This Week in the News

Nuclear War Likely in Europe

Reuters wrote on March 19:

“The East-West standoff over the Ukraine crisis has brought the threat of nuclear war in Europe closer than at any time since the 1980s, a former Russian foreign minister [Igor Ivanov] warned on Saturday… While Russia and the United States have cut their nuclear arsenals, the pace is slowing. As of January 2015, they had… over 7,000 nuclear warheads each, about 90 percent of world stocks…

“In remarks that are likely to alarm European and NATO diplomats seeking a political solution to the separatist conflict in Ukraine that has killed more than 9,000 people since April 2014, Ivanov also said Europe and Russia have little chance of a broader reconciliation… adding that Russia could not be the eastern flank of a ‘failed greater Europe’ [and] that Russia’s destiny was now as the leader of a greater Eurasia stretching from Belarus to the Chinese border.”

The Bible prophesies that, ultimately, a nuclear war will break out between a powerful European Empire and a strong Russia in collaboration with other Far Eastern nations.

Historic Bridge Between Russia and Crimea?

Daily Mail reported on March 18:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to ‘hang’ an official in Crimea if a bridge between the illegally annexed region and Russia is not completed. The former KGB officer was visiting the region on the second anniversary of the occupation of the peninsula (on March 16, 2014)  which is also claimed by Ukraine. The international community condemned the Russian invasion of Crimea and has subjected Moscow to a range of economic sanctions…

“The Russian president told reporters at the construction site about the ‘historic mission’ of the planned 12-mile long bridge… According to the Tass news agency, Putin claimed the first plans to build a bridge between the Taman and Crimean peninsulas [were] attempted under Tsar Nicholas II in 1910, but the First World War stopped the construction. Soviet engineers attempted another bridge which was abandoned at the outbreak of the Second World War.

“Putin claimed: ‘Nazi invaders tried to build a bridge here. Their intention was to build a bridge that would last for decades and the Russian command took a decision not to bomb this section to spare what had been done.’ However, this bridge was destroyed by ice. He claimed: ‘Our predecessors understood the importance of this bridge between Crimea and the Caucasus and have been trying to implement this project. Let us hope we will be the ones to fulfill this historic mission…

“Putin’s determination to build a bridge linking Crimea with Russia is regarded as confirmation he has no intention [of] returning the area to Ukraine… cities around Russia prepared to celebrate the second anniversary of what Moscow calls the reunification of Crimea, which was part of Russia until 1954…

“Putin’s approval rating among Russians is at its highest in four years and 95 percent of Russians support Crimea’s annexation…

“Building the bridge, at a cost of £2.12 billion, and supporting Crimea will impose additional burdens on Russia’s shrinking state budget, which has been hammered by a collapse in global oil prices – the country’s main export… ‘The annexation of Crimea was an obvious mistake, which the Kremlin and the majority of Russian people will not recognise for a long time. But we continue to pay for it,’ Russian business daily Vedomosti wrote in an editorial on Friday…”

More than 450,000 Western Soldiers Needed in the Middle East

Daily Mail wrote on March 18:

“Last week in Washington, I met an old friend who is one of the smartest strategy wonks I know… During our conversation, he offered some speculations about what could happen to our world over the next decade or two which made my hair stand on end.

“He predicts that the seismic turbulence in the Middle East will continue, and indeed worsen, unless or until the West is willing to commit stabilisation forces to the region. He calculates that an army of the order of magnitude of 450,000 men would be necessary, to have any chance of success…

“The most obvious lesson of history is that events and threats always take us by surprise. Consider the shocks we have experienced in modern times. Almost nobody expected the Irish Troubles; the Argentine invasion of the Falklands; the collapse of the Soviet Union; the dramatic rise of Muslim extremism; the 9/11 attacks in New York and 7/7 bombings in London; the global banking disaster of 2007-8; the break up of the Middle East that began with the 2003 Iraq invasion…

“Everything that has happened since shows that Fukuyama was as wrong as could be. Across large swathes of the globe, authoritarian regimes flourish like the green bay tree. Democracy has never looked rockier, even in the United States. My think-tank friend in Washington observed last week: ‘Democracy only works where there is a broad consensus about the distribution of wealth and power.’ And it is because this consensus faces unprecedented stresses in consequence of migration in Europe, that he believes some factions may resort to violence, even outright war.

“It seems foolish to dismiss this warning out of hand. The threat posed by mass population movement is huge and intractable… 77 million Turks will have the right to travel all the way to Calais unhindered…

“The entire Middle East is in a ferment, and it is impossible to see any reason why peace should be restored any time soon…

“The principal charge against Europe’s leaders today is that none of them… has begun to come clean with us about the enormity of the challenge. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared a towering figure until August, when she made her disastrous unilateral commitment to open her country’s doors.”

The Bible tells us: When they say, “Peace, Peace,” there will be no Peace.

Israel Helped in Overthrowing Egypt’s Morsi

Global Research wrote on March 18:

“Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon admitted in his speech at the annual AIPAC conference, the largest Zionist lobby supporting Israel in the US, that the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and the installation of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi was planned, in cooperation with generals in the Egyptian and Gulf armies and intelligence agencies… [He] also explicitly said: ‘We decided to allow General Al-Sisi, who was the defence minister at the time, to take over power by mobilising the army in order to become a president. The West should consider this of strategic interest for them as well.’

“This is not the first testimony made by the Israeli occupation’s generals and rabbis regarding the need to keep Al-Sisi as president of Egypt in order to serve Israel’s interests. The archive of relations between the two countries is full of flattery and statements of complete support for this government…”

For the future relationship between Egypt and Israel, please read our free booklet, “Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy.”

Obama and Cameron at Odds over Libya

The Daily Mail wrote on March 20:

“Obama slammed European leaders [including Cameron] in a major foreign policy interview [regarding Libya.]… Mr Cameron… said ‘everyone has to take responsibility’ for the failure to stop the north African nation slipping into chaos, becoming a gateway for the migrant crisis and foothold for ISIS on Europe’s doorstep…

“The remarkable insight into the US President’s critical view of Mr Cameron’s foreign policy revealed Mr Obama believed Britain and France were too happy to rely on the US to deal with conflicts on Europe’s doorstep. And he warned Mr Cameron last summer that the ‘special relationship’ between Britain and America would be lost if he refused to commit the UK to spending the Nato target of 2 per cent of GDP on defence… Mr Obama said he wanted Mr Cameron and the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy to take charge of the campaign to oust Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi in the spring of 2011 instead of relying on the US acting ‘unilaterally’…

“He even went as far as describing the likes of Britain and France as ‘free riders,’ adding later that he had told Mr Cameron that ‘free riders aggravate me’ when he had told the PM: ‘You have to pay your fair share’… In a damning assessment of Mr Cameron’s record in Libya, Mr Obama said bluntly that the intervention ‘didn’t work’…

“Mr Obama… admitted it had been a mistake to trust Mr Cameron and Mr Sarkozy. ‘When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong, there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up,’ Mr Obama said…

“In the interview, Mr Obama also cited Britain as a ‘major factor’ in his decision not to enforce the ‘red line’ on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime. The President called off at the last minute a planned attack in response to the gassing as he decided to refer the issue to a vote in Congress. Mr Obama said: ‘A… major factor was the failure of Cameron to obtain the consent of his parliament.’”

The Controversial Demands of Germany’s AfD

Daily Mail wrote on March 20:

“The far right party which made huge gains in Germany’s regional elections is planning broad new policies designed to crack down on Islamic practices. Among the measures Alternative for Germany (AfD) hopes to ratify are bans on mosque minarets, women wearing burqas in public and the Jewish and Muslim practice of male circumcision.

“The strong gains made by the anti-immigration party in three German state elections last Sunday stunned Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party… It emerged last week that German magazine Compact, which espouses the AfD views, has seen a rise in popularity as it shares the party’s ideology… Some of its recent headlines include Asylum Chaos, Dictatorship Merkel, Vote Her Out, The Better Chancellor – a reference to AfD co-leader Frauke Petry – and Fair Game Woman, an allusion to sexual assaults by North African migrants…

“Compact editor-in-chief Juergen Elsaesser, an outspoken fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin, argues that Petry would make a better chancellor than Merkel…”

Red warning signs should go up, when reading all of this.

The Netherlands’ Geert Wilders Faces Another Trial for “Hate Speech”

Deutsche Welle reported on March 18:

“The leader of the right-wing anti-immigration Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, faces trial for 2014 election campaign comments about Moroccans. Meanwhile, his party leads the polls with elections due within a year. The charges date back to the 2014 European election campaign, in which he repeatedly called for ‘fewer Moroccans’ in the Netherlands. At one rally, he asked supporters if they wanted more or fewer, prompting chants of ‘Fewer! Fewer!’ Wilders smiled, and responded: ‘We’ll take care of that.’

“The prosecution argues that this constitutes hate speech, saying that this case against Wilders is stronger than a previous one, in which his comments pertained to the religion of Islam, not a specific group of people…

“Koen Vossen, a lecturer for the political science department at the University of Nijmegen… [states that] Wilders is effectively arguing that he was making a policy pledge. Take his proposals to send criminals with dual nationality back to their home countries, plus reduced migration from Islamic countries, and the upshot for the Netherlands would be fewer Moroccans…

“Treading this fine linguistic line is something of a trademark of Wilders’ politics. With his Freedom Party (PVV) currently leading the polls in the Netherlands, and elections due within the year, the 52-year-old also said recently that if his party were excluded from the next ruling coalition, then his supporters would not tolerate this and might revolt. ‘So then, if people attack him, saying he’s calling for revolution, he replies: “No, listen to what I said. I don’t want there to be a revolt, I said that it might happen if people exclude me from the coalition,’” Vossen explains. ‘He is very good at this: always making remarks that are very controversial, evoking lots of anger, discussion and media attention; but at the same time, it’s always possible to defend them. That’s what he’s doing now, in court, and I think that it will be really difficult to convict him.’…

Certainly, the trial has not yet hurt Wilders’ approval ratings – with his PVV party polling 10 points clear of any other political grouping in the country. Conservative Prime Minister Marc Rutte, currently in a ‘grand coalition’ with historical rivals the Social Democrats (PvdA), has until March 2017 to call elections; Vossen believes the established parties will wait as long as possible, hoping for a change in the political wind. ‘The refugee crisis was extremely inconvenient for the government,’ he notes, saying Wilders has moved his rhetoric further to the right in recent months, not unlike Germany’s AfD…”

Some of the statements regarding Geert Wilders bear an obvious resemblance to Donald Trump. However, the arguments of the prosecution are ridiculous, which does not help anyone. Claiming that Wilders’ comments, as quoted in the article, would constitute hate speech, is simply preposterous. On top of it, it was reported that many of the prosecutions’ affidavits of alleged witnesses were “fake”; that they were drafted by the police and others; and that they were signed by “witnesses” who did not even speak the native language. Sadly, these tactics and show trials will only raise Wilders’ popularity in the Netherlands.

Pope Francis’ Address—Quite a Stretch

The Associated Press wrote on March 20:

“Pope Frances has blessed palm fronds and olive branches held by faithful in St. Peter’s Square as Holy Week ceremonies begin at the Vatican.

“The pontiff in his Palm Sunday homily lamented what he called the ‘indifference’ of all those who don’t want to take on the responsibility of deciding the destiny of refugees flooding into Europe. He offered a comparison to what happened before Jesus’ crucifixion, when local authorities washed their hands of his fate and passed the decision on to others.”

However, that is not at all what the Bible says.

Migrant Deal Between the EU and Turkey

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 19:

The EU and Turkey have sealed a deal to end the migrant flow… All migrants arriving illegally on European shores from this Sunday on are to be returned to transit country Turkey, starting on April 4…

“From Sunday on, the EU may ship any migrant arriving in Europe via the Aegean Sea back to Turkey… In return for any Syrian refugees the EU ships back from Greece to Turkey, the EU will take in one Syrian refugee currently in Turkey. This number, however, is to be capped at 72,000…

“The European Union has agreed to speed up talks concerning Turkey’s EU membership, meeting a key Turkish demand. However… Turkey had requested that five so-called chapters of the EU accession talks be opened, but the EU has merely agreed to open one. That chapter – on budget and financial issues – is relatively less important than the rest…

“The EU remains cagey about Turkey’s demand that all visa restrictions on its citizens traveling to the Schengen passport-free travel zone be lifted by the end of June…

“Ankara had wanted an additional 3 billion euros ($3.33 billion) to better care for Syrian refugees, on top of the 3 billion euros already pledged by the EU in the fall. But the EU has only said it will ‘speed up’ the disbursement of these funds, and has vaguely held out the prospect of making more money available…

“Resettling refugees has proven a very thorny issue among EU member states. So far, they have only committed to taking in 18,000 people. To fulfill the EU concession to take in up to 72,000 refugees from Turkey, a further 54,000 places will have to be found throughout the EU. Hungary and Slovakia have made it clear that these will not be found in their countries…

“Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Greece needed some 2,000 additional lawyers and judges to deal with asylum requests and returns to Turkey, but he said his country could only muster 270… Human rights organizations fear there will be mass returns of migrants without a fair and individual assessment of asylum requests. After the deal was announced, NGO Oxfam called it a ‘further step down the path of inhumanity.’ Amnesty International echoed the harsh criticism.”

Immoral and Illegal

In a related article, Deutsche Welle raised in its article of March 19 the “illegal” aspect of the deal:

The EU has finally agreed on its elusive goal: a European solution to the refugee crisis. And it turns out to be the Turkish solution that Chancellor Merkel came up with as a last political resort…

“But what a price Europe is paying for this deal. It effectively outsources the protection and care of the majority of refugees from the Middle East to Turkey. On paper, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will commit to keeping international legal obligations and respecting the rights of refugees in accordance with the Geneva Convention. But since when is the autocrat in Ankara known for keeping his promises?…

“The EU, however, will have lost all leverage should Turkey begin to push people back into Syria or Iraq – or if it leaves them begging and starving in the streets of Izmir and Istanbul… the Europeans will be mere onlookers in this drama… Sultan Erdogan… ridicules all admonishments to respect freedom of the press, opposition rights and demands to restart peace talks with the Kurds…

“Europe… is turning itself into a fortress that will be inaccessible to large numbers of refugees… Apart from all the practical problems of implementing this deal and its precarious legal standing, the pictures of Syrian refugees stuck in Turkey’s border regions or Iranians and Afghans looking in vain for protection will come to haunt us. The criticism of human rights organizations holds true: This deal is dangerous, illegal and inhumane.”

The Guardian added on March 19:

“Human rights organisations have hailed a ‘dark day for Europe’ after a controversial deal between Turkey and the European Union aiming to stem the number of refugees fleeing across the Aegean Sea was reached in Brussels… Human Rights Watch condemned the situation as a ‘new low’ and said the proposed conditions put the ‘very principle of international protection for those fleeing war and persecution at stake’…

“Save the Children said that almost 90 per cent of Syrians and 80 per cent of Iraqis have their asylum application granted, making any division on the basis of nationality ‘arbitrary and illegal’. The UN raised similar concerns, saying ‘blanket returns’ would not be consistent with international or European law.

“Amnesty International’s UK director, Kate Allen, said: ‘This is a dark day for the Refugee Convention, a dark day for Europe and a dark day for humanity… It’s absolutely shameful to see leaders seeking to abandon their legal obligations. Forcing refugees back into the hands of the very smugglers they just came from so they can have another go at exploiting them is obviously madness. There’s no way anyone should herald this as a solution.’

“The Overseas Development Institute, which has conducted research on why refugees choose to migrate, warned that the deal is ‘unlikely to work’ to stop the crisis. Marta Foresti, the think-tank’s Director of Governance and Security, said: ‘Our research shows refugees and migrants do not make the decision to leave their home lightly, are willing to take significant risks and will not be deterred by the policies and restrictions of EU countries. Those excluded from the deal will continue to try different, more dangerous routes if the border between Turkey and Greece is shut to them. The EU has failed to provide a humane or pragmatic response to the crisis, what is now needed is leadership at the global level.’”

Hillary Clinton’s Email Debacle Won’t Go Away that Easily

The New York Post wrote on March 20:

“FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server, career agents say. Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term. With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence that Clinton broke the law.

“Exactly what that evidence is… has not been disclosed… as FBI director, Comey can only recommend charges to the hacks in the Obama Justice Department. Indeed, many law enforcement officials who know the FBI chief and the bureau’s inner workings believe the evidence would have to be overwhelming for Comey to even recommend charges, much less for DOJ to pursue them… Just how close Comey is to any recommendation… is difficult to know. But agents believe the probe is nearing an end. A State Department staffer who set up Clinton’s email server, for instance, was recently granted immunity from prosecution to provide Comey’s team with evidence…

“Most officials know private email servers are easier to hack into than secure government servers. They also know that even documents not labeled ‘classified’ may be top secret. That’s why they’re supposed to be sent only through government accounts. Those who don’t follow those rules, like former CIA Director David Petraeus, have faced consequences. Another matter for Comey & Co.: whether Clinton comingled her official State Department business with her role at the Clinton Foundation, and whether she wiped clean messages that show her using her office at State for foundation work.

“Law enforcement sources also say Comey’s record as a prosecutor shows he has zero tolerance for such abuses… FBI sources say [Comey] has no backing from President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to recommend charges against the former secretary, since a Clinton presidency may be the best chance to preserve the Obama legacy. That leaves Comey in a bind: Does he do what is politically expedient and deny the reality that Clinton’s email server activities violated the law, or follow the evidence to wherever it takes him?”

Bill Clinton Slams Barack Obama

The American Mirror wrote on March 21:

“Bill Clinton is either losing it, or he’s ramping up his attacks on President Obama. Neither is good news for Hillary Clinton. During a speech in Spokane, Washington on Monday, Clinton seemed to tear down Obama to boost his wife.

“‘Literally from the time I met her till we talked yesterday, she is the best change maker I have ever known… if you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us… you should vote for her,’ Clinton said.”

Hillary Clinton will not be too happy about her husband’s statements.

US Democrats in Germany Back Sanders over Hillary

The Local wrote on March 21:

“The majority of American Democrats living in Germany voted for Bernie Sanders in a global primary held this month, showing greater success for the senator abroad than he’s having Stateside. Sanders secured roughly 69 percent of the 2,917 votes cast in Germany, compared to 27.5 percent for Hillary Clinton… The Vermont senator also won with a clear majority worldwide at 69 percent of the vote…

“The group will send 13 delegates and eight super-delegates this year to the Democratic National Convention, which is more than the state of Wyoming’s total of 18. Sanders picked up nine pledged delegates in the global primary, while Clinton secures an additional four delegates.”

Trump a Danger for World’s Economy and Security?

NBC News reported on March 17:

“A British research organization has warned that a Donald Trump presidency could have a dangerous impact on the world economy, increasing the potential of Islamic terror attacks and of a trade war with Mexico and China.

“The Economist Intelligence Unit released its updated global risk assessment, ranking the election of Trump a 12 on a scale of one to 25 — the same number it assigned to the possibility that jihadi terrorism would destabilize the global economy.

“The firm pointed to a number of reasons, including Trump’s hostility toward free trade, his accusing China of being a ‘currency manipulator,’ his advocating the killing of terrorists’ families, and his proposal to move troops into Syria to fight ISIS and take its oil.

“This appeared to be the first time the EIU had rated a presidential candidate’s election as a global risk… The organization ranks risks by impact and probability. A Trump presidency bore high impact, but moderate probability, the EIU said. ‘Although we do not expect Mr. Trump to defeat his most likely Democratic contender, Hillary Clinton, there are risks to this forecast, especially in the event of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil or a sudden economic downturn,’ the authors wrote.

“Other global threats on the list included a ‘sharp economic slowdown in China,’ a collapse of investment in the oil sector, the break up of the European Union, the further rise of jihadi terrorism, and Russian actions in Ukraine and Syria leading to ‘a new “cold war.’”…

“Also Wednesday, the Washington Post editorial board called for the Republican Party to aim for [a] brokered convention to prevent a Trump nomination, arguing that Trump ‘presents a threat to American democracy.’…”

However, the more institutions and papers write and speak against Trump, the more his popularity rises within the USA. It must also be stated that some, if not many of the “global threats” listed by the EIU are really not relevant or will not come to fruition (such as the clearly wrong prognostication of a break-up of the EU or the expectation that Trump would be defeated by Clinton and that a Trump presidency had only a “moderate probability”). This shows that the EIU may not be as informed as they are portrayed to be.

Incredible Hate and Violence of Anti-Trump “Demonstrators”

The Washington Post wrote on March 21:

“Brandon Tatum, an officer in the Tucson Police Department, went to a Trump rally on Saturday as a civilian to see what was going on. In a subsequent video, he said he thought there was going to be “a full-fledged riot” at the event — but not because of Trump’s supporters. The protesters were the problem, Tatum said. ‘These people were acting so outrageous,’ he said…

“Tatum said he went to the rally at the Tucson Arena dressed in civilian clothes — a black shirt and khakis — to hear what Trump had to say… But at the door, he said, protesters were ‘verbally violent’… ‘I could not believe what I saw,’ said Tatum, who is African American.

“Someone in the crowd was wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, Tatum said, and people were ‘cussing and screaming’ and tackling one another to the ground… ‘People were directly yelling at me as if I’m a criminal…’

“On Saturday morning, protesters blocked traffic leading to a Trump rally near Phoenix… Hours later, protesters in Tucson formed a human wall in front of the entrance to a second rally site…

“Tatum said Trump had rented out the venue and, therefore, had the legal right to remove people from the event. It was the violent protesters who were violating people’s constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly, he said.”

Trump Scores Big at AIPAC

JTA wrote on March 21:

“Donald Trump… earned an enthusiastic response to his speech at AIPAC’s [American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s] annual conference… [He] softened two positions that have created unease among pro-Israel activists — his insistence on remaining ‘neutral’ in brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace and his refusal to commit to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“On Jerusalem, Trump vowed to move the American embassy to the city, ‘the eternal capital of the Jewish people.’ And he said the Palestinians must accept as a given the closeness of the U.S.-Israel relationship. ‘The Palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the United States and Israel is absolutely unbreakable,’ Trump said. ‘They must come to the table willing to accept that Israel is a Jewish state and it will exist forever as a Jewish state.’

“Trump opponents who had said they would protest the speech because of his broadsides against minorities and his sanctioning of political violence were not visible during his speech, which earned repeated standing ovations.

“Trump’s enthusiastic embrace of pro-Israel orthodoxy appeared to resonate with the AIPAC activists in the Verizon Center arena, and the loud applause was not the only indication. Immediately following Trump’s speech, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, his closest rival in the presidential race, scored Trump for pledging neutrality on Israel and for not promising to ‘shred’ the Iran deal upon election. Both gibes fell flat.

“Trump delivered broadsides against his likely rival in the general election, Hillary Clinton, calling her a ‘total disaster’ and blaming her for last year’s Iran nuclear deal. The line earned laughter and applause, although Clinton’s speech, earlier in the day, was well received.

“Trump’s biggest applause line was when he began a sentence, ‘President Obama, in his final year – yay!’ AIPAC led opposition last year to the Iran nuclear deal and clashed repeatedly with the Obama administration in its unsuccessful bid to get Congress to nix the deal.”

It is amazing how the mass media tries to downplay Trump’s impact. Deutsche Welle reported on March 21, that “Trump has received a lukewarm response from pro-Israeli advocates” at the AIPAX meeting. This is clearly not the case, as the Jewish JTA reported (see above). Rather, Trump received enthusiastic approval from the Jewish audience. To try to stop Trump with lies will not work. And while Trump won big on Tuesday in Arizona’s election, he lost big against Ted Cruz in Utah.

Trump vs. Germany?

The Washington Post wrote on March 21:

“Donald Trump outlined an unabashedly noninterventionist approach to world affairs Monday, telling The Washington Post’s editorial board that he questions the need for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which has formed the backbone of Western security policies since the Cold War… Trump said he advocates a light footprint in the world. In spite of unrest abroad, especially in the Middle East, Trump said the United States must look inward and steer its resources toward rebuilding domestic infrastructure… For the first time, Trump also listed members of a team chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) that is counseling him on foreign affairs and helping to shape his policies: Keith Kellogg, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Walid Phares and Joseph E. Schmitz.

“… on the subject of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, [Trump]  said America’s allies are ‘not doing anything.’ ‘Ukraine is a country that affects us far less than it affects other countries in NATO, and yet we’re doing all of the lifting,’ Trump said. ‘They’re not doing anything. And I say: “Why is it that Germany’s not dealing with NATO on Ukraine? Why is it that other countries that are in the vicinity of Ukraine, why aren’t they dealing? Why are we always the one that’s leading, potentially the third world war with Russia.”’

“Trump said that U.S. involvement in NATO may need to be significantly diminished in the coming years, breaking with nearly seven decades of consensus in Washington. ‘We certainly can’t afford to do this anymore,’ Trump said, adding later, ‘NATO is costing us a fortune, and yes, we’re protecting Europe with NATO, but we’re spending a lot of money.’… He questioned the value of massive military investments in Asia and wondered aloud whether the United States still was capable of being an effective peacekeeping force there…”

The German boulevard press does not like Trump’s statements. Bild Online reported on March 21: “Trump Attacks Germany” (apparently for his suggestion that Germany should do more regarding Ukraine) and on March 22: “Trump Speaks of World War III.” They also stated on March 21 that Trump’s vocabulary is that of a fifth-grader. This accusation is obviously ridiculous.

Terror Attack in Belgium–“Is Trump So Wrong?”

On March 22, Mail Online published the following article by Piers Morgan (former “America Has Talent” judge and CNN moderator):

“How many more? That’s all I could think this morning as news broke of yet another ISIS terror attack, this time in Brussels. How many more innocent men, women and children are going to be blown to pieces by these murderous bastards? How many more airports, train stations, sports stadiums, restaurants or concert halls will be obliterated in a hail of suicide bombs and bullets? How many more world leaders will wring their hands on national television afterwards and spout pointless platitudes about the ‘poor brave victims’ and ‘heroic emergency services’? How many taunting, gleeful claims of responsibility will the despicable perpetrators of these evil crimes be able to issue?…

“The inherent problem which causes it, chaotic war-torn instability in the Middle East, is getting worse, not better; just as the financial and military resource of the enemy is growing greater, not reducing. Yet just as the world is crying out for strong decisive leadership, there is none.

“America has a demob happy President Obama eeking out his last few months in office. A man whose infamous ‘leading from behind’ philosophy to foreign policy has been partly responsible for the war in Syria raging uncontrollably for five years – allowing fundamentalism to ferment. Obama has zero interest in doing anything tangible to really deal with ISIS. This is now parked in the tray marked ‘next president’s problem.’

“Europe, meanwhile, is splintering at the seams, ravaged by an unprecedented migration crisis that nobody seems to have a clue how to handle. German chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to let a million migrants into its country is already seen to be an utter disaster. France, reeling from two horrendous attacks in Paris, is understandably highly fearful of yet more terror coming its way. Belgium officials effectively conceded today that they have no real way to protect themselves against the ISIS threat. A fact surely born out by the fact that today’s onslaught in Brussels happened right when the city most expected it, following the capture of Paris attacks suspect Saleh Abdeslam three days ago.

“Britain, surely a target anytime soon, is on red alert but its warring politicians are too distracted by the upcoming EU referendum in June to pay anything more than lame lip service to terrorism. So nobody seems to be doing anything concrete to stop ISIS, or even suggesting a new way to do so given the spectacular lack of success to date.

“Well almost nobody.

“By coincidence, I had an interview scheduled today with the world’s most controversial man, Donald Trump, for my UK show, Good Morning Britain. It was set up a couple of weeks ago, but the timing was eerily prescient. Here is one man who definitely has a plan to deal with ISIS terrorism. Several plans in fact. The problem is that people don’t like them. Well, a lot of people don’t anyway.

“Trump, current front-runner for the Republican nomination, wants to hit ISIS ‘so hard they never recover’… He also wants a short-term ban on Muslims entering the U.S. until, as he puts it, ‘we figure out what the hell is going on?’ And he wants to torture suspects like Abdeslam with techniques like water-boarding to try and extract information about future attacks. Oh, and he wants to build a giant wall to stop illegal immigrants pouring over the Mexican border into America…

“Trump told me countries must tighten their borders in light of these terror attacks, especially to anyone related to an ISIS fighter in Syria. Is he so wrong?

“He told me he wants law-abiding Muslims to root out the extremists in their midst, expressing his bafflement and anger that someone like Abdeslam was able to hide for so long in the very part of Brussels he had previously lived. Is he so wrong?

“He told me America must make it far harder for illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. and thinks European countries should follow suit. Is he so wrong?

“He told me he believes there are now areas of many major European cities which have become poisonous breeding grounds for radicalized Islamic terror. Is he so wrong?

“I didn’t feel I was talking to a lunatic, as many seem to view Trump. I saw a guy, a non-politician unfettered by PC language restraints, who is genuinely furious at the devastation which ISIS is wreaking, and seriously concerned for the security of his fellow Americans and indeed, the citizens of Europe.

“His plans for tackling this extraordinarily dangerous threat to the world have been widely condemned as ‘bigoted’ and ‘racist’. But although I publicly criticised him for the Muslim short-term ban suggestion, I’ve known Trump for ten years and I don’t believe he’s a racist… And right now, he firmly believes that ISIS will murder countless more Americans and Europeans if somebody somewhere doesn’t stand up and punch them hard in the face.

“Someone prepared to stop spewing politically-correct niceties after these attacks, hoping nobody gets offended, and actually DO something. Let’s be honest with ourselves, right now ISIS is winning this war and will continuing committing utter carnage on our streets on an ever graver and more barbaric scale until they are stopped.

“I don’t have the answers to how to do that. But I don’t hear any good ideas coming from any world leaders at the moment either, and it’s their highly paid jobs to work it out. Instead, I see a global paralysis driven by fear, confusion and woeful lack of leadership. And it will only get worse.

“Hate Donald Trump all you like, but at least he seems to recognise the magnitude of the threat and at least he has firm proposals for how to try to defeat it. They may not win him the Politically Correct Pontificator of the Year award. But how many more scenes like this morning’s appalling images from Brussels are we going to tolerate before we try a non-PC option to beat these disgusting excuses for human beings?

“At the end of our interview, I asked Donald Trump to send a message to the large majority of non-violent, decent Muslims who are as disgusted by these attacks as the rest of us. ‘I have great respect for Muslims,’ he said, ‘I have many friends that are Muslims. I’m just saying that there is something with a radicalized portion that is very, very bad and very dangerous. I would say this, to the Muslims, when they see trouble, they have to report it, they’re not reporting it, they’re absolutely not reporting it and that’s a big problem.’ Is he so wrong?”

ISIS Ready to Attack Europe

The Associated Press wrote on March 23:

“The Islamic State group has trained at least 400 fighters to target Europe in deadly waves of attacks, deploying interlocking terror cells like the ones that struck Brussels and Paris with orders to choose the time, place and method for maximum carnage, officials have told The Associated Press.

“The network of agile and semiautonomous cells shows the reach of the extremist group in Europe even as it loses ground in Syria and Iraq. The officials… described camps in Syria, Iraq and possibly the former Soviet bloc where attackers are trained to attack the West. Before being killed in a police raid, the ringleader of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks claimed he had entered Europe in a multinational group of 90 fighters, who scattered ‘more or less everywhere.’…

“Estimates range from 400 to 600 Islamic State fighters trained specifically for external attacks… Some 5,000 Europeans have gone to Syria.”

President Obama’s Failed “Strategy” Regarding ISIS

The New York Times wrote on March 22:

“It is not working. President Obama’s slow-but-steady strategy to defeat the Islamic State… is doing nothing to dent the charismatic appeal of the militant group, disrupt its propaganda or prevent it from killing Europeans.

“The Brussels attacks that left at least 30 people dead at the city’s international airport and a subway station adjacent to the European Union headquarters — the symbolism could scarcely be more potent — came just four days after the capture in the Belgian capital on Friday of Salah Abdeslam. He was the sole survivor among the 10 men believed to have perpetrated the attacks that killed 130 people in Paris a little more than four months ago.

“The Islamic State claimed responsibility. The Brussels slaughter bore its hallmarks — an apparently retaliatory attack, carried out by members of a large Belgian cell, many of them trained in Syria, all living in a European country that has permitted Islamist terrorists to infiltrate its neighborhoods. The message was clear: We can still hit you at will. Nothing that Western governments have done since Paris has changed that…

“Since the Paris attack, Obama has insisted that an anti-Islamic State coalition with European and other allies is getting the job done… The president has suggested that more radical military action to crush the militants — essentially the deployment of infantry — would drag the United States into another Middle Eastern war and increase the appeal of the Islamic State… This is a very high-risk policy… It allows the Islamic State to strut its pure evil in and from Raqqa. The Obama approach posits that the Islamic State can be beaten before European and American societies are undermined. Again today, speaking in Havana, he said, ‘We will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.’ But the president does not say when victory will come against these forces he declined to identify, and time counts… [the] ponderous wait-them-out approach to the murderous fanatics of the caliphate looks like capitulation.”

Obama in Cuba

The Guardian wrote on March 21:

“President Raúl Castro of Cuba demanded that Barack Obama hand back Guantánamo Bay and fully end the US trade embargo as their historic first summit in Havana witnessed an unexpectedly spirited clash of political values. Despite emotional scenes of reconciliation that earlier saw the Star Spangled Banner played to spine-tingling effect by a Cuban band in Revolution Square, the two leaders made clear that rapprochement had only come so far. ‘There are profound differences between our countries that will not go away,’ said Castro as he turned the tables on the question of human rights and criticised the US for its failures to ensure universal healthcare and equal pay for women… The Cuban leader also angrily rejected questions by a US journalist who questioned his country’s human rights record… When asked why Cuba still held political prisoners, a visibly irritated Castro responded by asking: ‘What political prisoners? Give me a list of the political prisoners and I will release them immediately…’

“Obama agreed that the two countries still had much to disagree about and said the two had ‘frank and candid’ exchanges during nearly three hours of bilateral meetings earlier on Monday. ‘After five very difficult decades, the relationship between our two countries will not be transformed overnight,’ said the US president. ‘We continue to have significant differences … and that includes democracy and human rights…’

“‘Cuba’s destiny will not be decided by the United States or any other country,’ Obama added…  Obama’s conciliatory remarks – in which he predicted Congress would soon lift the embargo – may anger critics back home, who claim he has given away too much for too little by restoring diplomatic relations without guarantees of political reform… Many thorny issues remain unresolved. Cuba is adamant that no full rapprochement is possible unless the US lifts its embargo and returns the US navy base at Guantánamo Bay. Neither are acceptable to the Republic-controlled US Congress…”

Sadly, in his typically apologetic manner, President Obama said that he ‘“personally would not disagree’ with some of Cuban President Raul Castro’s criticisms of America,” according to the Weekly Standard on March 21. He spoke in Cuba during a press conference for less than a minute on the terrorist attack in Belgium and then went to a baseball game with President Castro …

Nothing Learned

Newsmax added on March 24:

“President Barack Obama came under bitter attack Wednesday for doing the tango and taking in other pleasures on his visits to Cuba and Argentina amid the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels… In Buenos Aires on Wednesday, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were coaxed onto the dance floor by professional tango dancers at a state dinner hosted by Argentine President Mauricio Macri…

“Obama played golf on Martha’s Vineyard in September 2014 after making a quick statement condemning the beheading of Foley, a freelance journalist from New Hampshire, by Islamic State terrorists. He later admitted that the move was a mistake after widespread outrage by critics.”

Even the German media reported about President and Mrs. Obama’s conduct with disgust.

Will China’s Economic Bubble Burst?

 Quartz wrote on March 22:

“The US subprime boom that eventually would trigger the 2008 global financial crisis started when lenders pushed outsized home loans on people without the wherewithal to pay them back. These homeowners were often so cash-strapped that they made tiny down payments on their properties. When home prices fell and loans went bad, banks and investors holding the loans, and financial investments build off them had to eat massive losses. One corner of China’s property market is starting to look very similar. That’s because Chinese home buyers are borrowing huge amounts of money to pay for down payments through the country’s hard-to-track shadow banking system…

“Normally, to get a mortgage in China, homebuyers need to put down at least 20% of a home’s value, and more in some big cities. But in recent years, these new players have stepped in, making it possible for someone with no savings at all to take out a mortgage…

“China’s top leadership is worried [pointing] out parallels between China’s situation and the US subprime crisis, [stating that it] could lead to a financial disaster… borrowing money to cover home down payments [is] not allowed… the problem has already grown to many billions of dollars… Even as China’s economic growth has slowed, outstanding mortgage loans have continued to grow. Chinese bank-issued home loans rose to 14 trillion yuan ($2.2 trillion) in 2015, 6% faster than the previous year…”

The Convoluted Hotchpotch of Easter Dating

The Independent wrote on March 21:

“Easter is fast approaching as Lent draws to a close and the festival takes place this Sunday 27 March… Easter’s date fluctuates every year. This year, the date is the earliest for almost a decade…

“As a general rule, it falls on the first Sunday which follows the first full moon after 21 March. The convoluted system is the product of a mix of Hebrew, Roman and Egyptian culture and calendars. The Egyptians based their calendar on the movement on the Sun, which was adopted by Roman and then Christian culture. However, Judaism used one based on the phases of the moon, which Islam also incorporates.

“Easter’s date fluctuates due to an attempt to harmonise these solar and lunar calendars. However, the issue is further complicated as there is no one fixed way to calculate Easter. Rather, more than a dozen different formulas exist. Many people have called for the system to be simplified to reduce confusion. In 1928 an Easter Act was passed which fixed the date as the first Sunday after the second Saturday in April. However, the law did not catch on and very few people adopted it. It has never been enforced by the Government and has largely been forgotten.

“The most common date for Easter is 19 April, making this year’s date very early. The earliest it can be is 22 March. However, it has not fallen on this date since 1818 and won’t fall here again until 2285. The latest day on which Easter can fall is 25 April. This last happened in 1943 and will next come round in 2038.”

The pagan festival of Easter has really nothing to do with true Christianity, and it is actually a dangerously dark and sinister holiday. For more information, please view our new StandingWatch program, “The Dark Side of Easter.” 

Transgender Ideology “Mental Disorder” and “Child Abuse”

Breitbart wrote on March 21:

“In a strongly worded statement…, the professional association of pediatricians says ‘a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.’ It describes such thinking as [a] problem that exists in the mind and not the body and ‘it should be treated as such.’ The college of pediatricians is joining a heated debate that increasingly pits concerned parents against school teachers, administrators, legislators, and transsexual advocates who are pushing the trans agenda in grade-schools, city governments, state governments, and the federal government.

“A wave of ‘non-discrimination’ bills are appearing around the country that require public women’s restrooms to accommodate men who think they are women and even those who consider themselves ‘gender non-binary,’ that is, men who appear to be men but who say there are neither male or female…

“The statement points out that such gender confusion should be treated as a psychological disorder called ‘gender dysphoria’ and is ‘a recognized mental disorder in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-V).’

“The group is most concerned about the regimen of drugs that are given to children to block puberty. ‘Children who use puberty blockers to impersonate the opposite sex will require cross-sex hormones in late adolescence. Cross-sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are associated with dangerous health risks including but not limited to high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke and cancer.’

“Rates of suicide among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex change reassignment surgery are ‘twenty times greater’ than the rest of the population even in such trans-friendly places as Sweden. The doctors argue that ‘Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.’”

The transgender ideology is indeed the product of a spiritually unhealthy mind. Please view our “controversial” and not necessarily highly popular StandingWatch program, God’s Viewpoint on Transgender and Homosexual Individuals.”  

Religious Change in the USA

The Atlantic wrote on March 20:

“In the United States, fewer young Americans identify as religious or attend regular services than members of any other living generation… Religion is no longer the mode through which many people live their lives…

“But even as the country is becoming somewhat less religious, it is also becoming more religiously diverse… Immigrants are introducing their cultural practices into so-called old-time religion…

“Religious choices… create some of the most intense and hate-filled conflicts in American politics…  This might include the choice of who to marry, whether to convert, and how to spend a Friday night or Sunday morning. Some face the dilemma of staying in a religion that upholds tenets with which they disagree, or leaving a religion they love… The way young Americans wrestle with these choices will not only shape their futures. It will shape the future of the country.”

The Bible says that end-time America will totally reject the true God.

The Long Sad History of Anti-Semitic “Conspiracy” Theories

The Guardian wrote on March 19:

“Whenever I hear Jews announce their hatred of Israel’s very existence, I suspect that underneath their loud bombast lies a quiet plea to the Islamists and neo-Nazis who might harm them: ‘I’m not like the others. Don’t pick on me.’…

“Whether the antisemitic conspiracy theory is deployed by German Nazis [including German Neo-Nazis] or Arab dictators, French anti-Dreyfusards or Saudi clerics, the argument is always the same. Democracy, an independent judiciary, equal human rights, freedom of speech and publication – all these ‘supposed’ freedoms – are nothing but swindles that hide the machinations of the secret Jewish rulers of the world…  The ‘Israel lobby’ controls western foreign policy. Israel itself is the ‘root cause’ of all the terrors of the Middle East, from the Iraq war to Islamic State. Polite racism turns the Jews, once again, into demons with the supernatural power to manipulate and destroy nations. Or as the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallström, who sees herself as a feminist rather than a racial conspiracist, explained recently, Islamist attacks in Paris were the fault of Israeli occupiers in the West Bank.

“Or consider the otherwise bizarre indulgence of ultra-right religious extremists by people who otherwise describe themselves as liberals and leftists. As someone who warned… about the growing darkness on the left, I am pessimistic about the chances of change…  they will have to learn to treat all racisms equally. They will need to make a brief acquaintance with European history and understand that the left has no guaranteed immunity from fascistic ideology. They will have to see antisemitism for what it is and understand why it always leads to despotism and despair…”

Rightly understood, the ideology of anti-Semitism has had a field day in radical left philosophies. Stalin’s Russia persecuted the Jews, as did other Communist countries. So did Hitler’s Germany. But even though it is normally “described” as a radical right-wing philosophy, the term Nazi actually means “national SOCIALIST.”

Neanderthals Were Modern Human Beings!

Reuters reported on March 19:

“Scientists said on Friday an analysis of genetic information on about 1,500 people from locations around the world indicated at least four interbreeding episodes tens of thousands of years ago, three with our close cousins the Neanderthals and one with the mysterious extinct human species known as Denisovans. People living on the remote equatorial islands of Melanesia represented the only population found to possess an appreciable level of Denisovan genetic ancestry. These Melanesians, like most human populations, also had Neanderthal genetic ancestry…

“Denisovans, discovered in the past decade, are known only from a pinky finger bone and two teeth from a northern Siberian cave.”

This would again prove that Neanderthals (and Denisovans, if they really existed) were human beings (homo sapiens), and not ape-like creatures. For more information and proof, please read our free booklet, “Heavens and Earth… Before and After the First Man.” 

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