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President Bush’s Second Inaugural Address

As The Associated Press reported on January 20, 2005, “President Bush sought in his second inaugural speech to define his new term as a fight for freedom in every nation with the ‘ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.’ At home, he urged a divided nation to find the unity it had felt after the Sept. 11 attacks… Yet seeking to soften an image sometimes seen as aggressive around the world, Bush said America does not want to impose ‘our own style of government on the unwilling.’ And while he led the nation into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq during his first term, he said that spreading freedom is not ‘primarily the task of arms.’… [President Bush] sought to reassure U.S. allies that America did not want to stand alone in the fight for freedom. ‘All the allies of the United States can know: We honor your friendship, we rely on your counsel, and we depend on your help,’ Bush said. ‘Division among free nations is a primary goal of freedom’s enemies.'”

President Bush’s statements to the allies of the United States have to be seen as a direct response to mounting fears, especially in Europe, that Mr. Bush will continue, what has been perceived by many Europeans, as an American course of action without regard for the concerns, desires and wishes of friends and allies.

In that respect, Mr. Bush’s statements in his second inaugural speech were reminiscent of his first inaugural address in January of 2001, although subsequent events created the perception in many parts around the world that President Bush did not deliver, at least in respect to America’s allies, what he had stated at that time. In his first inaugural speech, President Bush had said:

“The enemies of liberty and our country should make no mistake, America remains engaged in the world, by history and by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom. We will defend our allies and our interests. We will show purpose without arrogance.”

Many hope that President Bush’s words in his second inaugural address will be followed by action. But widespread fear and skepticism remain — especially in Europe. Der Spiegel Online reported on January 20, 2005, that according to a poll conducted by the BBC in 21 countries, 60 percent fear that under President Bush’s leadership, peace and world security will be threatened. 58 percent believe that the world will become more dangerous under President Bush. Only the majority in India, Poland and the Philippines believes that President Bush’s policy will make the world safer.

In particular, when asked whether President Bush will have a positive or a negative impact on world peace within the next four years, 77 percent of Germans answered, “negative,” while only 14 percent answered, “positive.” In France, the results were very similar (75 percent say, “negative,” 13 percent say, “positive”). In Great Britain, 69 percent believe that his impact will be negative, while 29 percent state that it will be positive. The strongest disapproval rate was received in Turkey where only 6 percent believe that Mr. Bush will have a positive impact on the world’s security and peace, while 82 percent believe that his impact will be negative. This may be somewhat surprising to some observers, as the United States is strongly advocating EU membership of Turkey, while many Europeans are opposed to it and US involvement in the matter.

Prophecy clearly shows that the United States of America will lose, ultimately, most support in the world. Friends and allies will turn out to become America’s enemies. For more information on this important Biblical revelation, please read our free booklet, “The Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord.”

Israel Member of EU?

UPI reported on January 11, 2005, that “Israel could be a future member of the European Union, a top EU official suggested Tuesday. Germany’s [Guenter] Verheugen, vice-president of the European Commission in Brussels…, claimed, in the long-term, he would ‘not even rule out monetary union,’ in which Israel would adopt the euro as its currency… Verheugen said he could ‘imagine Israel being widely integrated into the European economic structures’ and ‘being a full participant in the internal market.’ Two years ago… Verheugen caused a stir by first raising the possibility of a special relationship between Israel and the EU, and spoke of ‘a single market from Oslo to Jerusalem.'”

This kind of wishful thinking notwithstanding, Bible prophecy strongly indicates that Israel will not become a member of the EU, as the EU will be at odds with the state of Israel. Instead, the EU, under German leadership, will form an alliance with certain Arab nations AGAINST Israel.

The Apocalypse and the Catholic Church

WorldNetDaily reported on January 12, 2005: “Pope John Paul II commented on the Apocalypse, saying that the increase in violence and injustice in the world is the work of a furious Satan who doesn’t have ‘much time left’ and ultimately will be defeated.” The article quoted the pope as follows: “Satan, the original adversary, who accused our brothers in the heavenly court, has now been cast down from heaven and therefore no longer has great power. He knows he has not much time left because history is about to see a radical turning point in freedom from evil and therefore he is reacting full of great fury.”

These comments are highly remarkable. It is indeed correct that Satan and his demons know that they have but a very short time, as Revelation 12:12 and James 2:19 indicate. We also read in Romans 16:20: “And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.”

Death Toll in Indonesia

According to a report published by, “An official document posted here says that nearly 210,000 people in Indonesia are dead or missing from the Dec. 26 tsunami, a death toll that appears to be far higher than officials have reported publicly. Rescue workers think even that number may be low. The Indonesia toll would bring the total of dead and missing from the tidal surge across the Indian Ocean to nearly 272,000, ranking the tsunami as the fifth or sixth deadliest natural disaster in about 250 years.”

The article continued: “The new death toll came as Indonesian officials restricted the movements of foreign relief workers, U.N. employees and journalists in devastated north Sumatra, the Indonesian island that took the brunt of the tsunami’s force, and said foreign military units would be allowed to work in the country for only a limited time. Indonesia’s vice president told the United States and other nations that have sent troops to deliver relief that their forces won’t be permitted to remain in Sumatra longer than three months, and should leave as soon as their work is completed. The blunt comments seemed to end what had been tacit Indonesian acceptance of a foreign presence in an area that has been off limits to foreigners for years.”

A New King of Israel?

The Jerusalem Post reported the following on January 12, 2005:

“According to a group of 71 Jewish scholars who met this week in the Old City of Jerusalem in the form of a modern-day Sanhedrin – a duplicate of the religious tribunal which convened during the time of the Second Temple – a coronation day is growing closer… For the past several years a group called the Monarchists has conducted extensive research into the lineage of several families in an effort to discover who has the closest bloodline to the biblical King David – a requirement for any future Jewish king. Rabbi Yosef Dayan from Psagot, known for his recent threats to place a death curse on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, is said to be a leading candidate to become the ‘king of Israel.’ ‘Dayan has the best lineage to King David,’ several members of the Sanhedrin told The Jerusalem Post.” The article continued:

“Some of the other ideas discussed at the Sanhedrin meeting included the construction of an altar on the Temple Mount to be used for the Passover Offering during the upcoming holiday. One of the ideas, members said, is to climb the Mount and build the altar within minutes and sacrifice the lamb before security forces can stop them… Participants also discussed [Baruch] Ben-Yosef’s idea [a leading Sanhedrin member] of reinstating the Sanhedrin’s authority to announce Rosh Hodesh, the beginning of the new lunar month. ‘It is very important to reinstate the Sanhedrin’s authority to announce the month, because it will force people to understand that God gave us the power to control the calendar and our own destiny,’ Ben-Yosef said.”

School Forced to Continue Teaching Lies

The Associated Press reported on January 13, 2005, that “A federal judge Thursday ordered a suburban Atlanta school system to remove stickers from its high school biology textbooks that call evolution ‘a theory, not a fact,’ saying the disclaimers are an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. ‘By denigrating evolution, the school board appears to be endorsing the well-known prevailing alternative theory, creationism or variations thereof, even though the sticker does not specifically reference any alternative theories,” [the] U.S. District Judge… said.”

By hiding behind the misinterpreted mantle of “separation between Church and state,” school children are not permitted to even question the unscientific theory of evolution. What a travesty in a country claiming to be “educated.” And how true are God’s words about our modern societies (compare 1 Corinthians 1:20-21): “… Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through [their human] wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached (that is, in the eyes of the so-called “educated” establishment) to save those who believe” (the truth — and not falsehoods like evolution!).

An Asian Century?

As “timesofindia” reported on January 14, 2005, “The rise of China and India as global players is heralding an Asian Century in place of a receding American Century, a US intelligence report said on Thursday. In a far reaching projection, the CIA-commissioned report compared the rise of the two Asian giants to the advent of a united Germany in the 19th century and a powerful United States in the 20th century, and said the event will transform the world’s geopolitical landscape, with impacts potentially as dramatic as those in the previous two centuries.”

This report is interesting in light of the fact that in the very end, an army from Asia, which will be fighting a mighty European power bloc, is described as “two hundred million” (Revelation 9:16). Only the combined manpower of many Asian nations, including China, India, Japan, and Russia, could produce such a mighty army. This battle between Europe and Asia is also described in the book of Daniel. We read, in Daniel 11:44-45, that a future European leader will be troubled by “news from the east and the north…; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many… yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.”

Europe Won’t Break Up

On January 17, 2005, “scotlandonsunday” reported about a CIA forecast, warning that Europe may break up within 15 years “unless it radically reforms its ailing welfare systems.” We know from Biblical prophecy, of course, that Europe will NOT break up, but that it will become the greatest power bloc on the globe. In light of this understanding, the following comments from the CIA report are startling:

“The report predicts that America’s relationships with Europe will be ‘dramatically altered’ over the next 15 years, in a move away from post-Second World War institutions. Nato could disappear and be replaced by increased EU action. The EU, rather than Nato, will increasingly become the primary institution for Europe, and the role Europeans shape for themselves on the world stage is most likely to be projected through it,’ the report adds.”

Fire in Australia

According to, dated January 15, 2005, “Scientists believe 500,000 Australian homes are at high risk of being destroyed by fire because of their proximity to the bush. They said 334,000 homes within 80m of the bush had a 60 per cent chance of burning down if the nearby grass or trees caught fire. And another 155,000 homes in the next 50m were in serious danger. The predictions came days after the most devastating Australian bushfire since 1983, in which nine people died, including four children, in South Australia.”

Hitler and Pope Pius XII

Reuters reported on January 15, 2005, that “Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler gave one of his generals a direct order to kidnap Pope Pius XII during World War [II]…Two but the officer did not obey, Italy’s leading Roman Catholic newspaper reported Saturday…. [According to the report] Hitler feared the Pope would be an obstacle to his plans for global domination and because the dictator wanted to eventually abolish Christianity and impose National Socialism as a sort of new global religion.”

The article also pointed out that “Church officials accumulat[e] evidence to back efforts to have Pius eventually made a saint. But the reports of Hitler’s contempt for Pius have contrasted with other versions by historians and authors who have depicted Pius as being pro-German and have accused him of intentionally turning a blind eye to the Holocaust.”

These reported incidents could very well serve as a type or forerunner in respect to what is clearly prophesied to happen. The Bible predicts, in the 17th chapter of the book of Revelation, that at one time in the near future, a military power and a religious power will work together, but that in the end, the political power will turn against and fight the religious power. For more information, please read our free booklet, “Europe in Prophecy.”

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