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EU Constitution Moves Forward

In a sweeping victory for Europe’s long-held dream for unification, a first-ever constitution was agreed upon this past June 18, 2004. Reuters reported that “EU leaders clinched a landmark deal on a first constitution for Europe Friday, ending months of tortuous negotiation over power-sharing in a bloc that now stretches into formerly communist Eastern Europe” ( 6/18/04).

The Reuters’ article continues: “The accord on a constitution for the newly enlarged 25-nation European Union of 450 million citizens will be seen as a victory by the leaders after a wave of public apathy and Euroskepticism in last week’s European Parliament elections.

“But the threat of rejection by any one of several member states due to hold a referendum on the treaty could still sink the constitution, over which outstanding disputes were wrapped up at the end of a two-day summit.”

Highlights of the constitution include provisions in law that would allow a member state to leave the bloc if it so chooses. Although successfully tempered by Britain’s efforts to preserve national vetoes on key policy areas such as taxation, social security, foreign and defense policy and criminal law, the new constitution establishes that EU law shall have primacy over national legislation.

Underlying this summit was the shadow of resentment from Germany and France as well as the other nations who remain opposed to the Iraqi war–especially to the U.S. and Great Britain’s roles. That divisive spirit may well be behind the failure to agree on a new president for the European Union’s Council.

The role of religion received only vague mention in the preamble to the constitution. The Vatican and Roman Catholic countries such as Spain and Poland had lobbied for a reference to “Europe’s Christian heritage.”

These events are the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Note Daniel 2 and the all-encompassing vision of world dominion portrayed in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. We find this timely revelation in verses 42 and 43: ” ‘And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be PARTLY STRONG AND PARTLY FRAGILE. As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.’ “

Because there is this tenuous union of nations with widely differing interests, it will take something more emphatic than a new constitution to bring Europe to its fullest power. The Bible also reveals that a strong governmental leader will arise along with the backing of an individual of great religious office and influence. These key events are moving swiftly and they will soon change the world as we know it!

Anti-Semitism Grows!

From (6/20/04): “How bad is anti-Semitism in France? A French Nazi hunter says it’s so bad, the best way to keep up the fight is to leave the country. Six decades after the end of the Holocaust, the prominent French Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld told the Jerusalem Post that French Jews should pack their bags and get out.”

This same article points out that, “With 6 million Muslims and 600,000 Jews, France has both the largest Muslim and Jew[ish] populations in Europe.”

Even in Canada we find more widespread hate-crimes against Jews. “A Jewish leader in Ottawa reacted angrily to anti-Semitic grafiti found at Beth Shalom West synagogue, saying it’s part of an ‘epidemic’ sweeping the country'” ( 6/21/04).

At the present time, Jews primarily either move to the U.S. or Israel if they choose to uproot and leave dangerous neighborhoods or unfriendly nations. However, the great freedom enjoyed by Jewish populations following World War II to live peaceful lives in many nations is rapidly shrinking. Unfortunately, the time ahead for both Jews and the modern descendants of Joseph (The British nations and the United States) will grow worse and worse. What we are now witnessing is only the beginning of a great and final world conflict that only the intervention of Almighty God will be able to bring to an end!

How Dry It Is!

A recent article from (6/18/04) presents this staggering and mind-numbing statement: “The drought gripping the West could be the biggest in 500 years, with effects in the Colorado river basin considerably worse than during the Dust Bowl years, scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey said Thursday.”

This drought affects literally millions of people in the West and that includes populous Southern California.

Although recent weather patterns are bringing rain for this part of the year, the drought has been so prolonged that replenishing normal water reserves may take several seasons of above average precipitation.

A recent headline from NBC News for June 21, 2004, stated, “Cuba suffers through worst drought in history.”

World news tells of upside down weather patterns that are ravaging populations around the globe–either too much or not enough!

The weather that this earth is now experiencing is in God’s control. God promised to bless those who diligently obey Him. Note Deuteronomy 28:12: ” ‘The LORD will open to you His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand.’ ”

The Middle East – A Boiling Cauldron!

Now a THIRD individual has been beheaded! “Islamic militants Tuesday beheaded a South Korean who pleaded in a heart-wrenching videotape that ‘I don’t want to die’ after his government refused to pull its troops from Iraq” ( 6/22/04).

Broading its fight beyond Israeli Jews, “The radical Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah has been moving fighters to Iraq in recent months to battle American troops, according to a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“The report attributes the information to U.S. intelligence sources who say the transfer of fighters has been carried out through Syria, following an Iranian initiative. The transit through Syrian territory is permitted by Damascus along its porous border with Iraq” (WorldNetDaily 6/20/04).

From (6/20/04) we find a report that shows Iran positioning itself defiantly against U.S. and coalition interests–and EU influence as well: “Iran proclaimed yesterday that it was no longer committed to the agreements made last October with the EU trio of Britain, France and Germany and would resume uranium enrichment.”

Added to this, Iran arrested an eight-man British Royal Navy unit for straying into its territorial waters along the border it shares with Iraq. The captured men were blindfolded and humiliated into making a public confession.

Singled out as one of three nations President George Bush labeled “an axis of evil,” Iran seems to be mounting a renewed hard-line posture. Iran may well become a new battlefield in the war on terror. However, without the support of Europe, a widening effort to place the troops and equipment necessary for the U.S. and Great Britain may simply overwhelm even the resources of these powerful nations.

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