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Euro On the Rise… Again

Deutsche Welle reported on August 6:

“Positive economic data from both Spain and Greece, a dollar weakened by disappointing economic progress in the United States and indicators of substantial economic growth in Germany have led to losses for negative euro speculators. Rolf Schneider, an economist with the Allianz Group and Dresdner Bank, described the euro as a stable currency. ‘Anyone who was betting on the collapse of the euro… definitely bet on the wrong horse,’ he told Deutsche Welle…

“The horror scenarios which were imaginable in the eurozone at the beginning of the year did not come to pass, according to Jochen Mobert, an analyst with Deutsche Bank Research. ‘… maybe some people bet a bit too short on the euro.'”

Germany Europe’s Locomotive wrote on August 3:

“‘The strong rise in the business climate in July confirms that the current upwards trend remains intact,’ KfW chief economist Norbert Irsch said. ‘Looking at the entire year, Germany will be the growth locomotive in Europe.'”

“Core Europe Led By Germany”

The New York Times used some interesting terminology in an article, dated August 9. Even though the author warns against “premature optimism,” his choice of words is nevertheless telling:

“I counted two headlines reading ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ in first-rate German publications last week… German economics minister, Rainer Brüderle… said the country was experiencing ‘a little job miracle,’ with full employment a reasonable perspective.
“France was not to be outdone. On Saturday, the lead story in the daily Le Figaro proclaimed ‘Profits and Confidence Return,’ accompanied by an it’s-great-to-be-rich explanation that [for] over a year the market value of the 40 leading firms on the Paris Bourse was up €20 billion, or $26.6 billion.

“This week, a feel-good coda should arrive on the media schedule via gross domestic product figures probably showing that much of CORE EUROPE, LED BY GERMANY, had a very strong second quarter.”

The Bible prophesies that Germany will be leading the last revival of the ancient Roman Empire. This tenth resurrection will be composed of ten nations or groups of nations that will ultimately transfer their power and authority for a short time to a charismatic political and military leader–referred to as the “beast” in the book of Revelation. The next article reports on Germany’s “miraculous” rebirth after World War II–which was necessary to bring about the above-mentioned end-time prophecies.

Germany’s Rebirth–“a Miracle”

On August 10, Der Spiegel Online wrote an article with the following headline:

“Out of the Ashes–A New Look at Germany’s Postwar Reconstruction.”

The article went on to say:

“Germany’s rebirth following the annihilation of World War II is nothing short of a miracle…

“During World War II, carpet-bombing by Allied forces leveled up to 80 percent of the historic buildings in Germany’s main cities in an unprecedented wave of destruction prompted by the no less unprecedented barbarity of the Nazis. In a seemingly endless catalogue of annihilation, Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Münster, Munich, Frankfurt, Würzburg, Mainz, Nuremberg, Xanten, Worms, Brunswick, Hanover, Freiburg and Dresden were all devastated.

“Never before had so much been lost — and, yet, never before were there so many new beginnings. Never before had an entire country been rebuilt. Indeed, the lion’s share of buildings standing in Germany today was erected after 1948.

“In West Germany alone, some 400 million cubic meters (14 billion cubic feet) of rubble was piled up after the war — enough to build a wall two meters thick and seven meters high all the way around the western half of the divided country. From an architectural and urban-planning point of view, Germany’s phoenix-like resurrection from the inferno resembled a continuation of the wartime destruction by other means: Another 30 percent of the country’s historic buildings were simply wiped off the map to make way for the new…

“Plans to redesign the country had been hatched even earlier. Already in 1940, Hitler had forged his visions for reshaping Germany’s cities. Konstanty Gutschow, an architect based in Hamburg… dreamt of the ‘structured and dispersed urban landscape’ favored by Nazi planners in the hope that it would make Germany’s cities less susceptible to bomb damage… Operation Gomorrah, the week-long Allied bombing campaign that leveled Hamburg in July 1943, served Gutschow’s purposes. ‘This act of destruction will be a blessing,’ the architect said of the horrific fate which had befallen Hamburg and its residents. ‘The Führer’s prophesy that the ruined cities will rise again more resplendent than ever applies doubly to Hamburg,’ he said, adding: ‘We won’t shed any tears for the vast majority of the destroyed buildings.’

“After the war, Gutschow’s involvement with the Nazis prevented him from being eligible for any public contracts. His contacts, however, quickly ensured that he had work. It was the same story elsewhere in Germany, particularly in Düsseldorf. Nazi-era architects helped each other land jobs and projects while keeping them out of the hands of former Nazi opponents.

“These architects were quick to pretend that they had absolutely [nothing] to do with the bombastic architecture of the Nazis and their megalomaniacal ideology. After the war, Speer’s architects hid behind Bauhaus, the modernist style initially developed by Walter Gropius and others before 1933. Because the Nazis had persecuted its followers, being associated with Bauhaus was good for one’s career after the war…”

The next article proves that God is in control of world events, in light of His prophetic time table. If East Germany had actually carried out an attack against West Berlin, the situation in Europe might look quite differently today.

East Germany Had Planned to Attack West Berlin

Deutsche Welle reported on August 12:

“Through the decades of Berlin’s division, many West Berliners had an inkling that East Germany (GDR) that surrounded their part of the city would at some stage be seeking to conquer it. A TV documentary, ‘Der Fall X’ (The Case of X), shown by Germany’s public broadcaster RBB finally proved them right.

“In the most comprehensive footage on East Germany’s conquest plans so far, two filmmakers, supported by military experts, tell a fascinating story about how the defunct state planned to overrun West Berlin in only three days. ‘As far as we can tell, the planning was quite serious,’ German military historian Winfried Heinemann told Deutsche Welle…

“A detailed map available to the filmmakers showed the most important installations and infrastructure compounds in West Berlin, which would have been targeted first. Among them were strategically important bridges that the French, British and US allies used to move around as well as airports and train stations.

“A second phase of the operation would have included the imprisonment of leading West Berlin politicians, policemen, public servants and journalists. A corresponding list of names was updated by the GDR leadership several times until the collapse of the regime in 1989…

“East Germany’s National People’s Army (NVA) carried out military maneuvers as late as 1988 to train for the take-over of West Berlin… One year later, the Berlin Wall fell, and East German intelligence managed to destroy most of the documents regarding the GDR’s hostile intentions toward West Berlin.”

Germany Shuts Down Mosque

Deutsche Welle reported on August 9:

“Hamburg police early Monday morning raided a mosque with a known history of breeding jihadists, city authorities reported. At 6 a.m. Monday morning 20 police officers reportedly entered the mosque searching for evidence of Islamist radicalization. Hamburg’s interior minister, Christoph Ahlhaus, deemed the group’s Islamist ideology reason enough to close the center for good…

“The Taiba Mosque in Hamburg’s St. Georg neighborhood received international attention under its former name, Al Quds, when it became known that the September 11 suicide pilot Mohammed Attah had used his contacts there to forge a terrorist cell…

“Yet, after a decade of suspicion against the mosque, the timing of the raid has come under question, especially considering the proximity to Hamburg’s August 25 mayoral election, in which Ahlhaus is a prime candidate to win the office. Aiman Mazyek, secretary general of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, told Deutsche Welle he also found it ‘regretful that this [raid and ban] had to take place just before Ramadan. Politicians should want to get peaceful Muslims on their side … Maybe they should have tried to do this at a different date, not just before Ramadan – and an election,’ Mazyek added.

“Mazyek, whose organization represents nearly 2,600 Muslim communities, also fears that the pursuit of Islamists will have a negative impact on peaceful Muslims living in Germany. He said studies had proven that the ‘war on terror’ had increased extremist violence against Muslims and mosques…

“Rolf Tophoven of the Institute for Terrorism Research and Security Policy… said there were centers of radicalization all over Germany and Europe, but that most – working under the guise of mosques and Koran schools – were focused on indoctrination rather than militant training… ‘If you have a young Muslim student, who is not centralized in his family, who is looking for orientation, and this man falls in the hands of a radical imam or scholar, then often he will leave his family and look for jihad training in Afghanistan, and especially on the Afghan-Pakistani border on the Pakistani side,’ Tophoven said… ‘They know how to recruit perpetrators. The ideological framework is the credo of Osama bin Laden: every good Muslim has the duty to fight the so-called non-Muslim community.'”

Die Tageszeitung added on August 10:

“What Germany lacks is a comprehensive deradicalization strategy that doesn’t confine itself to banning individual meeting places like the Taiba mosque.”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote on August 10:

“What do violent Islamists have to do in this country to arouse enough suspicion to have their activities banned? A lot had to happen in Hamburg before the mosque where the Hamburg cell of the 9/11 suicide pilots drew their ideological weaponry was finally shut down. The imam at whose feet Mohammed Atta and his comrades once sat was still delivering his hate sermons here. The mosque, despite its name change, was still known as a main meeting point for jihadists and all other Muslim communities in Hamburg had distanced themselves from this society. A whole year had to pass for authorities to react to the fact that a group from the Taiba mosque left for the holy land of jihadists, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region, to learn the terrorist trade.”

Die Welt wrote on August 10: “… in the final analysis, the last few years have been a symbol of Germany’s weakness in the fight against terrorism.”

Due to pressure and provocation from radical Islam, Germany will become more involved in the fight of the Christian world against radical Islam and other (perceived) non-Christian groups and societies. This confrontation and development will have serious consequences, leading to a time of war, when peace will be taken away from the earth.


Turkey’s Mean War Against the Kurds

“German experts have confirmed the authenticity of photographs that purport to show PKK fighters killed by chemical weapons. The evidence puts increasing pressure on the Turkish government, which has long been suspected of using such weapons against Kurdish rebels…

“It would be difficult to exceed the horror shown in the photos, which feature burned, maimed and scorched body parts. The victims are scarcely even recognizable as human beings…

“Did the Turkish army in fact use chemical weapons and, by doing so, violate the Chemical Weapons Convention it had ratified?… German politicians and human rights experts are now demanding an investigation into the incident…

“Ruprecht Polenz, a member of the German parliament with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union and the chairman of the Bundestag’s Foreign Relations Committee, [stated:] ‘Turkey needs to urgently look into these accusations…’ adding that an international investigation would be the best approach… In Turkey, human rights advocates have long demanded an investigation. The army, however, has refused to comment on the issue. Similarly, the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been stubbornly silent or tried to portray the accusations of war crimes as ‘PKK propaganda.

“… the Berlin daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung, which reported on the case Thursday… also reports that it has obtained additional, shocking pictures in the meantime, supposedly autopsy photographs of six other killed Kurds…”

German Military Goes on Offensive in Afghanistan

The Wall Street Journal wrote on August 10:

“The German military, long criticized by its allies as too passive in the face of a growing insurgency, plans to go on the offensive in Taliban strongholds in northern Afghanistan—despite the risk of a political backlash back home. Acting on instructions from Berlin, senior officers have ordered two 600-man German battalions to team up with Afghan soldiers in the coming months and clear Taliban fighters from districts the insurgents now dominate.”

Heavy Floods in Central Europe

Der Spiegel wrote on August 9:

“It was water level that had never been seen before. The Neisse River on the German-Polish border hit 7.07 meters (23 feet) on Sunday morning in the town of Görlitz, the highest level ever recorded since systematic measurements began almost a century ago. Normal level for the river is a mere 1.7 meters.

“And Görlitz was not alone. High waters and flash floods hit large parts of western Czech Republic and Poland along with swaths of eastern Germany over the weekend, killing 11 people and resulted in the collapse of several houses. An additional four people were killed in Lithuania as a result of heavy storms…

“Extremely heavy rains late last week and into the weekend are to blame for the sudden rise in Central European river levels, though the situation was worsened considerably when a dam on the Witka River near the Polish town of Radomierzyce failed, sending a huge flood surge downriver… The Polish town of Bogatynia was particularly hard hit over the weekend, with a bridge having been washed out and both electricity and running water cut off. The high water marks the third time Poland has been hit by severe flooding this year. Meteorologists warn that further heavy rain showers are to be expected in the coming days…”

Russia’s Wildfires

Der Spiegel Online wrote on August 6:

“On Friday morning, Muscovites woke up to another day of acrid smog as fires continued to burn near the Russian capital. The wildfires that have torn through forests, peat bogs and villages across the country over the past two weeks have killed 50 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

“Officials at the Russian Emergencies Ministry in Moscow have stated that 500 separate blazes, mainly across western Russia, are still burning. With the forecast for the week ahead showing that temperatures could approach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), officials are struggling to ensure that the blazes do not reach explosives in military facilities or an area contaminated with radioactivity from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster… Meanwhile, a military garrison 70 kilometers outside Moscow has moved all its rockets and artillery to a safer location as wildfires advance in the region…

“Prime Minister Vladmir Putin, who has made a point of visiting many of the affected areas, on Thursday announced that wheat exports would be halted until the end of the year. Russia, one of the world’s biggest exporters of grain, will ban the exports from Aug. 15 to Dec. 31, with the possibility of extending the prohibition into the following year. Last week, Russian officials stated that 20 percent of its wheat crop this year had been destroyed by drought and wildfires…”

Deutsche Welle reported on August 11:

“Wildfires covering hundreds of hectares were recorded in Russia’s Bryansk region near the border to Belarus and Ukraine throughout the past week… ‘According to data from August 6, in the Bryansk region alone 28 fires covering an area of 269 hectares (664 acres) were recorded on these radioactive lands,’ an official told Russia’s Interfax news agency. ‘There are maps of the [radioactive] contamination, and there are maps of the fires. Anyone can put the two together. Why deny this information?’ the official added.

“Earlier this week, officials from the Russian emergency ministry denied there had been wildfires in the Bryansk region, after concern had been raised over blazes reaching the highly contaminated areas resulting in nuclear particles being lifted out of the soil and into the atmosphere…

“Environmental group Greenpeace, meanwhile, has reiterated warnings of the danger of the fires in the contaminated areas. Vladimir Chuprov, the head of Greenpeace Russia’s energy unit, told Deutsche Welle that the Russian government was attempting to ‘hide the real danger’ of the wildfires. ‘This is in many ways a repeating of Chernobyl, of the mistakes made by the government in 1986 when they failed to release any information on the risks and the danger of the reactor explosion.’…

“Officials in Germany, meanwhile, have not dismissed the possibility of danger for Western Europe as a result of the wildfires in Bryansk. Professor Edmund Lengfelder, chairman of the German Society for Radiation Protection, told German public radio on Wednesday that the chance of radioactive particles entering the atmosphere was ‘very large’ and that these could travel up to thousands of kilometers depending on wind conditions.

“‘Nobody can be sure about the distance these particles could travel in the wind. For this reason, it is necessary for the safety of the German people that the radiation authorities keep an eye on the air activity in Russia and to inform the German people in case any danger arises,’ Lengfelder said.”

Pakistan’s Disaster

CNN reported on August 11:

“The start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan coincided in Pakistan on Wednesday with the nation’s worst natural disaster, the staggering scope of human suffering revealing itself in wretched ways.

“From the Swat Valley in the north to Sindh province in the south, as many as 15 million Pakistanis have been affected by torrential monsoon rains that have washed away villages and bloated rivers, authorities said Wednesday.

“Pakistan’s representative to the United Nations said many people have not yet grasped the massive scale of Pakistan’s suffering and warned it could still get worse because of ongoing rain.

“The Pakistan Disaster Authority confirmed 1,313 deaths Wednesday. It said 1,588 people have been injured and 352,291 people have been rescued. More than 722,000 houses have been damaged. Many Pakistanis now face severe food shortages, and aid agencies stepped up appeals for global assistance. The United Nations launched a flash appeal for $460 million in humanitarian assistance, and the United States pledged another $20 million on top of the $35 million already pledged…

“Also Wednesday, Germany said it was increasing aid for flood victims to about $12.8 million. In total, about $600 million in aid is heading to Pakistan — the equivalent of about $40 for each of the nation’s 15 million residents. Islamic militants, however, called on the Pakistani government to reject any aid provided by the United States for flood relief.”

In addition to the floods in Pakistan and India, the Washington Post reported about flooding in China this past weekend which caused major mudslides and killed dozens of people. More than 2,000 people are missing or unaccounted for. Also, there were several floods and tornadoes in the USA, causing lots of damage with winds up to 90 mph.

This kind of worldwide devastation was predicted to occur a long time ago, to wake up people and lead them to repentance.

In fact, these types of disasters will become much much worse, as time goes on. Sadly, most people do not and will not heed God’s warning. For more information, please read our free booklet, “Is That in the Bible–The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation.”

Schwarzenegger and Brown in Support of Same-Sex Marriages

The Associated Press reported on August 6:

“Lawyers for gay couples, California Gov. Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown filed legal motions Friday telling a federal judge that allowing same-sex marriages to resume immediately in the state was the right thing to do… On Friday, Schwarzenegger and Brown were the first to urge an immediate resumption of gay marriage, which was legal in the state for more than four months before voters amended the California Constitution to outlaw it in November 2008…

“The governor and attorney general almost always defend state laws when they are challenged. But in this case, both refused to participate in fighting the lawsuit aimed at overturning the ban.

“Brown is the Democratic nominee for governor on the November ballot and he previously called the ban unconstitutional. Schwarzenegger has been more circumspect… and his motion to immediately resume gay marriage was his boldest pronouncement on the issue.

“‘The administration believes the public interest is best served by permitting the court’s judgment to go into effect, thereby restoring the right of same-sex couples to marry in California,’ lawyers for Schwarzenegger said in the legal filing. ‘Doing so is consistent with California’s long history of treating all people and their relationships with equal dignity and respect.’ Brown also said it’s time for gays to begin marrying again.”

CNN reported on August 12:

“Gay and lesbian couples in California who were breathlessly poised to get married this morning had their hopes dashed when the federal judge who struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage lifted his stay on those nuptials – but simultaneously ruled that his order not take effect for six more days.

“Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker invalidated Proposition 8 last week, saying the ban was discriminatory and unconstitutional. At the time, he put a temporary stay on his ruling, meaning it could not be enforced. He lifted that stay today… However, Walker said in today’s order that the stay will not be canceled until 5 p.m. on Aug. 18.

“That gives proponents of Prop. 8 time to ask the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for another stay.”

In spite of all concocted legalese and rhetoric, the Bible is very clear that marriage is between a man and a woman, and the framers of the U.S. Constitution had the same identical understanding. To say that their intent was to allow same-sex marriages is absolutely ludicrous.

While the U.S. Economy Looks Bleaker and Bleaker…

The Associated Press wrote on August 12:

“The economy is looking bleaker as new applications for jobless benefits rose last week to the highest level in almost six months… First-time claims for jobless benefits edged up by 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 484,000… Analysts had expected claims to fall…

“The report ‘represents a very adverse turn in the labor market, threatening income growth and consumer spending,’ Pierre Ellis, an economist at Decision Economics, wrote in a note to clients. Even the lowest mortgage rates in decades is a gloomy sign for the economy… the drop suggests investors are losing confidence in the recovery…

“The stock market has been falling since the Fed’s more pessimistic outlook. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 37 points in midday trading Thursday, and is down more than 300 points for the week.”

The Wall Street Journal wrote on August 11:

“The U.S. government spent itself deeper into the red last month, paying nearly $20 billion in interest on debt and an additional $9.8 billion to help unemployed Americans… The $165.04 billion deficit… was the second highest for the month on record. The highest was $180.68 billion in July 2009…

“So far in fiscal 2010, the government spent $1.169 trillion more than it made… For all of fiscal 2009, the U.S. ran a record $1.42 trillion deficit. Fiscal 2010 might run a little higher—the Obama administration sees $1.47 trillion.”

… Michelle Obama’s Extravagance Is Costing US Taxpayers

The Daily Mail wrote on August 6:

“Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends which has cost U.S. taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds. The First Lady has been lambasted for her extravagance at a time when the economy is still struggling. One blogger went so far as to brand her a modern-day Marie Antoinette…

“The cost of accommodating the secret service team runs at around £172 each a day which amounts to nearly £60,000 for the length of the summer break. Use of Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a 757, comes in at £91,900 for the round trip. This does not include time on the ground… A conservative estimate puts the total amount at around £150,000.

“Back in the U.S., anger was mounting – especially as it has emerged the First Lady will have enjoyed eight holidays by the end of the summer.”

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