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September 11th Terrorist Attack Puppeteered?

Almost unbelievable allegations have been launched against the Pentagon by “leading academics” in the United States. It stands to reason that some or many people will believe their accusations–especially outside the United States. This might, in turn, create additional feelings of animosity against the USA.

The British Daily Mail reported on September 6:

“The 9/11 terrorist attack on America which left almost 3,000 people dead was an ‘inside job’, according to a group of leading academics. Around 75 top professors and leading scientists believe the attacks were puppeteered by war mongers in the White House to justify the invasion and the occupation of oil-rich Arab countries. The claims have caused outrage and anger in the US which marks the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Monday. But leading scientists say the facts of their investigations cannot be ignored and say they have evidence that points to one of the biggest conspiracies ever perpetrated… They believe a group of US neo-conservatives called the Project for a New American Century, set on US world dominance, orchestrated the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to hit Iraq, Afghanistan and later Iran… The group also maintains World Trade Centre 7–a neighbouring building which caught fire and collapsed later in the day–was only partially damaged but had to be destroyed because it housed a clandestine CIA station.”

Fortunately, other experts, as well as the 9/11 Commission, have rejected as totally without basis “the numerous conspiracy theories after [an] exhaustive investigation into the terror attacks.” The Daily Mail continued to state:

“Christopher Pyle, professor of constitutional law at [Mount Holyoke] College in Massachusetts, has dismissed the academic group. He said: ‘To plant bombs in three buildings with enough bomb materials and wiring? It’s too huge a project and would require far too many people to keep it a secret afterwards. After every major crisis, like the assassinations of JFK or Martin Luther King, we’ve had conspiracy theorists who come up with plausible scenarios for gullible people. It’s a waste of time.'”

The Death of the Crocodile Hunter

Australia, as well as the rest of the world, mourns the death of an extremely popular filmmaker, entertainer, animal activist, zoo director and animal preservationist and conservationist–Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter.” Irwin’s daring face-to-face confrontations with all manner of deadly crocodiles, snakes and spiders made him a global media phenomenon. His death was as dramatic as many of his life performances–Irvin, 44, was killed Monday off the Great Barrier Reef when the tail barb of a giant stingray punctured his heart as the creature lashed out at him while he was filming. More bizarre yet, Irwin’s death was caught on tape. Close friend and “Crocodile Hunter” producer John Stainton watched the tape. He said that Irwin plucked the stingray’s barbed tail from his chest before dying.

All kinds of speculations, assumptions, suspicions and questions surround Irwin’s death. Animal “experts” explain that it is extremely rare that a stingray would attack and hurt or kill a human being–in spite of the reported fact that hundreds of beachgoers are stung each year by stingrays at San Diego beaches alone. People, in order to satisfy their thirst for thrill and sensation, want to see the tape. Fortunately, some TV broadcasting companies have stated that they will refuse to show the tape, but it stands to reason that somehow the tape will be shown–even if it ends up on some weird Internet site.

Stainton was quoted by the AFP of September 6 as saying that the tape featuring Irwin’s death should never be shown. “It should be destroyed… At the moment, it’s in police custody for evidence.” Stainton had earlier told reporters in Australia the footage was “shocking,” and that it is “a very hard thing to watch because you’re actually witnessing somebody die … and it’s terrible.”

Yes, indeed! The Bible says that we should cry over the deaths of innocent people–not get excited and thrilled about them!

Irwin dedicated his life–and that of his family–to animals and their preservation. AFP continued to report:

“But even in death, Irwin was rallying people to the wildlife conservation cause he so passionately promoted on television. An environmental charity he set up, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, had been overwhelmed by donations from around the world… The website had received ‘something like a million hits in the first few hours of the news breaking’ and on Tuesday ‘we were getting 55 donations every 10 minutes’… Staff at Irwin’s zoo were also astounded by the extraordinary global outpouring of grief for Australia’s most famous export… The shrine and outpouring of popular grief is being compared by Australian media to the floral mountain created in London after the 1997 death of Princess Diana.”

It is good to see that in this evil world, there are still some who are determined to make a difference for the better–and whatever one may think of Steve Irwin, he was such a man, dedicated to a worthy cause. How much more ought the Church of God be diligent and dedicated to its cause and commission–to preach the gospel in all the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14) and to feed God’s people (Matthew 28:18).

Turkey Gets Involved–and Fulfills Prophecy

The Associated Press reported on September 6, 2006, that “Turkey’s ruling party lawmakers voted Tuesday in favor of the deployment of peacekeeping troops [in Lebanon], despite objections from opposition parties and street protests by thousands of people… Turkey is the first Muslim nation with diplomatic ties with Israel to pledge troops for the force… Turkish leaders have not specified how many troops would be sent to Lebanon but… the number is unlikely to exceed 1,000.”

In spite of this rather small force, it is interesting that Turkey would send any troops to Lebanon. In Biblical prophecy, Turkey is known as modern Edom or Esau, the brother of Jacob. When Isaac blessed Esau, prophesying about his and his descendants’ future, he stated, in Genesis 27:39-40: “Behold, your dwelling shall be of [correct: without] the fatness [or fertility] of the earth, And of the dew of heaven from above. By your sword you shall live, And you shall serve your brother [Jacob or Israel–including his descendants, the modern nations of the houses of Israel and Judah]; And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, That you shall break his yoke from your neck.”

This prophecy was fulfilled under the Ottoman Empire of the Turkish people.

The book of Obadiah contains further prophecies about Edom or Turkey. It was prophesied that Turkey would become “small among the nations” (verse 2). It is also stated that “all the men in your confederacy Shall force you to the border; The men at peace with you Shall deceive you and prevail against you” (verse 7). Verses 10-14 explain why God will be very angry with modern-day Turkey–as Turkey will participate in the conquest of Jerusalem and the children of Judah. That is one of the reasons why it is noteworthy that Turkey is sending troops into that part of the world.

Blair in Big Trouble

President Bush’s most supportive ally on the war on terror, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is facing great difficulties. As The Associated Press reported on September 6, “Seven junior members of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government resigned Wednesday to protest his refusal to leave office as calls for the British leader to announce when he will step aside gained momentum. The rebellion in Blair’s Labour Party flared despite strong hints by senior ministers that Blair planned to step down within a year, and a news report claiming the departure date would be July 26. Though the lower-level revolt was unlikely to force Blair from office, it raised fears that the eventual change of command will be rancorous and messy…

“Blair… is not obliged to leave office before the next national vote. However, many Labour lawmakers, angry over his handling of the recent fighting in Lebanon and Iraq and anxious about their slide in the polls, are demanding he say when he’ll go because they fear the continued uncertainty will damage the party’s electoral prospects.”

The Associated Press reported on September 9 that “Blair reluctantly promised Thursday to resign within a year, hoping that revealing a general time frame for his departure will appease critics.”

Sooner or later, Tony Blair will step down from the political world scene. And it stands to reason that the new Prime Minister will not follow in Blair’s footsteps of an unquestioned alliance with, and support of, the Bush Administration. When that happens, the current American government will have lost its strongest supporter. Presently, many American citizens are not really aware of how much America’s prestige has decreased in the world. There are reasons for this development. Our free booklet, “The Fall and Rise of Britain and America” explains these reasons.

Iran Toys With a Sleeping World

Even before the arrival of the deadline set by the U.N. Security Council forcing Iran to halt its uranium enrichment, Iran had explained that they would not comply. The deadline came and went, Iran did not comply, and it should now be expected that the world would act in some fashion! But far from it!

Reuters reported on September 2 that “European Union foreign ministers agreed on Saturday to give diplomacy two more weeks to clarify Iran’s stance on halting sensitive nuclear work… “

This is almost beyond belief! By now, it should be very clear what Iran’s “stance” is on the matter.

To nobody’s surprise who is cognizant of Iran’s clear agenda, The Associated Press reported on September 6:

“Iran abruptly announced Wednesday that last-ditch talks on its disputed nuclear program were postponed… The talks between Iranian nuclear envoy Ali Larijani and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana had been tentatively set for Wednesday in Vienna as a final attempt to see if common ground could be found to start negotiations… But while Solana had been ready to fly to the Austrian capital at short notice, the talks had been left hanging by uncertainty over whether Larijani would come. ‘We will not have the meeting today in Vienna,’ Ali Ashgar Soltanieh, the chief Iranian envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, told The Associated Press. ‘Both sides are arranging (a meeting) for a couple of days later.’ Instead, Iran’s president proposed that he and President Bush hold a debate at the U.N. General Assembly later this month.”

On September 7, The Associated Press reported that “Solana said Thursday that he expects to hold talks with Iran’s top nuclear envoy on Saturday. The talks are considered a final attempt to determine whether there is common ground to start negotiations between Iran and the five U.N. Security Council nations, plus Germany.”

In spite of these all-too-obvious tactics, countries such as Russia and China are apparently still unwilling to impose any sanctions on Iran. And so, Iran is continuing to stay its course, while much of the world seems to be sound asleep. For example, Iran’s President is determined to establish radical Islam in his country. As The Associated Press reported on September 6, “Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Tuesday for a purge of liberal and secular teachers from the country’s universities, urging students to return to 1980s-style radicalism.”

Is the world listening?

Please make sure to watch our StandingWatch program, “Iran’s Frightening Intentions.”

A Divided Europe Cannot Stand!

Slowly recovering from its poor performance during the Lebanon war, the EU ministers are trying to agree on a course of action regarding the Israeli-Palestinian “peace” process. But proposed solutions are hotly disputed–again. As the EUObserver reported on September 1:

“EU foreign ministers meeting in Finland agreed that the bloc should take the lead in reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process – but member states are divided over plans to hold talks with the Palestinian Hamas movement.”

Dissensions like these might very well ultimately lead to the establishment of a core of 10 European nations or groups of nations, which will give autocratic power to a charismatic political and military leader–the “beast,” as he is known in Biblical prophecy. But even then, the 10 European nations will not be totally united. Daniel 2:41-43 predicts that “the kingdom” of Europe “shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron [to make war] shall be in it… the kingdom shall be partly strong [militarily] and partly fragile [in other matters]… they will not adhere to one another.” In addition, Revelation 17:12 adds that these ten kings will be “of one mind [militarily], and they will give their power and authority to the beast. These will make war with the Lamb [Jesus Christ]… For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.”

Keep watching for the unification of Europe, but don’t make the mistake of expecting a totally unified Europe in all respects. Remember, the “core” European Union will be partly strong and partly fragile; they will be divided and still be of one mind in certain matters.

Poll Results in Europe

The EUObserver reported on September 6, that a “majority of EU citizens [65 percent] are in favour of having a single EU foreign minister for the bloc… The EU foreign minister position is one of the key innovations of the European constitution which was shelved last year after French and Dutch voters rejected it in referendums.”

The report continued:

“But while there was some strong support for a foreign minister, the idea of the bloc strengthening its military power to play a larger role in the world proved more controversial. On average, 51 percent were against the idea but there were big differences between countries with the Portuguese (68%) and the French (56%) more in favour of the bloc assuming military responsibilities but the Germans (64%) and the Italians (56%) more against.

“The same survey shows that European support for US leadership in world affairs has dropped significantly (from 64% to 37%) since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington five years ago. On a similar note, European disapproval of US president George W. Bush’s handling of international affairs has risen strongly from 56 percent to 77 percent–with the French, Germans and Spanish proving to be the most critical with an 85 percent disapproval rate.”

For more information as to what will soon happen in Europe, including its relationship with the USA, please read our free booklet, “Europe in Prophecy.”

Next War Between Israel, Iran and Syria?

The Sunday Times reported on September 3 that Israel is preparing for a “possible war with both Iran and Syria.” The article continued:

“The Israeli defence establishment believes that Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear programme means war is likely to become unavoidable…  There has been grave concern in Israel over a military pact signed in Tehran on June 15 between Iran and Syria which the Iranian defence minister described as a ‘mutual front against Israeli threats’… both Iran and Syria have ballistic missiles that can cover most of Israel, including Tel Aviv.”

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