This Week in the News

Biden in Free Fall

CNN wrote on February 11:

“A nation exhausted by a two-year pandemic, struggling against rising food and gas prices, driven to distraction by school closures and torn apart by a political schism that erupted in violence is far from at ease with itself. The sense of turmoil was captured in a new CNN/SSRS poll released Thursday that showed waning faith in US elections and found that most of the nearly 60% of Americans who disapprove of how Biden is handling his presidency were unable to name one single thing they like that he has done…

“Also on Thursday there was news that a key measure of inflation had climbed to near-40-year high last month…

“37% of Americans saying Biden did not legitimately win enough votes to be president…

“This foul national mood is primarily a disaster in the making for Democrats in November’s midterm elections, but it’s been a long time coming…

“Just 41% of those asked approve of the way Biden is handling his job. His approval rating on the economy has dropped to 37% — down 8 points since early December alone…”

We omitted to cite the typical left-wing pro-Biden and anti-Trump propaganda in CNN’s article, which borders at times on the ridiculousness. But what we did quote speaks for itself.

Biden Interview with Lester Holt

The Blaze wrote on February 11:

“On Tuesday, the Washington Post released an article detailing an Army report that contains documents and sworn testimony from U.S. military commanders involved in the Afghanistan withdrawal last summer. The 2,000-page investigative report… claimed that White House and State Department officials failed to understand and prepare for how fast the Taliban would capture Kabul. The report claimed that senior officials disregarded advice by military commanders to prepare for the evacuation of embassy staffers and Afghan allies as the Taliban marched toward the capital city. In the end,  13 American service members and more than 180 Afghan civilians were killed in August by an ISIS-K suicide bomb attack outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport during the frantic evacuation.

“During the ‘NBC Nightly News’ interview [with NBC’s Lester Holt], President Biden said he rejected the findings of the report…  Biden then had difficulty remembering which country he was talking about. ‘And, and there was no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine, I mean, excuse me, Iraq, Afghanistan,’ Biden said…

“President Biden got a bit peeved during the interview when Holt asked about the latest inflation report  from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On Thursday, it was announced that the consumer price index rose in January to an annual rate of 7.5% – the highest inflation rate in 40 years. In July, President Biden said that inflation would be temporary. Holt told Biden, ‘I think a lot of Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary is.’ Biden responded, ‘Well, you’re being a wise guy with me a little bit, and I understand that’s your job.’ He then blamed the supply chain crisis for inflation…

“On the topic of Russia potentially invading Ukraine, Biden told American citizens living there to ‘leave now’… Holt asked the commander in chief if there was a scenario in which he would send troops to Ukraine to rescue American citizens, to which Biden replied, ‘There’s not. That’s a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another.’”

Neither does NATO have any plans to send troops to Ukraine to fight Russia.

Biden’s Mental Decline

Express wrote on February 10:

“JOE BIDEN has reportedly been asked to take a ‘cognitive test’ after nearly forty House Republicans addressed a letter to the US President outlining their concerns…  The letter, revealed by the Daily Mail, reportedly included recent examples of Mr Biden’s ‘mental decline’ as well as recent public blunders…

“Mr Jackson told Fox News: ‘As a former physician to three Presidents of the United States, I know what it takes mentally and physically to execute the duties of Commander-in-Chief and Head of State….’”

While more and more questions are being asked about Mr. Biden’s mental capacity to lead the country, he and many of his Democratic colleagues seem to be giving in to extreme left-wing members of his party, as the next article shows. But even some “RINOs” seem to become blind in the left eye.  

Biden’s Far Left Pro-LGBT Agenda

 LifeSiteNews wrote on February 11:

“The U.S. House of Representatives this week passed a bill that would allow the Biden administration to sanction foreign individuals who oppose LGBT ideology. The so-called Global Respect Act (GRA) cleared the House in a 227-206 vote Wednesday, with six Republicans joining all Democrats in support.

“The GRA would empower the White House to impose visa bans on foreigners deemed responsible for or ‘complicit’ in violations of ‘internationally recognized human rights’ against people who identify as ‘LGBTQI.’ The broadly-worded bill, which applies to private citizens, defines violations as ‘cruel and degrading treatment’ and ‘flagrant denial’ of the right to ‘liberty,’ among other things.

“The findings of the bill specifically take aim at laws in dozens of countries that prohibit sodomy and other homosexual activity, as well as ‘policies or laws that would further target LGBTQI individuals.’ More than 70 nations, including much of Africa and the Middle East, currently ban homosexual acts.

“Individuals sanctioned under the GRA and their immediate family would be unable to enter the United States and would be ineligible for U.S. visas. The bill would also require the U.S. State Department to designate a senior officer to track restrictions of ‘fundamental freedoms’ ‘based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex characteristics.’ And the measure urges the White House to ‘impose additional targeted sanctions’ through existing means…

“The Biden White House released a statement endorsing the bill last week. The statement also celebrated the administration’s ‘historic actions’ to advance  ‘LGBTQI+ equality,’ such as flying the ‘Pride’ flag at U.S. embassies

“The Catholic Church, of which Joe Biden professes to be a member, has always condemned homosexuality as intrinsically evil and disordered and similarly rejects transgenderism. The Vatican has denounced LGBT ‘gender identities’ as based on ‘nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants.’

“Pro-family and religious freedom advocates have strongly criticized the Global Respect Act… ‘The far Left frequently asserts that even the failure to affirm someone’s sexual orientation and gender identity is a denial of human rights,’ wrote Arielle Del Turco of Family Research Council. ‘If that’s how the State Department would interpret the Global Respect Act, then foreign individuals such as pastors, teachers, judges, journalists, or private citizens voicing opinions rooted in their faith are at risk of being victimized by this bill.’

“During floor debate on the bill Wednesday, Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York warned that vague terms in the bill, like ‘cruel and degrading treatment,’ could allow for prosecutions of free speech, religious exercise, and parental decision-making… ‘Is a parent who rejects her minor child’s wish for a sex change operation complicit in cruelty?’ Tenney asked. ‘Is the Pope engaging in degrading treatment when he expresses opposition to same-sex marriage?’”

The far-left agenda is clearly on display, and most are too blind to see it.

Hillary Clinton the Real Villain in “Russiagate” Scandal?

Fox News reported on February 15:

“The stunning revelation that lawyers for the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a computer technology company to surveil a sitting president, Donald Trump, shows that more than half a dozen crimes may have been committed to advance the false accusation that he colluded with Russia…

“After a 22-month probe, Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of a criminal collusion conspiracy because none ever existed.  U.S. Attorney John Durham was then tasked to investigate how the odious lie arose and whether crimes were perpetrated to accomplish it. Later elevated to special counsel status, Durham has indicted three people so far as he continues to doggedly pursue his investigation of wrongdoing by others.

“In a recent federal court filing, he disclosed that Clinton campaign lawyers hired a tech company to ‘infiltrate’ computer servers housed in Trump Tower, and later, the White House.  As first reported by Fox News, the goal was to generate an ‘inference’ or ‘narrative’ that Trump was colluding with Russia and then feed the phony information to the FBI to trigger an investigation of him. The methods behind the brazen smear were remarkably devious. The tech outfit exploited its access to non-public and proprietary internet data on servers at Trump Tower and the White House, according to Durham. It was equivalent of breaking into a computer except the technicians had special access since the company was performing what’s called ‘resolution services’ on those highly sensitive accounts. The cyber sleuths then covertly penetrated the servers without authorization…  It was insinuated that Trump and his associates were secretly communicating with Russia.

“Naturally, the media was tipped off and went full-throttle with wild claims that Trump was a Russian asset… Shockingly, the surreptitious intrusions continued when the new president moved into the White House.  But no evidence of Russian collusion was discovered because it was, after all, a cunning hoax conjured up by Hillary [Clinton] and her acolytes

“Evidence of [Hillary Clinton’s] role has slowly emerged from declassified records. It was July 26, 2016, when Clinton personally approved the plot to vilify Trump with the bogus collusion claims, according to CIA documents… as a strategy to distract from her own email scandal. Two days later, President Obama was alerted but appears to have done nothing except keep the matter concealed. Intelligence officials then sent an investigative referral on Clinton to then-FBI Director James Comey and his deputy, Peter Strzok. Predictably, it was buried. …

“Clinton… was the architect and master designer of the greatest mass delusion in American political history.  Unraveling her web of deceit is John Durham’s immense challenge.”

Predictably, the mass media buried the story.  

Deliberate Attempts of Mass Media to Deceive the Public

The New York Post wrote on February 15:

“It is awfully late in the game to be surprised that our national press corps puts its political agenda ahead of the national interest, but the refusal to treat the Durham probe with the seriousness it deserves takes the dereliction to a new level. The refusal involves deliberate attempts to mislead the public. 

“Then again, the motive is obvious. Giving Durham his due would require the media to re-examine its role in perpetuating the dirtiest dirty trick in American political history. They won’t do that re-examination now for the same reason they wouldn’t do it after Robert Mueller couldn’t find the Trump-Russia collusion the press and Democrats insisted was in plain sight. The truth of how they screwed up would destroy careers and ruin reputations

“Yet even now, nearly six years after the Russia lies first burst into the headlines, it still boggles the mind that the scam succeeded for as long as it did. Key among the unanswered questions is how Clinton operatives managed to sell the FBI, the Obama-Biden White House and the Washington media the lie that Russia and Trump were working together to steal the 2016 election. What we do know is that once that sale was made, all the rules about fairness and due process were jettisoned like so much trash. In the rush to demonize Trump and elect Clinton, trusted institutions abandoned their standards and shattered their public trust.

“And to judge from the reaction to Durham’s latest court filings, those same individuals and institutions intend to defend their misconduct with all their power…”

Shame on them.

Ambassador Bridge Open

The Associated Press wrote on February 14:

“The busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing… was open again Monday after police removed the last of the protesters who had bottled up the Ambassador Bridge for nearly a week in a demonstration against Canada’s virus restrictions. But the larger truck-borne protest in the capital, Ottawa, persisted as city residents seethed over authorities’ inability to reclaim the streets.

“Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that on March 1, the province will drop its requirement that people show proof of vaccination to get into restaurants, gyms and sporting events. A surge of cases caused by the omicron variant has crested in Canada. The province will also remove its 50% capacity limit on restaurants on Thursday, four days earlier than planned. Ford gave no timetable for dropping the requirement that people wear masks in public places.

“‘Let me [be] very clear: We are moving in this direction because it is safe to do so. Today’s announcement is not because of what’s happening in Ottawa or Windsor but despite it,’ Ford said.”

If you want to believe that…

Canada’s Fight Against the Freedom Convoy

Breitbart wrote on February 11:

“Christian-owned funding platform GiveSendGo said it would not comply with an order by a Canadian court [in Ontario] to freeze over $8.6 million in donated funds destined for the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy 2022, saying the court has no jurisdiction over the U.S-based company…

“While the Ontario court order may make it difficult for the funds to reach the truckers via the traditional finance sector, no court order and no government has the ability to intercept or freeze funds if they are distributed through a decentralized cryptocurrency like Bitcoin…”

Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers

The Guardian wrote on February 14:

“Justin Trudeau has invoked legislation that gives his government sweeping powers… [Trudeau is the] first prime minister to invoke the Emergencies Act… [It] goes into effect for a month [and] allows the federal government to bar people from gathering in certain locations. It could also allow officials to conscript the use of private tow trucks…  the Act would bar the use of crowdfunding websites… and punish companies whose trucks were being used in the protests.

“… at a press conference, organisers of the convoy said protesters would remain until mandates were removed…”

The left-wing liberal media tried to justify Trudeau’s dictatorial measures by alleging that the truckers might resort to violence and that allegedly 11 people with guns and ammunition had been arrested, who were conveniently labeled as being somehow associated with the truckers. Far-left Trudeau, an admirer of the late Marxist Fidel Castro, has faced criticism from the left and the right for his mishandling of the crisis, and his usurpation of autocratic powers is a logical consequence of a man obsessed with domination.

 But will Trudeau’s sinking popularity rates be helped by this extraordinary dictatorial conduct? Reuters published the following reactions to Trudeau’s intentions to invoke the Emergencies Act:

 “ADAM BUTTON, CHIEF CURRENCY ANALYST AT FOREXLIVE: ‘The protest hasn’t been a material market mover of the Canadian dollar…’

“QUEBEC PREMIER FRANCOIS LEGAULT. Legault told reporters that imposing the act risks putting ‘oil on the fire’ by further polarizing the population and argued that local police in the mostly-French speaking province have the situation under control… I was very clear with the Prime Minister, that the federal emergency act must not apply in Quebec. I think we don’t need it. I think that at this moment it would not help the social climate. There’s a lot of pressure right now and I think we have to be careful…’

“ALBERTA PREMIER JASON KENNEY: ‘We would prefer that the Emergencies Act not be invoked, but if it is we would very much prefer that it not be applied to Alberta,’ Kenny told a media briefing.

“MANITOBA PREMIER HEATHER STEFANSON: ‘In my view, the sweeping effects and signals associated with the never-before-used Emergencies Act are not constructive here in Manitoba, where caution must be taken against overreach and unintended negative consequences…’

“SASKATCHEWAN PREMIER SCOTT MOE: ‘… Saskatchewan does not support the Trudeau government invoking the Emergencies Act…’

“LEAH WEST, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, AT CARLETON UNIVERSITY: ‘…Can it truly be said the security of Canada is threatened by largely non-violent protests? Certainly, our sovereignty and territorial integrity are not at risk.’”

“Trudeau Has Gone Too Far”

The Toronto Sun wrote on February 15:

“Ever since the freedom convoy first touched base in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, the PM has gone out of his way to increase the tensions. The Liberal government appeared to be hoping for some sort of Jan. 6 style event as happened in the United States last year. All of their rhetoric indicated they were keen to see such an event go down. It never did. The convoy has been peaceful throughout.

“The only real violence so far has been a vehicular ramming conducted against protesters, which sent four people to hospital. You don’t hear much about that though. Trudeau never condemned it. Instead, Trudeau has called protesters every name in the book even though they are a diverse crowd in every sense of the word.

“Now he is giving himself extraordinary powers to deal with these protests. One of the most disturbing parts is how they can now dictate that banks freeze people’s accounts without a court order. People like Canadian hero Kevin Vickers — the Sargeant-at-Arms who personally thwarted the 2014 terrorist attack on Parliament Hill — have called for calm and dialogue. Trudeau doesn’t want that though. He just wants division and more hostility… The only thing that can be said in defence of Trudeau’s invoking of the Emergencies Act is that it was his incompetence that made such an extreme measure necessary.”

It’s not “incompetence.” In fact, his deliberate actions are part of a political agenda. Trudeau is dangerous… far more so than the public might realize. But there are many dangerous political leaders around in this rotten and God-defying world. After all, it is SATAN who is the ruler of this world and of ALL nations.

Canadian Truckers Not Giving Up!

AFP wrote on February 15:

“Trucker-led protesters occupying the Canadian capital showed no sign of backing down Tuesday, despite a newly invoked state of emergency granting wide new powers to end their weeks-long protest over Covid rules… the truckers appeared undeterred — if anything hardening their stance to move their big rigs into positions tougher to dislodge, with signs that read: ‘Hold the line.’…

“… the Canadian Civil Liberties Association accused the federal government of not having met the threshold for invoking the act. Trudeau’s minority Liberal government, however, has enough support to push through approval of the measures when parliament weighs in to decide whether to extend their use beyond one week.”

Trudeau’s Ongoing Dictatorial Conduct

The Journal de Montreal wrote on February 14:

“The federal government is launching an unprecedented financial hunt in an effort to financially strangle those who fund the siege of Ottawa and the border blockades…  Canadian banks no longer need the approval of a judge to immediately suspend the personal and corporate accounts and freeze the funds of any person or company they suspect of supporting the convoy. ‘Consider yourself warned: if your truck is used in these blockades, your business accounts will be frozen, your vehicle insurance will be suspended…’ said Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland…

“However, the organizers of the convoy have already abandoned the crowdfunding platforms. They turned to cryptocurrencies, with the avowed aim of receiving national and international donations without any legal obstruction and without banking supervision… bitcoins… present themselves as untraceable since they pass from one computer to another and not from one bank to another.”

In a video from 2013, Trudeau praised communist China, saying: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China… Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.” Breitbart also pointed out on February 15 that he “has praised both China’s dictatorship and Cuba’s dictatorship, while using his office to enrich the Chinese Communist Party.” Enough said.

Incredible Dictatorship in Canada! It’s Getting Worse and Worse!

Rebel News wrote on February 16:

“Pastor Artur Pawlowski… has been in jail — in solitary confinement — since he was arrested at his home on February 8… He was picked up last week on something akin to a terrorism charge – the first person to be charged under Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act for allegedly abetting the Coutts, AB trucker blockade… Pawlowski gave a speech to truckers at the Coutts Alberta border blockade, telling them to hold the line…”

On February 16, Judge Erin Olson denied bail, stating, “The accused recent history is such that he poses an ongoing threat to the public and that because the accused opposes any and all rules, his release would bring the administration of justice into disrepute… the accused will, if released from custody, commit a criminal offense or interfere with the administration of justice. The accused pattern of behavior speaks volumes about his willful commission of offenses and/or violations of court & health orders. I have also concluded that the provision of cash bail with or without conditions of release would be unwise and fruitless, given the accused’s recent history of paying fines and costs potentially with other people’s money…”

The next hearing is set for March 11 2022.

With this blatant miscarriage of justice, the court followed the lead of dictator Justin Trudeau. On February 17, Rebel News reported that Trudeau claimed that Canada’s “Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas,” in obvious reference to Jewish member of Parliament Melissa Lantsman, who responded on Twitter: I think the Prime Minister should think long and hard about his own history before singling out a Jewish Member of Parliament and falsely accusing me of standing with a Swastika. What a disgraceful statement unbecoming of anyone in public office – he owes me an apology’”

He does indeed, but don’t hold your breath. 

USA and Europe Tinderbox?

Breitbart wrote on February 12:

“‘People all over the world are watching, and they have respect for what they [the Truckers in Canada] are doing,’ [Trump] said. ‘They’re tired of being pushed around by incompetent people, being told what to do, being forced with the mandates. The mandates should have not happened…

“‘You can push people so far. And our country is a tinderbox, too. Don’t kid yourself. And there are plenty of our country up there right now, folks. When you look at what’s happening —when you look at what’s happening in Canada. Our country, I think, is far more of a tinderbox than Canada.’”

In an accompanying article, Breitbart wrote on February 12:

French police have squared off with thousands of protesters attempting to establish a Canadian-style convoy in Paris in response to the draconian coronavirus measures that Emmanuel Macron’s government has imposed upon the country… over 3,000 vehicles have attempted to enter Paris to demand an end to the Covid regime…. Police were also seen using their batons on protesters… Police were seen smashing the windows of supposed demonstrators in order to remove them from their cars…

“Meanwhile, another trucker convoy descended upon the Dutch Parliament (Binnenhof) in the city centre of The Hague… trucks, cars, and tractors… shut down access to the area of the city in response to the nation’s coronavirus measures.”

Huge Demonstration in Australia

Life Site News wrote on February 14, 2022:

“On Saturday Australia’s capital city Canberra witnessed perhaps the largest political demonstration in the nation’s history. People came from all parts of the country to participate in the Canberra Convoy to protest against vaccine mandates and government oppression…

“For two years, we have been tirelessly fighting for our basic human rights while experiencing the heavy hand of police and government tyranny. People have lost their jobs, been alienated from their friends and families, been assaulted, defamed, and even spat on…. The true Australian soul was on display, ordinary people rising up against dictatorial leaders, so-called public servants, a completely corrupted media, a feckless medical fraternity, a failed judiciary and a co-opted scientific community. ..

“The numbers at the Convoy were huge, perhaps more than double the population of Canberra and representing over 6 per cent of the total voting population. That was just the people who made the long journey to get there… The disgraceful Australian media performed its now familiar job of lying and distorting. Newspaper reports said that there were only 10-20,000 people there; one outlet even said only 4,000. A glance at the aerial shots indicates how dishonest that is….

“Asked about the Convoy, Prime Minister Scott Morrison continued to speak out of both sides of his mouth. He washed his hands of the whole thing, deceptively claiming that the Federal government was against mandates except for some workers in high-risk areas and putting all the blame on the State governments. It was a massive abrogation of responsibility from a leader who does not have the courage to lead. As Craig Kelly, head of the United Australia Party, pointed out, the Federal government could easily have passed a bill against vaccine mandates but chose to oppose one.”

The Canadian Freedom Convoy has become an inspiration for many around the world.

Is Russia Getting Ready to Invade Ukraine?

The New York Post wrote on February 12:

“President Biden’s high-stakes phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin [occurred] Saturday morning as tensions over Ukraine reached a fever pitch [No suggestion was offered from either side that the call diminished the threat of an imminent war in Europe.]… They spoke soon after Putin wrapped up a lengthy conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron in which the two discussed ‘the conditions for security and stability in Europe’ [No progress was reported. The Kremlin said Putin told Macron that Western claims of a planned Russian invasion were ‘provocative speculation’ and could spark a conflict in Ukraine].

“Earlier Saturday, the US and its Western allies began to evacuate their embassies in Kyiv. A small core of American diplomats would remain in Ukraine… but would relocate to the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, where they could be more easily evacuated if a Russian invasion begins…

“US intelligence officials have reportedly concluded that Putin has given the order to attack its neighbor within days.”

The Moscow Times wrote on February 12:

“Russia’s defense ministry added to the febrile atmosphere by announcing that it had chased off a U.S. submarine that it alleged had crossed into its territorial waters near the Kuril Islands in the Pacific. The ministry said it had summoned the U.S. defense attache in Moscow over the incident…

“Russia on Saturday added to the ominous tone by pulling some of its diplomatic staff out of Ukraine. The foreign ministry in Moscow said its decision was prompted by fears of ‘possible provocations from the Kyiv regime.’

“… Dutch carrier KLM announced that it was suspending commercial flights to Ukraine until further notice…  U.S. and German media cited intelligence sources and officials as saying that a war could begin at some point after Putin concludes talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Moscow on Tuesday… The diplomatic push continued on Saturday with a new round of inconclusive talks between U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.”

Deutsche Welle wrote on February 12:

“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday urged Moscow to deescalate the Ukraine standoff and warned Russia faces [“tough”] sanctions ‘immediately’ if it invades its neighbor… Scholz’s deputy chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck reiterated Sunday that Europe may be on the verge of war…”

The Russian ambassador to Sweden said in response that Putin “doesn’t give a s… about Western sanctions,” adding that ‘the more the West pushes Russia, the stronger the Russian response will be” and that “Russia had become more ‘self-sufficient’ amid the threat of sanctions” (Daily Mail, dated February 12).

Scholz Meets Putin

Deutsche Welle wrote on February 15:

“Olaf Scholz made his inaugural visit as German chancellor to Moscow on Tuesday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin… In a joint press conference after meeting, the chancellor said ‘it is our absolute duty as heads of government that Europe does not see an escalation into war.’… Putin added that Germany ‘is one of Russia’s most important partners’ and said it intended to cooperate further with Berlin. He emphasized the role of economic ties between the two, with Germany being Russia’s second-biggest trade partner after China…

“New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief Anton Troianovski tweeted that Scholz had told German-speaking reporters after the press conference that ‘all involved’ know Ukrainian NATO membership is not on the agenda. ‘We just can’t have a possible military conflict over a question that is not on the agenda,’ Scholz said, adding that such a situation would be ‘absurd.’”

With that, most demands of Russia have already been fulfilled… without a war.

Russian Cyberattack on Ukraine?

Newsmax wrote on February 15:

Kyiv appeared to blame Russia for a cyberattack on Tuesday, as U.S. President Joe Biden warned that more than 150,000 Russian troops were still amassed near Ukraine’s borders after Moscow’s announcement of a partial pullback was met with skepticism…. ‘If Russia attacks the United States or our allies through asymmetric means like disruptive cyber-attacks against our companies or critical infrastructure, we’re prepared to respond,’ Biden said in televised remarks from the White House….

“The White House said energy prices could be hit if sanctions are imposed on Moscow following an invasion… Putin told reporters Russia would not be satisfied with talk that Ukraine was not ready to join NATO any time soon and was demanding that the issue be resolved now.”

Russia has rejected all responsibility and blamed Ukraine for spreading misinformation.

Is Russia Really Withdrawing Troops?

Newsmax wrote on February 16:

“The configuration of Russia’s armed forces in the west of the country will return to normal in three to four weeks, TASS news agency cited Russia’s ambassador to Ireland as saying on Wednesday… Russia said more of its forces surrounding Ukraine were withdrawing on Wednesday but NATO urged Moscow to prove it was pulling back…”

The Guardian wrote on February 16:

“Russia is building up its military forces on Ukraine’s border with more troops on their way, contradicting Moscow’s claims of a drawdown, Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, has said… Stoltenberg warned that Russian military capability was only increasing in number and strength.

“The former Norwegian prime minister said Nato needed to be ‘prepared for the worst’…”

Russia’s Con Job?

The Sun wrote on February 16:

“Russia insisted that it was returning more troops and weapons to bases and put out video showing tanks as well as other vehicles leaving the Crimean peninsula…

“But none of the pictures could be verified on Tuesday – as warjets, tanks, troops, missile batteries and battleships continued huge exercises to the north, south and east of the besieged nation. Russian researchers the Conflict Intelligence Team said far from the forces being withdrawn from invasion-ready positions, they are merely being sent back to permanent bases just 15 miles away.”

Russian Invasion in a Few Days?

National Review wrote on February 17:

“Russia has expelled the second-most senior American diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow as tensions between the two countries continue to rise over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, the State Department said Thursday. The expulsion comes as President Biden said Thursday that he believes Russia could invade Ukraine in the next several days despite Russian officials’ claims that the country would be withdrawing an unspecified number of troops from the Ukrainian border following the completion of military exercises on Tuesday.

“Officials in Ukraine and the West remain unconvinced that the move represents a sign that Russia will not move forward with a military incursion into its western neighbor. U.S. officials said Wednesday that intelligence shows 7,000 more Russian soldiers had actually arrived on the Ukrainian border…”

Attack on Kindergarten and School in Ukraine

 Reuters wrote on February 17:

“Kyiv and its Western allies said they feared that Russia might be trying to create a pretext to unleash war… , after reports of shelling across the front line in Ukraine’s longstanding conflict with Moscow-backed separatists…  Kyiv accused the rebels of firing shells at several locations, including some that struck a kindergarten and others that hit a school where pupils had to flee to the cellar.”

Ukraine, Poland and UK Sign Cooperation Agreement

The New York Post wrote on February 17:

“Ukraine has signed a new cooperation agreement with Poland and the United Kingdom as the threat of a Russian invasion looms over the former Soviet republic… The three countries will coordinate on cybersecurity, energy security, and countering disinformation, according to the statement.

“The UK and Poland also expressed their support for reversing the Russian annexation of Crimea. The statement said the nations were “fully committed to stand with [the] Ukrainian nation in its efforts aimed at defending Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders,’ but stopped short of announcing any military support.”

Unbelievable Announcement by US Embassy in Poland

The following “message to U.S. Citizens” was published by the US Embassy and Consulate’s website on February 12:

“U.S. citizens in Ukraine should depart immediately using commercial or other privately available transportation options…

“Poland has indicated to the U.S. government that U.S. citizens may now enter Poland through the land border with Ukraine… U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport and proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  Travelers are also encouraged to present a negative test result from a PCR or antigen COVID-19 test, which will facilitate entry into Poland. …

“U.S. citizens in Ukraine should be aware that the U.S. government will not be able to evacuate U.S. citizens in the event of Russian military action anywhere in Ukraine.”

Another Afghanistan in the making?

Russia Threatens with Use of Nuclear Weapons

Israel 365 News reported on February 12:

“As 135,000 Russian troops backed by tanks and artillery stand poised on the Ukrainian border, Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening to deploy tactical nuclear weapons…

“Putin addressed the issue at a press conference. ‘I want to stress it one more time. I’ve been saying it, but I’d very much want you to finally hear me, and to deliver it to your audience in print, TV, and online,’ Putin said. ‘Do you understand it or not, that if Ukraine joins Nato and attempts to bring Crimea back by military means, the European countries will be automatically pulled into a war conflict with Russia?… Of course the [military] potential of NATO and Russia are incomparable. We understand it… But we also understand that Russia is one of the leading nuclear states, and by some modern components, it even outperforms many.’

“… Russia has just under 4,500 nuclear warheads in its stockpile making it the largest military superpower in the world today

“It is assumed that Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons. Prior to 1991, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and had Soviet nuclear weapons in its territory. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine held about one-third of the Soviet nuclear arsenal totaling approximately 1,900 warheads, the third-largest in the world at the time, as well as significant means of its design and production. In 1994, at the behest of US President Bill Clinton, Ukraine agreed to hand over its nuclear stockpile to Russia for dismantlement…

“These agreements were clearly violated in 2014 when Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. Obama was quietly criticized for his response which was limited to sanctions, precisely the strategy President Biden has stated he intends to employ in the current crisis.”

The time will come when Europe, under the “beast” or the “king of the North,” will attack Russia and other Far Eastern nations with conventional weapons, but the “Asiatic Hordes” or “kings of the East” will retaliate with nuclear weapons.

Germany’s new (old) President

Deutsche Welle reported on February 13:

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) invited people from all walks of life and across political divisions for talks… In his opening statements, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: ‘As federal president, I will not take a position for or against a general vaccination obligation.’ This was seen as typical for him: Once again he had failed to make a bold statement that the republic could argue about. Instead, Steinmeier moderated the round in a routine manner, not wanting to cause a stir, not wanting to provoke. It was representative of his first term in office…

“Frank-Walter Steinmeier experienced the high point of his political career at the beginning of 2017 [when he was elected President]…. he outlined what would be his main areas of focus in office: to prevent Germany forgetting its history, and to fight modern right-wing populism. Without explicitly mentioning the far-right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), which had just seen resounding success in elections on all levels, Steinmeier said in his inaugural speech: ‘We must not only talk about democracy, we must learn to fight for it!’

“In the 2009 federal election, he ran against Angela Merkel as candidate for chancellor — and failed miserably…”

Steinmeier represents the typical face of the SPD (Scholz’ party). While fighting the AfD (which in many regards, especially when it comes to the ridiculous corona restrictions, makes more sense than all the other parties in Germany), he stays away from taking any position in other important matters.

Germany Plans End to Corona Restrictions? Not really!

Deutsche Welle wrote on February 16:

“Scholz told reporters, ‘The jab helps’ as he spoke about the fact that fall and winter will follow spring and summer, meaning the concept of a vaccine mandate cannot be taken off the table entirely. He also emphasized the importance of replenishing stockpiles of masks and other vital tools in the fight against the ever-mutating virus…. Scholz was adamant about the need to convince vaccine skeptics to get the jab….

“The first stage would see the lifting of the limit on the number of vaccinated and recovered people who are allowed to meet… The proposed plan would then lift further restrictions on March 4, including the requirement for vaccinated and recovered people to show a current negative test to access restaurants, bars and hotels — currently, only people with a booster shot do not need to take a test… Finally, on March 20, most remaining limits, including those that target only unvaccinated people, would be lifted. Requirements for mask-wearing on public transport would likely remain, as would testing in certain areas…”

Does the Vatican Possess the Temple Treasures?

The Jerusalem Post wrote on February 10:

“… the Vatican, including St. Peter’s Basilica, was constructed over Emperor Vespasian’s Roman palace approximately 200 years after the sacking of Rome in 455 AD…. the vandals and the Visigoths passed over, or simply didn’t find, the select treasures secreted away in that palace, and instead took with them the many items on public display in the Temple, located not far away….

“In fact, historian Josephus Flavius records the event in which Vespasian took for himself these items specifically as his special treasures for safekeeping, including an ancient Torah scroll. According to Vatican expert Dr. Michael A. Calvo, those vessels and others found their way to the Vatican via another route, after making their way to Byzantium: ‘These include Temple candelabra given to Pope Innocent III by Baldwin I after the sacking of Constantinople and the massacre of the Christian Orthodox population,’ Calvo claims. ‘Temple shofars and utensils; garments of the High Priest; the Tzitz – a gold plaque with the words Kodesh L’Hashem (“Holy to the Lord”); cultural objects, and many other objets d’art, books and manuscripts that the Vatican and other churches have appropriated and placed in their own storerooms, libraries and museums.’…

“But where is the factual, tangible proof that the Vatican ‘inherited’ these sacred items and retains them until today? The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and security services may already have evidence… Not long ago, Abbas had a personal consultation with Pope Francis. After agreeing that the two-state solution was the only way forward to make peace with Israel, Abbas stated that with respect to the advent of a Palestinian capital, ‘Jerusalem’s identity must be preserved through a special internationally guaranteed status.’…

“The official liaison of the pope to Israel, Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, apostolic nuncio in Israel and apostolic delegate in Jerusalem and Palestine, stated in an official letter dated November 15, 2013, that if the Temple treasures do in fact still exist, surely the church would return those lost items to their ‘legitimate owners.’…

“There are several people alive that can personally attest to being eyewitnesses of the Vatican possessing Temple vessels, including the Menorah candelabra…”

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