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As Yahoo! News reported on July 18, any “hopes for reviving peacemaking” were shattered after almost simultaneous Palestinian suicide bombings in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, killing three people. These attacks followed a bus ambush on Tuesday that killed seven Israelis near a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Political leaders were quick to condemn these violent acts. President Bush stated “peace could not be built on a platform of violence against innocents.” The article continued,” …at least 1,447 Palestinians and 558 Israelis have been killed since Palestinians began their revolt after negotiations for a final peace treaty envisaging a Palestinian state stalled.”

The events in the Middle East show us that we are living in a violent world. Although some political leaders are earnestly searching for peace, they will not find it, since man, cut off from God, does not know the way to peace (Romans 3:17). In fact, when they think that they have reached a peaceful and safe solution, “sudden destruction will befall them.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3). The bible suggests strongly that the United States or Great Britain will not be able to bring about peace in the Middle East. It will be an emerging power in continental Europe which will militarily enforce very temporary “peaceful” conditions. When we see this occurring, we know that the time of Christ’s return is very near (Luke 21:20, 28). Only He can bring lasting and true peace to this violent world.


USA TODAY reported on July 18 that India elected a missile scientist, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, as its new president. Mr. Kalam advocates nuclear weapons as a war deterrent. Although the office of president is largely ceremonial, the president can play a crucial role. If Parliament is deadlocked, his verdict is final. He can also call elections.

To see an outspoken advocate for nuclear weapons in a leadership position in India might have a wide-ranging and devastating effect on the current ongoing problems between India and Pakistan. This conflict is only one of several hotspots in the world, which could ignite the flames of a nuclear war. The bible clearly reveals that nuclear war is coming!


As Der Spiegel Online reported on July 18, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) fired his minister of defense, Rudolf Scharping, only nine months before the next parliamentary elections. Never before has a minister been dismissed so close to a parliamentary election, according to Der Spiegel. In an accompanying commentary, the magazine points out that the damage for Schroeder and his party (SPD) is incalculable, stating that if this event leads to a defeat of the SPD during the parliamentary elections, Schroeder’s party might go into “opposition” for many years to come.

The bible predicts that a very powerful Europe under the leadership of Germany will emerge on the world scene very soon. It is highly improbable that Germany will be led at that time by a person belonging to one of the established major German parties. It is much more likely that someone from the right will gain sudden power and influence. It is critical that we watch the events, which are happening in continental Europe and especially in Germany.


Riveting headlines summed up a bleak outlook for the drought that is slowly but steadily devastating farmers and unsuspecting city dwellers. According to The Associated Press, “More than one-third of the contiguous states (US) face severe to extreme drought…” The same article goes on to show that all-time records for heat and lack of rainfall are striking major segments of the American West and parts of the Southeastern seaboard.

Added to theses dismals statistics is the frightening specter of insect infestations eating away at already stricken crop yields. The Coloradoan, a newspaper covering northern Colorado, this week ran a thorough article reporting the “biggest grasshopper infestation since WWII” in the Midwest. This explosive outbreak of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets is a direct result of the sustained drought conditions in the infected areas.

The stern warnings of national punishment on the modern descendants of Israel such as found in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 suddenly are finding alarming relevance as the United States and Canada suffer the curses that are now undermining our national strength. Note the timely warning of Deuteronomy 28, verses 38 and 42, in which God warns that locusts will eat up crops and trees. Again in Joel chapter 1, God uses the plague of locusts to humble His nation–just as He did to ancient Egypt!

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