Current Events


— CNN: U.N. Security Council votes 15-0 to demand Israel’s withdrawal from Palestinian towns “without delay.”
— Israel: Will comply, “once we achieve what we set out to achieve”

— Der Spiegel (Germany): “Enough is Enough! Dramatic change in the American Middle East Politics. President Bush issued a clear warning towards the government of Israel, and announced a new peace initiative.”

— Der Stern (Germany): “The United States intervene in the Middle East conflict. President George W. Bush announced that Secretary of Sate Colin Powell will travel to the Middle East next week to negotiate a cease-fire.”

— Focus (Germany): “Mr. President changes direction. George Bush has made a surprising appeal to Israel to end the violence and to respect the dignity of the Palestinian people.”

— The Times (UK) reported that Britain welcomes Mr. Bush’s intervention.

— The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition (Israel): “‘Post’ poll: 72% of Israelis for war.”

“Documents: Arafat approved payments to terrorists.”

— LA Times (USA): “Escalation pushes Bush onto a limb.”

— USA Today (USA): “Sharon: Assaults will continue.”
–“Bethlehem under Siege”

— New York Times (USA): “Bush is sending Powell to Middle East to Stop Incursions”
–“Bush says U.S. is to assume stronger role in ending violence”
–“Bush seeks a delicate balance”
–“Palestinians welcome Bush Initiative”
–“Bush wins praise, but Arabs remain wary”
— “Israel continues sweep of cities, taking Hebron”

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