious.

Putin: Ukraine Created by Soviets and Bolsheviks, at Expense of History—This Is Noteworthy

RT wrote on July 12:

“Russia’s president has claimed that much of Ukraine is historically and ethnically Russian, and Kiev’s turn to the West since the 2014 Kiev Maidan amounts to a rejection of its deep ties with Moscow and its political reality.

“In an article published on the Kremlin’s website on Monday, President Vladimir Putin described how almost all of the Eastern European nation had fallen under the Russian Empire, and how Ukrainians and Russians can trace their culture and history back through shared roots. ‘Thus,’ he argued, ‘modern Ukraine is entirely the brainchild of the Soviet era. We know and remember that, to a large extent, it was created at the expense of historical Russia.’ According to him, ‘the Bolsheviks treated the Russian people as an inexhaustible material for social experiments. They dreamed of a world revolution, which, in their opinion, would abolish nation-states altogether.’ As such, Putin argued, Russia’s ‘borders were arbitrarily cut, and generous territorial “gifts” were handed out.’

“The status of the disputed Crimean peninsula, for example, has been a key point of contention between Moscow and Kiev. Ethnically dominated by Russians, it was historically administered from Moscow until 1954, when it was signed over by then-Soviet premier Nikita Khruschev, in what amounted to a technicality given the lack of internal borders in the USSR. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Crimea was governed from Kiev until it was reabsorbed by Russia in 2014.

“According to Putin, the shared interests of both the Russian and Ukrainian people were ignored by those behind the 2014 Maidan and those supporting the uprising from abroad. Western countries directly intervened in the internal affairs of Ukraine and supported the coup,’ he said. ‘It was dominated by radical nationalist groups. Their slogans, ideology [and] open aggressive Russophobia in many ways began to determine the state policy in Ukraine.’

“The president went on to criticize a new bill being considered by politicians in Ukraine, which would deny ethnic Russians, who trace their presence in the region back centuries, the right to be considered ‘indigenous people’ in the country. ‘The most disgusting thing is that Russians in Ukraine are forced not only to renounce their roots, from generations of ancestors, but also to believe that Russia is their enemy,’ he said. ‘It is no exaggeration to say that the policy of forced assimilation and the formation of an ethnically pure Ukrainian state, aggressively disposed to Russia, in its effects is comparable with the use of weapons of mass destruction against us,’ Putin wrote.”

According to the Bible, Russia and Ukraine will be united against Europe. It is clear that Putin’s thinking goes in that direction. How this “unification” will take place remains to be seen.

Austria Bans Muslim Brotherhood—This Is a Slippery Slope

Breitbart wrote on July 16:

“Austria has become the first country in the European Union to ban the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood as part of a new anti-terrorism law.

“The law bans the Egyptian-founded Muslim Brotherhood by adding it to a list of organisations linked to ‘religiously motivated crime’. It sets a punishment of a month in prison and a €4,000 (£3,407/$4,717) fine for those who propagate the group’s literature or disseminate its slogans… the Muslim Brotherhood has a long history in Austria. It first opened an office in the city of Graz in the mid-1960s, which was used as the group’s financial hub before moving to Switzerland…

“The new designation for the Muslim Brotherhood comes after the Austrian government has also banned the symbols of the ultranationalist Turkish Grey Wolves, the far-left Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Islamic State, and other extremist groups.

“The move to ban the Muslim Brotherhood comes after Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, in the aftermath of the Vienna terrorist attack, promised to create a new criminal offence related to ‘political Islam’, saying it would allow the government to ‘take action against those who are not terrorists themselves, but who create the breeding ground for it.’

Could this be a precursor for the persecution of other “religiously motivated” groups, even though they do not commit violence or crimes? The Bible predicts a martyrium of true Christians in continental Europe.

Microchips in Our Brains and Cyborg Implants—This Is Scary

Life Site wrote on July 19:

“Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), called for microchips to be implanted ‘in our brains.’ Schwab… detailed his microchip prediction in a 2016 interview with Swiss broadcasting group RTS, saying that brain chips would be widely introduced ‘certainly in the next ten years.’…

“Schwab’s predictions may appear easily dismissible as the ramblings of a Marxist social engineer from a Nazi-linked family. However, five years out, his microchip fantasy seems to have been just about spot-on.

“Facebook, for example, has been building brain-reading technology since at least 2017… Facebook unveiled plans to develop a ‘brain mouse,’ purportedly to allow users to type with their minds. The social media giant’s brain-computer projects have made steady progress since then… Facebook researchers can reportedly convert brain data to text with an error rate as low as 3 percent…”

Forbes had already written on June 5:

“DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, has long been exploring technology for ‘super soldiers’ with extraordinary capabilities… Their latest effort, known as ADAPTER involves cyborg implants to toughen soldiers against two of the commonest health issues in modern warfare: limited access to safe food and water, and sleep disruption. Each implant will be a miniature factory full of bacteria producing therapeutic substances on demand…

“A key benefit of ADAPTER is that soldiers will not need to carry multiple types of medication around with them, remembering to take them on a specific timetable. The implant will do all that automatically…

“While ADAPTER will target [two] specific problems… the longer term implications are much greater… ADAPTER promises to make U.S. troops healthier and more capable in the field. Putting bioelectronic bacterial factories into soldiers’ guts might seem like a radical idea, but the American military has always pushed the boundaries. In 1777, George Washington ordered mandatory inoculation against smallpox for the Continental Army. In that sense, the futuristic ADAPTER is just part of a long tradition.”

This technology does not give us more hope for a better future. One is reminded of God’s conduct at the tower of Babel when He decided to intervene because, otherwise, man’s thirst for scientific advances might have reached the point of destroying the earth and mankind much earlier.

Devastating Flooding in Europe—This Is Unique and Sad

CBS wrote on July 16:

“The death toll from devastating flooding in western Europe climbed to over [150 on Saturday], as buildings continued to crumble under the force of raging torrents unleashed by storms that parked over the region for days… the scale of the disaster is unlike anything the area has seen in living memory.

“Entire neighborhoods lay in ruins after days of heavy rains — the worst deluge recorded in the region in more than 200 years. The downpour sparked flash flooding across huge swathes of western Germany and several neighboring nations.

“Water spilled over the banks of rivers and turned roadways into torrents so powerful that they crushed much of what stood in their way.

“… thousands of residents in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate states had been forced to evacuate their homes, while 165,000 were left without electricity.

“… The amount of rain that fell over 48 hours was double what normally would have fallen for the entire month of July.

“… Neighboring countries Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have also been badly affected…”

The Associated Press added on July 16:

“The governor of North Rhine-Westphalia, who hopes to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel as the nation’s leader after Germany’s election on Sept. 26, said the disaster had caused immense economic damage to the country’s most populous state.

As it was predictable, the rain falls were blamed on global warming and climate change, even though it is difficult to see any real cause-and-effect connection. In other news, it was reported that Siberia suffers from unprecedented burning; and that China was hit by deadly floods and the worst rains in 60 years, affecting tens of millions.

Newsmax gave the following update in an article, dated July 21:

“A relief official said on Wednesday rescue crews were unlikely to find any more survivors in the rubble of villages devastated by floods in western Germany… At least 170 people died in last week’s flooding, Germany’s worst natural disaster in more than half a century, and thousands went missing… Any victims that are found now are likely to be dead…

“For immediate relief, the federal government will initially provide up to 200 million euros ($235.5 million) in emergency aid, and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said on Wednesday more funds can be made available if needed. That will come on top of at least 250 million euros to be provided from the affected states to repair buildings and damaged local infrastructure and to help people in crisis situations… The full extent of the damage is not yet clear, but… rebuilding after previous floods cost about 6 billion euros…

“The floods have dominated the political agenda less than three months before a national election in September and raised uncomfortable questions about why Europe’s richest economy was caught flat-footed. Two-thirds of Germans believe that federal and regional policymakers should have done more to protect communities from floods… Chancellor Angela Merkel… said authorities would look at what had not worked after being widely accused of not being prepared despite severe weather warnings from meteorologists…”

Rejecting Lies and Accepting Truth—This Is Simple

The Ron Paul Institute republished on July 14 an article by Chris Rossini:

“I was struck by a quote that I’ve certainly read before, but it’s just so relevant when reading it again today: ‘We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.’ – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn…

“Many choose to achieve their goals by harming others, and either taking or destroying their property… It’s no surprise then that lies are a very popular means that are used to achieve ends. Truth and lies are interchangeable for these individuals…

“No man is all-knowing… we will frequently be presented with ideas that are untrue. Those ideas come from the mouths of other ignorant individuals. That doesn’t mean that the false ideas that come from others always come with malicious intent… when it comes to people in power, you always have to assume first that what’s being said is intended to dupe you. It’s a shame that it has to be that way…

“Whether or not the lies that we’re presented with on a daily basis are malicious or simply out of ignorance, we each have a monumental choice that must constantly be made. Do we choose to believe it? Or not? Each of us is responsible for choosing which ideas to accept and believe, and which to reject… We’re each responsible for telling the truth or telling lies. We’re each responsible of choosing what to believe and what to reject….”

Very true. Spreading and believing lies is an individual choice… but it will have dire consequences for those who believe and practice the lie.

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