Current Events


On Sept 11, the morning of the attack, Norbert Link wrote:  When we turned on the news this morning, we couldn’t believe our eyes.  What a cowardly act!  It’s Pearl Harbor all over again, and war seems now to be inevitable. I went to the German press, and they say that President Bush has no choice but to strike back — the only question is when and against whom (Most feel that Osama Bin Ladin was the mastermind behind this terrible attack). What is incredible is that the terrorists were able to get weapons on board of at least four airplanes for the purpose of hijacking them, and all of that undetected by the airport security systems. Also, while the stocks all over the world are falling, the emerging winner is the Euro. It’s climbing, and financial advisors don’t know why.

In moments like these, I’m reminded of our commission to get the warning message out as soon and as powerfully as possible. All of us, who want to be God’s chosen disciples, MUST renew our strength and efforts in this regard! What we experience right now is a foretaste of what the bible describes is going to happen soon to the modern nations of Israel, and the coming disaster will not be limited to just one or two cities (cp. Ezekiel 6:6; Micah 5:11). Christ said to the people at His time, and He is telling all of us today: Don’t believe that those on whom the tower of Siloam fell were worst sinners than others. I tell you, no, but if you do not repent, you will all likewise perish (cp. Luke 13:4-5).

I am grieved to see that there are ministers, even within the COGs, who do not feel a need to warn their fellow man. But if we are only concerned about how WE can make it into the Kingdom, we are called “lazy and unprofitable servants” by Jesus Christ, and we will loose what we thought we had (cp. Matthew 25:26-30). Christ expects us to love our fellow man enough to be concerned about countless lives that will be destroyed soon, unless they are warned (cp. Ez.3:18-21). Who knows, some who are warned may repent of living in violation  of God’s Law and may be spared. We must not be like Jonah who did not want to warn the Ninivites of soon-coming destruction of their great city. We must not refuse to do what God commands us to do.

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