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German Refugee Policy Under Fire after a Week of Bloodshed

The Associated Press wrote on July 25:

“Four attacks in a week, three of them carried out by asylum seekers, have left Germany on edge and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies of welcoming refugees under renewed criticism. The unprecedented bloodshed began July 18, when a 17-year-old from Afghanistan wielding an ax attacked people on a train near Wuerzburg, wounding five people before he was shot to death by police. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

“On Sunday, a 21-year-old Syrian [refugee] used a knife to kill a 45-year-old Polish woman in the southern city of Reutlingen. Authorities said assailant and victim knew each other from working in the same restaurant, and the incident was not related to terrorism.

“Also Sunday, a 27-year-old Syrian who was denied asylum detonated a backpack of explosives and shrapnel at the entrance to an outdoor music festival in Ansbach, killing himself and wounding 15 people. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility, and German security officials said a video on the attacker’s phone shows him pledging allegiance to the extremists.

“The deadliest attack came Friday night in Munich. The German-born, 18-year-old son of Iranian asylum seekers went on a shooting spree and killed nine people. The youth had obsessively researched mass shootings, and authorities said the attack does not appear to be linked to Islamic extremists. The violence followed an attack in the French Riviera by a Tunisian truck driver who plowed his vehicle into a Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people in Nice.

“Experts say the attacks are likely to inflame anti-foreigner sentiment in Germany, creating a challenge for Merkel’s government. Merkel could now face increased calls for tighter border security and greater vetting of arrivals… Anxiety over Germany’s ability to cope with last year’s flood of more than 1 million registered asylum seekers first surged following a series of sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne during New Year celebrations. The crimes, which prosecutors said were committed largely by foreigners, fueled anti-immigrant sentiment and helped bolster support for the populist, anti-Islam AfD (Alternatives for Germany) party in three regional elections…

“On Monday, the AfD criticized Merkel’s administration, saying that under “the current ideology of a dangerous “multiculturalism,” the country’s domestic security and the order of Germany keeps getting destroyed.’ Social media criticism of Merkel was especially harsh, with some people condemning her for accepting hundreds of thousands of migrants last year.

“Merkel tried to calm the mood over the weekend by saying the security services will ‘do everything possible to protect the security and freedom of all people in Germany.’ Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said most asylum seekers had come to Germany to escape persecution, and it was important to remember that only a tiny minority had links to terrorism. It would be wrong, he told the Funke newspaper group, to put all of them under ‘general suspicion, even if there are investigations in individual cases.’…

“Nonetheless, ‘people in Germany are scared,’ said Rainer Wendt, the head of the police union DPolG. ‘Last year, we gave up control of our borders and instructed police not to check everything that should have been checked,’ Wendt said in an interview on German broadcaster N-TV. ‘There was also this welcome culture, which stopped us clearly seeing that some people have come here who are up to no good, or who are so psychologically unstable that they pose a considerable threat.’

“Armin Nassehi, a sociologist at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, said that among the one million asylum seekers who were registered in Germany last year, ‘there’s a big number of traumatized people who know nothing but violence — that’s a fact one cannot ignore.’ He pointed out that ‘most people who commit Islamist acts of terror are also psychologically unstable.’

“Asked why there were so many attacks in such a short time, Nassehi suggested some of the attackers may be copycats, saying that ‘images of violence produce further violence.’ Asked how similar attacks could best be prevented, de Maiziere said it was important to ensure that new arrivals be well-integrated quickly into German society.”

Deadly Terror Attack in France

JTA wrote on July 26:

“An attack on a Catholic church in northern France that saw an 84-year-old priest killed is an attack against all religions, the head of the European Jewish Congress said. Two assailants who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State also critically wounded at least one other person during the Tuesday morning attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, a suburb of Rouen about 65 miles northwest of Paris. They shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’…  before slitting the priest’s throat, according to reports.

“The terrorists were shot and killed after taking the priest, two nuns and two parishioners hostage during morning Mass. Following the siege, the Islamic State claimed the two men as its ‘soldiers.’ ‘An attack against a religious institution and a man of God is an attack against all religions and faith itself,’ Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, said in a statement following the attack. ‘This dastardly attack will only strengthen our resolve to defeat the enemy of Islamist terrorism. This attack targets us all decent Europeans, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike,’ he said.

“Israeli President Reuven Rivlin called on the free world to ‘fight to defend’ our values. ‘This attack shows the true face of the brutal nature and horror of terrorism,’ he said. ‘This is an attack by radical extremists, terrorists, who have struck at the very symbol of peace and murdered in cold blood in a house of God, while they pretend to speak in His name.’”

Donald Trump: “French and Germans to Face ‘Extreme Vetting’ Entering the US”

The Telegraph wrote on July 24:

“Donald Trump has suggested terrorist attacks in France and Germany were their ‘own fault’ and citizens of those ‘compromised’ countries could be subject to ‘extreme vetting’ before entering the United States.

“Mr Trump was giving more detail about a policy he announced in his Republican convention speech on Thursday. When asked in an interview with NBC News if that might lead to a point when not a lot of people from overseas are allowed in, the Republican presidential nominee said: ‘Maybe we get to that point.’ He said France and Germany had ‘totally’ been compromised by terrorism.

“Mr Trump said: ‘You know why? It’s their own fault because they allowed people to come into their territory. ‘We have to have tough, we’re going to have, tough standards. If a person can’t prove what they have to be able to prove they’re not coming into this country.’

“He added: ‘That’s why Brexit happened OK? Because the UK is saying “We’re tired of this stuff, what’s going on? We’re tired of it.” Here’s my plan, here is what I want, extreme vetting.’”

Newsmax added on July 24:

“Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is calling changes to his proposed ban on foreigners entering the U.S. from countries ‘compromised by terrorism’ an ‘expansion’ of his Muslim ban. That expansion could even include allies like France and Germany, Trump said Sunday during a TV interview… Originally a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., Trump changed his plan to one that focused on countries compromised by terrorism.

“‘I’m looking now at territory,’ he told moderator Chuck Todd… ‘And I would stop the Syrian migration and a Syrian from coming into this country in two seconds.’ Todd raised the point that allies like France and Germany with large Muslim populations have also produced home-grown terrorists. Would they be included in the ban, he asked. ‘We have problems in Germany and France,’ Trump said… ‘It’s their fault because they allowed people over years to come into their territory and that’s why Brexit happened,’ Trump said… ‘You can get to the point where you’re not allowing a lot of people to come into this country,’ Todd pointed out. ‘Maybe we get to that point.’’”

The Local wrote on July 24:

“‘I’m going to be coming out over the next few weeks with a number of the places [which have been compromised by terrorism],’ said Trump… ‘People were so upset when I used the word Muslim. Oh, you can’t use the word Muslim. Remember this. And I’m okay with that because I’m talking territory instead of Muslim,’ he said. ‘Just remember this,’ Trump said. ‘Our Constitution is great. But it doesn’t necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay? Now, we have a religious, you know, everybody wants to be protected. And that’s great. And that’s the wonderful part of our Constitution. I view it differently.’”

As all of these comments show, it is often quite difficult to figure out what Donald Trump is actually saying, and what he may mean. But if he is serious about denying German and French tourists entry to the USA, as they would be coming from countries or “territories” that have “totally been compromised by terrorism,” and because they “can’t prove what they have to be able to prove” (whatever that means), then this concept might help him to get more votes at the Presidential election, but it would be a bombshell of such magnitude in Europe that especially France and Germany would quickly unite in opposing and fighting Donald Trump as US President. Donald Trump is already extremely disliked in much of Europe, but such a policy, as indicated by Trump, would be considered as a hostile attack against Germany and France and the last nail of the coffin. It would, of course, be in total harmony with prophesied events, which predict a total deterioration of the relationship between Europe and the USA, which would ultimately contribute to the beginning of World War III.

Being aware of the absolutely explosive nature of Trump’s somewhat predictable comments, the Associated Press reported on July 25 that “Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, played down the potential effects of Trump’s call for ‘extreme vetting’ for people coming from France and Germany. Manafort said the US will have an easier time screening people from those countries because of long-standing ‘cooperative agreements.’”  However, one must ask what Trump really means, because his vague indications are great cause for alarm in Europe. The German press (for instance, Die Welt and Focus) paid much attention to Trump’s comments.

Trump: “Can’t Go Into World War III for NATO”

On July 26, Newsmax published an article with the following headline: “Trump: Can’t Go Into World War III for NATO Allies Who Don’t Pay.”

The article continued:

“GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down on his criticism of NATO allies not paying while expecting the United States to protect them…  ‘We are funding 73 percent of the cost of NATO,’ he said. ‘They have an agreement to reimburse us and pay us and they are not doing it … And then we are supposed to get into World War III.’”

Head of Democratic Party Resigns in Disgrace

Reuters wrote on July 24:

“The head of the Democratic Party resigned on Sunday amid a furor over embarrassing leaked emails, hoping to head off a growing rebellion by Bernie Sanders supporters on the eve of the convention to nominate Hillary Clinton for the White House. Lingering bitterness from the heated primary campaign between Clinton and Sanders erupted after more than 19,000 Democratic National Committee emails, leaked on Friday, confirmed Sanders’ frequent charge that the party played favorites in the race.

“In a statement, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the best way for the party to accomplish its goal of putting Clinton in the White House was for her to step aside. Sanders had demanded earlier in the day that Wasserman Schultz resign. The furor was a blow to a party keen on projecting stability in contrast to the volatility of Republican candidate Donald Trump, who was formally nominated at a raucous convention in Cleveland last week.

“It also overshadowed preparations in Philadelphia for Clinton’s coronation as the nominee to face Trump in the Nov. 8 presidential election…

“The cache of emails leaked on Friday by the WikiLeaks website disclosed that DNC officials explored ways to undermine Sanders’ insurgent presidential campaign, including raising questions about whether Sanders, who is Jewish, was really an atheist…

“The Clinton camp questioned whether Russians may have had a hand in the hack attack on the party’s emails and were interested in helping Trump, who has exchanged words of praise with Russian President Vladimir Putin… Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said the Clinton camp was trying to distract from its party discord… ‘What’s in those emails show that it was a clearly rigged system, that Bernie Sanders … never had a chance.’”

Subsequently, Hillary Clinton allegedly hired Debbie Wassermann Schultz for her campaign. On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was officially nominated as Democratic Presidential candidate, “making history as the first major political party to choose a woman as its standard-bearer,” according to the New York Times, dated July 26.

Did Russia Do It?

Thomson/Reuters wrote on July 25:

“If the Russian government is behind the theft and release of embarrassing emails from the Democratic Party, as U.S. officials have suggested, it may reflect less a love of Donald Trump or enmity for Hillary Clinton than a desire to discredit the U.S. political system. A U.S. official who is taking part in the investigation said that intelligence collected on the hacking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails released by Wikileaks on Friday ‘indicates beyond a reasonable doubt that it originated in Russia.’

“The timing on the eve of Clinton’s formal nomination this week for the Nov. 8 presidential election has raised questions about whether Russia may have been trying to hurt her, to help Trump, her Republican rival, or to fan populist sentiment against establishment politicians as it has sought to do across Europe in recent years… The emails showed that DNC officials explored ways to undermine U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign against Clinton and raised questions about whether Sanders, who is Jewish, was really an atheist. The disclosures confirmed Sanders’ frequent charge that the party played favorites against him and clouded a party convention Clinton hoped would signal unity, not division…

“Two U.S. intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the hack could be part of a broader campaign by Russian President Vladimir Putin to push back against what he thinks is an effort by the European Union and NATO, a military alliance of European and North American democracies, to encircle and weaken Russia…

“Despite Clinton’s short-lived attempt as secretary of state to ‘reset’ U.S.-Russian relations after U.S. President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the leaked emails could damage a candidate the Kremlin may consider hostile and benefit her opponent, who has been friendlier. Putin accused Clinton of stirring up protests against his rule after a December 2011 Russian parliamentary election that was marred by allegations of fraud, saying she had encouraged ‘mercenary’ Kremlin foes by criticizing the vote…

“Asked about claims that Russian intelligence had hacked the DNC to obtain the emails, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told NBC News’ Richard Engel ‘there is no proof of that whatsoever’ and said ‘this is a diversion’ pushed by the Clinton campaign…

“The Russian leader may well have been encouraged by Trump’s comments to The New York Times last week that with him in the White House, NATO might not automatically defend the Baltic states that were once a part of the Russian-led Soviet Union.

“Despite public Trump-Putin exchanges of praise, Eugene Rumer, a former national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia, warned against reaching any quick conclusions about Putin’s view of Trump. ‘We can say with some degree of confidence that they don’t like Hillary,’ Rumer said. ‘It’s less clear that they like Trump, although over the years the Russians have said they prefer to deal with the Republicans – (that) they are kind of hard-line but they can do deals.’…

“A U.S. intelligence official who is reviewing the emails as part of the investigation into their origin said that those emails describing the privileges the Democratic National Committee showers on its wealthiest donors bolster the Russian narrative of an American political system rigged by the wealthy and riddled with corruption. ‘In addition to countering the U.S. narrative that the Russian government is a corrupt oligarchy, leaking these emails fits rather conveniently with Trump’s charges about a rigged system and “crooked Hillary”,’ said the official…”

AFP reported on July 26:

“The Kremlin on Tuesday dismissed allegations that Russia was behind a hack of the Democratic National Committee’s emails as absurd, mocking what it called obsessive references to Russia in the US presidential campaign. ‘This absurd news was immediately refuted by the family of the well-known presidential candidate,’ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists, referring to Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. ‘We are still seeing attempts to obsessively use the topic of Russia during the US electoral campaign,’ Peskov complained.”

Bernie Sanders’ Followers Unhappy with Clinton

The New York Times wrote on July 26:

“Bernie Sanders likes to boast that he has ignited a fiery movement. At times on Monday, it seemed that even he had lost control of how it burns.

“On the opening day of the Democratic National Convention, the ragtag coalition of liberals that Mr. Sanders is supposed to deliver to Hillary Clinton heckled from the convention floor. They marched in the streets. They protested outside the arena. They refused to go quietly… For the Sanders faithful, piercing disappointment was the unmistakable theme of the day… ‘We won’t vote for Hillary!’ his supporters yelled to Democratic delegates as they walked into the convention hall on Monday night. ‘Lock her up!’ they screamed from the streets.

“Revolutions rarely end quietly. It was a lesson that Mr. Sanders seemed to absorb on live national television, with his face betraying surprise and his wagging finger pleading for peace, while his backers shouted over him at a Center City rally on Monday afternoon… But his most loyal supporters were hungry for more combat.

“… a delegate from New Jersey said she refuses to lay down arms and accept Mrs. Clinton as the nominee. ‘She has the moral depth of a thimble,’ [the delegate] said…

“Here in Philadelphia, it was the Sanders-inspired activists who seized the message and the megaphone of his self-proclaimed rebellion against money and power — and who decided that the man who had inspired their cause… was no longer their movement’s unchallenged leader… In a way, the angry remnants of Mr. Sanders’s presidential campaign are not really about him anymore: They have become a stew of simmering grievances from the primaries about rules, process, money, fairness and democracy — and were reignited by leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee revealing the bias of some party officials in favor of Mrs. Clinton…

“‘He joined this party to bring about some serious change, and they have been playing him the entire time,’ said… a Sanders supporter… Their distrust of Mrs. Clinton runs deep. Even if she wins, they already expect to be disappointed by her presidency…”

Relations Between Washington and Ankara Will Get Worse

The Independent wrote on July 22:

“The disaster is that it will now be much more difficult for Turks to resist Erdogan establishing a monopoly of power. By resisting the coup as the leader of a democratically-elected government, he has enhanced his legitimacy. Moreover, all opposition to his rule can be labelled as support for terrorism and punished as such…

“Islamic State will benefit from the new political landscape because security forces [in Turkey] will be tracking Gulenist sleepers rather than Isis cells. Isis will gain from the anti-American mood in Turkey post-coup because the Government and much of the population are convinced that the US was implicated in the attempt.

“Whatever happens to the Turkish demand that the US hand over Gulen, Turks are convinced of a US role, citing as evidence Mr Gulen’s long presence outside Philadelphia. Isis will seek the support of a widening anti-US constituency in Turkey. Relations between Ankara and Washington were not good before; they are about to get worse.”

This development is also prophesied in Scripture.

Erdogan’s Brutal Crackdown Continues…

The Washington Post wrote on July 24:

“Thousands of people taken into custody since Turkey’s attempted coup are being held in sports facilities and stables, where some have been beaten and mistreated, according to lawyers familiar with the cases. Lawyers from the Ankara Bar Association’s human rights commission say members have reported the alleged abuses after trying to meet with clients. Other lawyers and human rights organizations have made similar allegations… The mistreatment is ‘systematic’… while lawyers have been prevented from documenting physical signs of beatings and abuse… Erdogan, who has declared a state of emergency, has pledged to ‘cleanse’ what he has described as a ‘cancer’ that has metastasized in the country…

“The state of emergency has compounded fears among lawyers and human rights groups that the rule of law will be eroded, which would threaten Turkey’s long-standing bid to join the European Union… The Ankara Bar Association has set up a 24-hour hotline and crisis center, where phones ring incessantly. In a state of fear about being seen as sympathetic to coup plotters or critical of the Turkish government, most lawyers and family members declined to be quoted by name… The prosecutors office gave the Ankara Bar Association a list of 189 lawyers who aren’t allowed to represent coup plotters…

“Andrew Gardner, a researcher for Amnesty International, said he didn’t think that the fact that beatings had taken place in custody was ‘in dispute whatsoever.’ ‘There are a litany of abuses that have been reported to us,’ he said. ‘There are serious allegations of widespread mistreatment and mutually corroborating reports going beyond beatings to high levels of abuse.’ Gardner also said that complaints of sexual abuse had been reported to Amnesty. One lawyer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic, said a detainee reported being raped in custody…”

Erdogan’s government has strongly denied those allegations. Of course, one would not expect admitting them; nor, that they would NOT engage in such brutal conduct. It is also interesting that Erdogan’s choice of words regarding “cancer” is identical with Hitler’s famous vocabulary about persecuted minorities in Nazi Germany.

Palestinians vs. Great Britain

The Times of Israel wrote on July 25:

“The Palestinian Authority is preparing a lawsuit against the British government over the issuing of the 1917 Balfour Declaration that paved the way for the creation of the State of Israel. The PA’s Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki told Arab League leaders gathered in Mauritania Monday that London is responsible for all ‘Israeli crimes’ committed since the end of the British mandate in 1948.

“Signed by British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour in 1917, the declaration was seen as giving the Zionist movement official recognition and backing on the part of a major power, on the eve of the British conquest of the then-Ottoman territory of Palestine. The decision, al-Malki said, ‘gave people who don’t belong there something that wasn’t theirs.’”

Please read our Q&A in this issue for further elaboration on Palestinian opposition to “Israel”—including Great Britain.

New Poll in Britain: Let’s Leave the EU Now.

Express wrote on July 26:

“A new Daily Express online poll has revealed that 98 per cent of respondents – 3,548 people – want the historic Brexit vote to be enacted now instead of Britain being embroiled in months or years of talks with Brussels bureaucrats. Express readers have urged the Government to quit the EU now and avoid lengthy negotiation.

“It comes amid alarm over comments by Theresa May to Tory MEPs saying that  there could be ‘months of negotiations’ before Article 50 is triggered to even start freeing Britain from Brussels rule. And last night it was clear that those who want to harm Britain… intend to use any delay in leaving the EU to inflict damage on the country. European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker said that free trade could not happen without free movement while separatist Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made a speech ‘blackmailing’ the rest of the UK into abandoning Brexit or risk a second independence referendum.

“Former Tory cabinet minister John Redwood has led a cross party group of MPs which has come up with a plan to get Britain out of the EU ‘in just a matter of weeks’. The simple solution, also backed by Labour Leave, would be to trigger article 50 by repealing the 1972 European Communities Act and then informing the EU that the UK is no longer a member but intends to trade tariff free. If the EU then decides to impose tariffs then Britain would respond but because the UK has a trade deficit with the EU of  almost £24 billion a trade war would be more damaging to European countries especially Germany which could lose its biggest car market. He said: ‘The poll is great news, well done to the Daily Express.’…

“Speaking to French TV channel France 2, Mr Juncker denied he was taking a ‘hard line’ on the UK. ‘It’s not a hard line, it’s common sense,’ he told the Telematin programme. ‘It reflects the philosophy of the European project itself.’”

The Coming United States of Europe

Express wrote on July 26:

“The European Union must immediately merge into a huge superstate or face fast approaching oblivion, a leading credit ratings agency has warned. Standard and Poor’s (S&P) said only the rapid creation of a United States of Europe, run by a federal government in Brussels, can prevent the bloc from total collapse…

“Already the French and German foreign ministers have called for a radical overhaul of the EU to further erode the influence of national governments, whilst calls are also being made for further merging of the Eurozone.”

Even though the article is overly dramatic and the idea of a total collapse of Europe as a possible alternative is unrealistic, the truth of the matter is that a “United States of Europe” or a “Superstate” will develop.

Chinese Buyers Increase in UK after Brexit

Reuters reported on July 24:

“Interest among Chinese buyers in buying UK property has surged since Britain voted to leave the European Union last month, as the pound’s slide has created opportunities to buy at a discount… The number of Chinese enquiries about the British residential and commercial property market has been 30-40 percent higher than average in each week from June 20 to July 11…

“The… upbeat view contrasts with developments in the British commercial property market since the referendum. Investment demand for British commercial property dropped by the largest amount on record after the EU vote…

“Over the past few years, Chinese investors have been among the biggest foreign buyers of British property, snapping up everything from opulent homes to iconic commercial property. Many of their investments have been focused around London and Manchester…”

The Bible prophesied that in the UK, foreigners would be the head, and native Brits would be the tail…

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