This Week in the News

September 11, 2001—The Day That Changed Our World

Newsmax wrote on September 6, 2021:

“It was America’s worst nightmare.

“Four back-to-back acts of terror on a cloudless, late summer morning that forever changed our nation — and the world. The way we traveled, the way we entered buildings, the way we raised our kids, the way we looked at others had all changed. And it’s hard to believe that Sept. 11, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of that horrific day.

“Every generation has its watershed moment. In 1929, the stock market collapsed. In 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked. In 1963, JFK was assassinated…

“But none of these events can compare with the unfathomable evil that unfolded 20 years ago.

“In carefully choreographed attacks, al-Qaida terrorists commandeered two passenger jets and crashed them into the Twin Towers in New York City, seized a third plane that slammed into the Pentagon, and crashed a fourth that was likely intended to destroy the U.S. Capitol. In just 77 minutes, nearly 3,000 perished on American soil.

“… The U.S. declared war with Afghanistan for allowing Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida to plot the attack from its territory… The months-long effort to find victims buried in the debris of the World Trade Center ushered in new, sophisticated ways of searching for victims at other disaster sites… Still, despite great advances in forensic science, the remains of more than 1,000 victims of 9/11 are still unidentified today.”

A terrible tragedy. Will it happen again?

Biden’s Shifting Uncatholic Pro-Abortion Stance

Newsmax wrote on September 3:

“President Joe Biden on Friday continued to slam the new Texas abortion law that this week was allowed to stand by the U.S. Supreme Court, saying he doesn’t agree with the Catholic teaching that life begins at conception.

“The position looks to be a striking shift from the one he espoused some six years ago… Biden — the second Catholic president in the nation’s history — in 2008 and 2015 spoke about the moment life starts, saying he thought it was at conception….”

The Catholic Church teaches of course, and quite rightly so, that life begins at conception.

Breitbart wrote on September 3:

“The White House continues struggling with President Joe Biden’s support for abortion, even though he claims to be a practicing Catholic… The White House either repeats Biden is a practicing Catholic or repeats he is a supporter of abortion rights.”

Biden and the White House shift positions and change “convictions” whenever they think that this suits their purposes at the moment.

Biden Not a Devout Catholic

Newsmax wrote on September 5:

“Biden has long faced criticism from conservative Catholics and Republicans on the issue of abortion. Last year, there was a call to restrict him from receiving Holy Communion, and in June, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops weighed denying pro-choice politicians from receiving communion. That issue will be revisited in November by the conference…

“Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City [called] on the president [in February] ‘to stop defining himself as a devout Catholic’ and ‘acknowledge that his view on abortion is contrary to Catholic moral teaching,’ Politico reported…

“Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, said perception is reality with Biden’s positioning himself as a devote Catholic and a staunch pro-choice defender at politics’ highest level. ‘The implication is that he’s being phony,’ Stowe told Politico… ‘when he travels with a rosary in his pocket or goes out of his way to attend mass every Sunday…’”

Viewing Biden’s position and that of the Catholic Church, it is obvious that Biden is not a “devout” Catholic. But this is true for most Catholics. And normally, the Catholic Church is quite content with welcoming anyone into their fold, as long as they describe themselves as Catholic—no matter as to what they really believe and how they live. That is why paganism, superstition and sorcery are rampant in Mexico and many South American and African “Catholic” countries.

Limited Access to Abortion Medication in South Dakota

The Associated Press reported on September 7:

 “South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Tuesday issued an executive order to restrict access to abortion medication and make it clear that medicine-induced abortions fall within state law requiring an in-person consultation with a physician…

 “Noem directed the state Department of Health to create rules that abortion-inducing drugs can only be prescribed or dispensed by a state-licensed physician after an in-person examination. South Dakota law already places that requirement on doctors, but the Republican governor’s order was made in anticipation that the Food and Drug Administration later this year will allow abortion medications to be dispensed through the mail or virtual pharmacies.”

Pope: The Ten Commandments Have Expired

Israel Today wrote on September 5:

“When the Pope said in a recent sermon that ‘the Torah cannot give life,’ the rabbis would not let it go… the rabbis were livid when they learned that Pope Francis sermonized that ‘Christianity replaces the Torah which cannot give life’ and ‘the commandments have expired and void of meaning.’…

“The battle between ‘works and faith’ has been raging since the Apostle Paul penned his letters, and James, the brother of Jesus, took an uncompromising stand on the essential place of commandments as opposed to just faith. According to James, it is faith that is dead without works. For a pope to conclude that keeping God’s commandments in the Torah is passe, would be like the Chief Rabbi saying faith and grace are a waste.

“The lack of appreciation the Pope displayed for the world of Judaism into which Paul, James and the Lord Yeshua were born and raised, signaled a regression back to the dark ages in Christian-Jewish relations, and the rabbis were having none of it.”

Subsequently, Francis flip-flopped again, asking Cardinal Kurt Koch to “explain that his words on the Torah reflecting on the writings of St. Paul in the New Testament should not be taken as a judgment on Jewish law… Last week Koch sent a letter… containing a quote made by Pope Francis in 2015: ‘The Christian confessions find their unity in Christ; Judaism finds its unity in the Torah.’ Jewish sources said they saw the Vatican letter as a sign of reconciliation” (The Algemeiner, dated September 6). How this could be a sign of reconciliation is difficult to decipher. At best, the pope’s “explanation” is as ambiguous as it could be. This happens when the pope and “theologians” try to explain the Bible.

Are biblical comments about homosexuality protected in Germany?

Bild Online reported on September 4:

“Can the Bible really justify homophobic, seditious statements made by a pastor? The Bremen Regional Court is concerned with this question. The scandal: The arch-conservative Protestant pastor Olaf Latzel described homosexuals as ‘criminals’ and homosexuality as a ‘degenerative form of society’ in a marriage seminar. The Bremen District Court sentenced him to a fine of 8,100 euros for inciting people, saying that Latzel’s hateful statements had exceeded the limits of freedom of expression. But Latzel appealed.

“Now a theological report commissioned by the regional court is supposed to clarify whether Latzel’s statements ‘are still covered by the Bible’ and thus possibly should be valued more highly in terms of religious freedom.

“The ex-council chairwoman of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Margot Käßmann (63), clearly contradicts in Bild am Sonntag: ‘For me, such derogatory statements about other people are not covered by religious freedom. They also fundamentally contradict the spirit of charity that Jesus preached.’ The Protestant Church in Berlin ‘asked homosexuals in particular for forgiveness for decades of exclusion.’ Theologically it has been clarified that 2000 year-old statements of the Apostle Paul ‘do not refer to homosexual loving people who today live together in trusting partnerships.”

Explosive: The expert in the Latzel case is, of all people, the theologian Christoph Raedel (49), who himself described ‘practiced homosexuality’ as a sin and claims that homosexual people could change their orientation if they come to the faith.”

 The opinion by Margot Käßmann about the Apostle Paul, claiming that he did not refer to “homosexual loving people,” is an outrageous perversion of the clear statements of the Bible which condemns homosexual practices as sinful. But this is how theologians twist and abolish God’s Word. How the court will decide this issue will have to be seen, especially since high-ranking politicians, such as Health Minister Jens Spahn, are openly gay.

Merkel Intervenes… Too Little, Too Late?

The Guardian wrote on September 7:

“Angela Merkel has used what is likely to be her last speech in the German parliament to make her most impassioned intervention in the electoral race so far, urging the public to vote for her party’s beleaguered candidate over his surging centre-left rival. The chancellor, who will stand down after federal elections on 26 September, warned of the possibility of the Social Democratic party (SPD) and the Greens governing the country in a coalition with the far-left Die Linke. ‘What is at stake are real economic and tax-related decisions that will determine the future of our country, the number of jobs,’ Merkel said, adding that Armin Laschet of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was the only candidate capable of forming ‘a moderate government that will lead our country into the future’.

“Laschet’s star has sunk dramatically in recent weeks with one poll published on Tuesday forecasting the CDU to drop below 20% for the first time in Germany’s postwar history. The SPD, fronted in this campaign by the vice-chancellor and finance minister, Olaf Scholz, is leading the polls on about 25%.

“Merkel also used her speech to criticise Scholz for using the term ‘guinea pigs’ to describe people vaccinated against Covid-19. At a campaign rally on Saturday, the SPD candidate had urged unvaccinated people to get a jab against the virus, saying ‘guinea pigs’ like himself had shown the vaccines were safe. Merkel said… ‘None of us are guinea pigs, neither Olaf Scholz nor I…’

“Germany has fully vaccinated 61.4% of its population against Covid, lagging behind other large European nations such as Spain, France and Britain.”

Scholz’s widely reported suggestion of being a guinea pig, while pleading for vaccination, is quite inconsistent. He later said it was a joke, but it was not funny. Another report, published by Bild Online on September 7, stated that Merkel’s coalition party, Bavaria’s CSU under Markus Söder, dropped under 30%. If that were the result for the next election, it would be the worst outcome for the CSU in its history. Germany’s immediate uncertain future looks very grim.

Many Christian Churches Challenge Australia’s PM over Covid-Passport

Christian Post wrote on September 1:

“Nearly 2,500 church leaders from different denominations in Australia are urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison not to implement vaccine passports in the country, warning that it would create ‘an unethical two-tiered society’ and ‘medical apartheid.’… [An open letter was] composed by three pastors from Baptist churches and signed by church leaders from across the country… [The letter states:] ‘Free citizens should have the right of consent, especially when the vaccine rollout has been labeled as a “clinical trial”… an individual forced to act in a way that is objectionable to their conscience will never be at peace, either before God or before the state.’… They cite a DCD study that shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts’ COVID-19 outbreak were fully vaccinated

“The letter adds: ‘We as Christian leaders find it untenable that we would be expected to refuse entry into our churches to a subgroup of society based on their medical choice…’

“Last month, officials in Israel said that of the country’s 650 new daily COVID-19 cases, more than half were among the fully vaccinated… studies have also shown that people who’ve already contracted the coronavirus will likely have lifetime immunity. Separately, a [study] found that vaccinating people with ‘natural immunity’ did not increase their level of protection.”

The international push by governments and the mass media for vaccinations and passports increases drastically.

Australia’s Big Brother Surveillance State

Tutanota wrote on August 31:

“This month the Australian government has passed a sweeping surveillance bill, worse than any similar legislation in any other five eye country… What makes this legislation even worse is that there is no judicial oversight

“The new Australian surveillance bill signals the end of respect for Human Rights in Australia… Having the ability to secretly hack into people’s computers, take over their social media channels, and spy on them fundamentally undermines our right to privacy.

“Surveillance is power, and that is a threat to our free and open societies. In Germany, we know from recent history how devastating a surveillance state is.”

Australia—No Longer a Free Country

The Atlantic wrote on September 3:

“In a bid to keep the coronavirus out of the country, Australia’s federal and state governments imposed draconian restrictions on its citizens… Up to now one of Earth’s freest societies, Australia has become a hermit continent. How long can a country maintain emergency restrictions on its citizens’ lives while still calling itself a liberal democracy?…

“Before 2020, the idea of Australia all but forbidding its citizens from leaving the country, a restriction associated with Communist regimes, was unthinkable. Today, it is a widely accepted policy…

“… the government of South Australia, one of the country’s six states, developed and is now testing an app as Orwellian as any in the free world to enforce its quarantine rules. Returning travelers quarantining at home will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will text them at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person…

“The state of Victoria announced a curfew and suspended its Parliament for key parts of the pandemic… In New South Wales, Police Minister David Elliott defended the deployment of the Australian military to enforce lockdowns… In Sydney, where more than 5 million people have been in lockdown for more than two months, and Melbourne, the country’s second-biggest city, anti-lockdown protests were banned, and when dissenters gathered anyway, hundreds were arrested and fined.

“… if a country indefinitely forbids its own citizens from leaving its borders, strands tens of thousands of its citizens abroad, puts strict rules on intrastate travel, prohibits citizens from leaving home without an excuse from an official government list, mandates masks even when people are outdoors and socially distanced, deploys the military to enforce those rules, bans protest, and arrests and fines dissenters, is that country still a liberal democracy?

“Enduring rules of that sort would certainly render a country a police state…”

Indeed. But this same kind of spirit is affecting the entire planet.

Australia’s and New Zealand’s Insane Policies

Breitbart wrote on September 9:

“Australia has now resorted to monitoring alcohol consumption and in some cases confiscating drinks in areas under strict lockdown… Residents in Sydney complained authorities have often searched ‘care packages sent by friends and relatives’ to check for violations of the order… Whether or not NSW Health has the authority to limit alcohol consumption for people being quarantined in their private residences has been called into question…

 “Australia’s neighbor New Zealand has already vowed to close its borders for the remainder of the year, continuing the country’s embrace of a total isolationist strategy in its fight against the coronavirus…

 “Australia’s national carrier Qantas will ban unvaccinated travelers from international flights, CEO Alan Joyce reaffirmed this week… The announcement follows the airline’s announcement of mandatory vaccination for its staff, which will affect approximately 22,000 people.”

Pushing for Vaccinations

The Los Angeles Times wrote on September 3:

“…it’s now clear that even those who have gotten their shots can still contract and spread the virus…

“California  health officials recommend residents delay both domestic and international travel until they’re fully vaccinated…”

npr wrote on September 2:

“If you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t travel over the long Labor Day weekend. That’s the bottom line, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.”

It’s tantamount again to a recommendation for a lockdown and self-imprisonment of the unvaccinated. One can anticipate the time when these recommendations turn once more into mandates.

WARNING! More Autocratic Mandates by Biden

CNN wrote on September 9:

“President Joe Biden on Thursday will impose stringent new vaccine rules on federal workers, large employers and health care staff in a sweeping attempt to contain the latest surge of Covid-19.

“The new requirement could apply to as many as 100 million Americans, according to the White House, and amount to Biden’s strongest push yet to require vaccines for much of the country. The President will direct the Labor Department to require all businesses with 100 or more employees ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week. Companies could face thousands of dollars in fines per employee if they don’t comply.

“Biden plans to sign an executive order requiring all government employees be vaccinated against Covid-19, with no option of being regularly tested to opt out. The President will also sign an order directing the same standard be applied to employees of contractors who do business with the federal government.”

The Huffington Post added on September 9:

“The directives represent a significant step in pushing the private sector, an area where the president has been hesitant to use federal powers too heavily.”

This is socialist dictatorship, plain and simple. Will Americans ever wake up to this dangerous intrusion into their rights in light of Biden’s complete failure and utter incompetence in the Afghanistan debacle?  Not very likely. Note the next article.

RELIGIOUS Persecution by United Airlines

The Hill wrote on September 8:

“United Airlines told its staff on Wednesday that those who are granted religious exemptions from getting vaccinated against the coronavirus will be placed on a temporary unpaid leave… In August, United became the first major U.S. airline to issue a vaccine mandate for its employees.”

Medical Exemptions—Few and Far Between

Newsmax Health wrote on September 3:

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially given its full approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. This opens the door for companies, universities, and other organizations to mandate COVID immunization. People can request medical exemption from getting the vaccine, however, experts say these exclusions are few and far between…

“Medical exemptions are usually based on ‘contraindications’ or reasons why an individual should not get the vaccine… In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, now called Comirnaty since its full approval, the only contraindication is a ‘known history of a severe allergic reaction to any component’ of the drug…

“… the Pfizer vaccine consists of messenger RNA and four lipid nanoparticles. One of these particles, called polyethylene glycol or PEG, could be an allergic component of the vaccine, and has been previously linked to anaphylaxis… The same lipid is found in the Moderna jab, another mRNA vaccine, but not in the Johnson & Johnson formulation…

“The CDC says that people who experienced an allergic reaction to the vaccine within four hours of getting it may also be exempt from getting another dose. The symptoms include hives, swelling and wheezing…

“Pregnant women are also cleared by the CDC to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as long as they are not allergic to any of the components.  Some people have experienced myocarditis, or heart inflammation, after an mRNA vaccine… The CDC recommends waiting until the symptoms are resolved before getting a second dose…”

Doctors tell us that these side effects or allergic reactions are extremely rare. They were compared with the probability of being struck by lightning. But more than half of Americans have allergies. Therefore, it would be wise, no matter what the personal decision may be, to ask God for guidance and help and not just rely on recommendations by the CDC and other doctors who may or may not have the correct answers.

Did Fauci Lie?

Breitbart wrote on September 7:

“The U.S. government contributed funding to controversial gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, a report alleged Monday.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor to Democrat President Joe Biden, has previously denied the National Institute of Health [NIH] has ever funded such research.

“The Intercept reported 900 new pages of previously undisclosed information from the NIH, which The Intercept obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, that the EcoHealth Alliance used federal grant money to fund dangerous bat coronavirus research in the Chinese labs. The Intercept reported:

“‘The bat coronavirus grant provided the EcoHealth Alliance with a total of $3.1 million, including $599,000 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology used in part to identify and alter bat coronaviruses likely to infect humans. Even before the pandemic, many scientists were concerned about the potential dangers associated with such experiments…

“Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University, reviewed the material… ‘The documents make it clear that assertions by the NIH Director, Francis Collins, and the NIAID Director, Anthony Fauci, that the NIH did not support gain-of-function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at WIV are untruthful,’ he wrote.

“As Breitbart News reported, Fauci has admitted some funds went to Wuhan but claimed they were never used for ‘gain of function’ support…”

So, would Fauci be also partially responsible for the outbreak of the virus in China?

Unvaccinated Blamed, but the Facts Paint Different Story

Breitbart wrote on September 6:

Daily coronavirus cases are up by over 300 percent compared to last Labor Day despite the prevalence of vaccines, data from Johns Hopkins University shows. This comes despite the fact that vaccines, which politicians have presented as the key to returning to the state of pre-pandemic normalcy, are widely available. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 176 million people in the U.S., or 53 percent of the U.S. population, are considered ‘fully vaccinated,’ and over 206 million have received at least one dose.

“USA Today, however, squarely places the blame on the Delta variant and ‘a swath of Americans refusing easily accessible vaccines…’ The newspaper is hardly the only source to place the blame on the unvaccinated for rising case levels. Dr. Anthony Fauci… has also placed blame on the unvaccinated population…

“Again and again, the administration has presented the vaccine as the answer to returning to pre-pandemic life. Yet, some states and localities have ushered mask mandates back in, forcing the vaccinated to cover up yet again. Recent surveys, however, suggest that the majority of unvaccinated Americans remain rigid in their decision to refrain from getting the shot.”

The problem is, with Fauci’s changing stories, acting hypocritically and lying to the American people, how can one be sure that he is telling the truth now, or that he even knows what he is talking about? When it comes to the propaganda of the left-wing mass media, the answer to that question presents itself as being quite obvious.

Parental Legal Rights Come Second?

Politico wrote on September 3:

“Mask mandates by schools have quickly become one of the most politically charged aspects of the pandemic. At least six states in the South and Southwest have banned or undercut school mask mandates…

“When it comes to society’s interest in protecting children, the legal precedent is unambiguous: The rights of their parents come second. Parents do have the freedom to direct the health care and education of their children, but these rights are not unlimited… Governments can and do limit parents’ discretion with the goal of protecting the health, safety and welfare of children…

“All 50 states also have the power to limit parental discretion to protect other children… it is clear that schools and day care facilities can require masks as a condition of attendance.

“Masks in schools are a particularly good idea when you consider how easy it is for most children to wear a mask. Children are already familiar with superheroes who wear masks, including Batman and Batwoman, Spider-Man and Captain America…”

This article describes the dangerous legal situation in the USA, severely limiting parents’ rights, and it engages in absolutely nonsensical “rationale” to make its unfounded points. To say that children are already familiar with mask-wearing superheroes and that it is therefore no problem for them to wear masks all day borders on lunacy. Many reports suggest that masks do not help, but could even be harmful. We must pray to God, daily, for His protection, especially and including for our helpless children who are growing up in a Satanically-controlled society.  

Incompetence and Chaos at London Airport

Daily Mail wrote on September 4:

“The Home Office has finally admitted that massive queues at London Heathrow where people including a pregnant woman have fainted are ‘unacceptable’ after airport bosses accused Border Force of causing chaos at Terminal 5 all this week.

“A furious blame-game broke out this morning after images posted to Twitter overnight showed thousands of British arrivals forced to cram into small hallways with no social distancing measures in place and queueing for several hours to pass immigration.

“One holidaymaker… told Sky News he saw a pregnant woman pass out while in the queue on Friday night. ‘There were thousands of families queuing and just two people in booths up front checking documents,’ he claimed. ‘Children were screaming and crying… One photo even appears to show a male traveller lying on the floor in the London airport after apparently passing out while queueing for passport control, amid claims that stressed holidaymakers had no access to ventilation or toilets, and no shuttles were available.”

This happens when utter incompetence and indifference reign.

Words of War between the US and the UK

Insider wrote on September 4:

“A furious war of words between the US and UK over the chaotic troop withdrawal from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan… exposes serious fault lines in the two countries’ ‘special relationship’ at a time when the growing threats of China and radical Islam mean international cooperation is more important than ever…

“While Boris Johnson’s government initially went along with the decision, there has been fury and indignation in Westminster toward Biden following the chaotic scenes in Kabul, where both countries scrambled to evacuate nationals and allies after the Taliban’s lightning-fast takeover of the country…

“Johnson had started referring to Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’ — reviving former President Donald Trump’s favorite nickname…

“Biden, well known for his ability to hold grudges, has long demonstrated wariness towards Johnson…

“Transatlantic relations would appear, then, to be at a low ebb, and Biden also appears to have damaged US standing within NATO.”

All of this is very dangerous for the USA, the UK, and their relationship with other countries.

BBC Shoots at Biden and USA

Breitbart wrote on September 3:

“The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has suggested that Joe Biden’s relationship with Europe has ‘turned sour’, indicating that the elderly Democrat is losing the devotion of the international media as well as world leaders post-Afghanistan.

“…the publicly-funded BBC… is widely regarded as having an institutional left-liberal bias not only by Brexiteers and conservatives but by some of its own longest-serving broadcasters, and its content was biased against Donald Trump by its own admission on occasion. However, a recent analysis… [suggests] the end is here for Europe’s love-in with President Biden…

“‘[I]n capitals across Europe, from London to Berlin, Afghanistan has soured the sweetness of Joe Biden’s honeymoon,’ the BBC  reported, noting that it was ‘not the fact of the withdrawal itself that has rankled’ but the Biden administration’s ‘lack of coordination with allies, particularly since the NATO mission at the time of the drawdown comprised troops from 36 countries, three-quarters of whom were non-American’…

“The BBC did not shy away from highlighting some of the scathing remarks that have been levelled at Biden in the wake of the Afghan fiasco, such as Czech president Milos Zeman branding it an episode of ‘cowardice’ and lamenting that ‘the Americans have lost the prestige of a global leader’…

“Biden losing his cheerleaders among Europe’s liberal ‘centrist’ establishment are compounded by the fact that he came into office having already thoroughly alienated conservative-led NATO allies such as Poland and Hungary…

“The Hungarian government, in particular, hit back at ‘the continuous lecturing, accusations and attacks’ of Democrat administrations over the years, with the country’s foreign minister saying that ‘It would be great if Joe Biden could tell us why he put pressure on the Ukrainian government to fire its chief prosecutor, and how all of this related to the investigation into his son’s Ukrainian energy deals grinding to a halt’ in a stunning public rebuke.”

A deterioration of the relationship between the USA and the UK is prophesied in the Bible.

Quo Vadis, Europe?

Geopolitical Intelligence Services (GIS) published on September 1 this article by Prince Michael of Lichtenstein (with a B.A. in Business Administration):

“The painful exodus from Afghanistan has made many losers. The people who worked for the occupying forces were left behind and betrayed. The entire Afghan population will suffer under the Taliban yoke…

“Europe had to come to terms with its total ineffectiveness as a global geopolitical player. In the capitals of the old continent, many entertained the naive illusion that President Biden’s ‘America is back’ slogan meant Washington would treat Europeans as equal partners. This fantasy was short-lived. In essence, President Biden’s policies have amounted to less cooperation than under the ‘America first’ days of President Trump. The new administration seems to operate under the motto ‘America only.’”

So, what is Europe going to do about it?

Biden Administration Does Not Understand the Muslim World

JNS wrote on September 5:

“The Western concept of ‘negotiations’ is alien to the Muslim world [where] concessions denote weakness..

“US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, White House press secretary Jen Psaki and others serving the Biden administration have been playing right into the hands of America’s enemies… The Taliban not only mocked [Blinken] for his ‘empty words,’ but were fully aware of their absurdity… the Taliban now has an endless supply of military equipment, as well as huge amounts of cash, which the Biden administration left behind when it absconded from Afghanistan.

“Frustrated young Muslim males throughout the world are thus concluding that the tide of their future is pulling towards joining the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other jihadi groups on the march to convert the globe to Islam. If the West in general and the United States in particular had any understanding of the above mindset, they would know that the only way to put the jihadi genie back into the bottle is to mercilessly attack and destroy the terrorist organizations.

“It would be a serious mistake to fall into the Biden administration’s trap of assuring the world that the US was working with the Taliban against ISIS-K to safeguard Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. How can anyone be sure that the Taliban and ISIS-K didn’t coordinate the suicide attacks there, which left 13 US servicemen dead? After all, this is how such groups normally operate against common enemies…

“Welcome to the Middle East, where people go with the winner. Unfortunately, America chose defeat in Afghanistan. And from the Biden administration’s stated policy regarding the reopening of the consulate in Jerusalem, it looks to the Muslim world as though it wants Israel to be defeated as well….”

The naivety of the Biden Administration with regard to the Taliban and the Muslim world is mind-boggling, but the Bible says that God has poured out a spirit of stupor and blindness on our leaders.

Taliban Prevents Americans from Leaving Afghanistan

The New York Post wrote on September 6:

“Six planes funded by a Glenn Beck-founded charity were identified as some of evacuation aircrafts being grounded by the Taliban in Afghanistan… The flights chartered by Mercury One cost the organization $750,000 each and are currently sitting empty at an airport in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif…

“More than 1,600 people, including over 100 Americans are expected to evacuate the country on the planes, which were chartered from Afghanistan’s largest private airline, Kam Air… the Taliban has failed to grant ‘final clearance’ amid negotiations with the State Department that have been ‘stuck at this point.’

“Earlier Sunday, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul said six airplanes carrying Americans and Afghan refugees were being held ‘hostage’ by the Taliban at the airport in Mazar-i-Sharif… ‘This is really turning into a hostage situation where they’re not go​ing to allow American citizens to leave until they get full recognition from the United States of America.’”

Or Is the State Department to Be Blamed?

Fox News wrote on September 6:

“Americans engaged in the rescue of U.S. citizens, SIVs and green card holders left behind in Afghanistan … are horrified by what they describe as inexplicable delays from the State Department that are preventing evacuation flights from leaving the country. The State Department’s delays are recklessly endangering American lives, three different individuals involved in the private evacuation effort told Fox News…

“[It was] suggested that the State Department’s obstruction is motivated in part by embarrassment that private individuals are rescuing Americans that the U.S. government left behind. Those seeking clearance to land in Qatar were informed by military channels that they must first go through the State Department to gain approval…”

And so, the blame game continues, while Americans are prevented from leaving.

Working with the Taliban???

Deutsche Welle reported on September 7:

“US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that Washington was working with the Taliban to facilitate additional charter flights from the Afghan capital… Blinken said members of the Taliban had said they would allow people with travel documents to depart Afghanistan freely…

“After US forces withdrew from Afghanistan on August 30, the Taliban took over the airport, which has been largely closed since then… Blinken denied a ‘hostage-like’ situation in Mazar-i-Sharif, saying that some passengers did not have their travel documents

“Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Kabul on Tuesday in demonstrations against the Taliban. The Taliban fired shots into the air to scatter hundreds of people who had gathered at several rallies in Kabul. Videos show people running to escape gunfire….”

What an embarrassing and deeply humiliating situation for the world’s greatest superpower.

Taliban “Allows” Departure of One Flight

 Deutsche Welle reported on September 9:

 “More than 100 passengers, including citizens of the United States and several other Western nations, on a Qatar Airways flight from Taliban-controlled Kabul landed in Doha on Thursday. It was the first time a civilian, international flight departed the Kabul airport since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan last month… Qatari officials said Thursday that Taliban authorities permitted a flight out of Kabul for passengers who had the proper documents.”

 So, Taliban terrorists determine whether someone has proper paperwork permitting him or her to leave the country!

Far More Americans Left Behind

Breitbart wrote on September 6:

“At least 500 Americans are reportedly stranded in Afghanistan, contradicting President Joe Biden’s estimate of between 100 and 200, according to the Associated Press (AP) on Sunday.

“Among those who believe Biden has miscalculated how many Americans remain trapped behind enemy lines includes Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who told the AP, ‘the number of U.S. citizens still there and wanting to leave is closer to 500.’ And if the family members of those trapped Americans are included, Issa believes the overall ‘number of people could be as high as 1,000.’…

“The true number of Americans stranded behind enemy lines is unknown. The White House’s original number of Americans within Afghanistan before the country collapsed was about 11,000. But the Biden administration said after the deadly evacuation finished, only 6,000 Americans had been flown out of the country, potentially leaving about 5,000. Yet Biden told the world after the deadly evacuation in a prepared speech a few days later that his administration left ten percent of Americans in the country.”

So it appears, the number of Americans left behind is even much greater than just 500 or 1,000, let alone 100 or 200.

Does The State Department Keep Lying?

Newsmax wrote on September 7:

“The State Department ‘lied’ when it said it helped get an American mother and her three children out of Afghanistan, Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., told Newsmax on Monday night. ‘To see that the State Department goes out and takes this credit for this, it is a flat out, disgraceful lie, for them to do that,’ Mullin [said]. ‘This is on par for this administration.’

“State Department officials said the woman, a U.S. citizen, and her three children, escaped the war-torn nation via an overland route to another country…  Mullin said, while there was some help provided Monday, the two-week ordeal to get her out, which he and his team were working on around the clock, was offered no assistance from the State Department and were even told many times to ‘stand down’ from intervening.”


Americans Balk at Intrusive Government Surveillance

 The Associated Press wrote on September 7:

“As the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks approaches, Americans increasingly balk at intrusive government surveillance in the name of national security, and only about a third believe that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were worth fighting, according to a new poll…

“46% of Americans say they oppose the U.S. government responding to threats against the nation by reading emails sent between people outside of the U.S. without a warrant, as permitted under law for purposes of foreign intelligence collection. That’s compared to just 27% who are in favor…

“About two-thirds of Americans continue to be opposed to the possibility of warrantless U.S. government monitoring of telephone calls, emails and text messages made within the U.S.

“… about two-thirds of Americans say they are extremely or very concerned about the threat from extremist groups inside the U.S. By contrast, about one-half say they are extremely or very concerned about the threat from foreign-based militants…”

However, terrorist threats from outside the USA have grown tremendously since the ongoing debacle in Afghanistan. Of course, outside terrorist groups might very well have already placed sleeper killer cells in the USA. Sadly, we should be aware of the possibility of another terrible terrorist attack on US soil in the very near future.

Americans Suffer from Warning Fatigue!

The Associated Press wrote on September 4:

“Cellphones across New York and New Jersey pulsed with urgent warnings of catastrophic flooding as the fury of Hurricane Ida’s remnants, carrying torrential rains, approached upper New Jersey and New York City on Wednesday… A barrage of other alerts from a litany of apps lit up phone screens throughout the night — prompting some to wonder if people were just too inundated with information to take the threat seriously. Experts call it ‘warning fatigue,’ and no one can be sure what role it might have played in a tragedy that killed scores of people across the Northeast… many drowning in their basement apartments or in cars trapped in submerged roadways…

“‘It’s either they don’t believe the information that they’re hearing — they can’t verify it — or there’s some other reason that is completely out of anybody’s control,’ said Ross Dickman, the meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service in New York….”

The Church of God has warned the American people for decades that terrible events will happen to them, unless they repent. But they seem to be plagued with warning fatigue in that regard as well.

North America’s Punishing Drought

Reuters wrote on September 3:

“Record-setting heat and sparse rain left [Canadian rancher Dianne] Riding with too little grass or hay to feed her cattle near Lake Francis, Manitoba. She sold 51 head at auction in July, about 40 percent of her herd…

“Such liquidations of breeding stock are expected to limit cattle production in the coming years, tightening North America’s beef supply and driving up consumer prices…

“The drought spanning much of western North America – from western Canada to California and Mexico – has cooked pastures and hay crops that fatten cattle. The ranchers’ plight is one impact of many from the punishing drought, which has also damaged wheat across North Dakota and cherries in Washington state, weakened bee colonies, and forced California to shut a major hydroelectric plant. In British Columbia, an entire town burned, while California is expected to see a record number of acres go up in flames this year…

“Adding to ranchers’ problems, prices of feed alternatives such as corn, soy and wheat are the highest in years. There is so little feed available that Manitoba farmers have bought 280 tons of hay from as far away as Prince Edward Island, some 3,400 kms (2,000 miles) to the east…

“In the United States, the world’s third-biggest beef exporter… a third of U.S. cattle are in drought areas… and producers are making the painful decision to send animals to slaughter early.”

The Bible predicts droughts with devastating consequences for the USA, Canada and other English-speaking countries in these end times.

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